Chogged Limbs

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Chogged Limbs may sound as though it is related to the arms or legs, but in fact 'Limbs' refers to Limborhombus, located in the upper chamber of the ear. It is possible to trigger these nerves with vibrations created with loud noises, or you may have noticed they tickle when you are having your hair cut at the barbers.

The Limborhombi nerves are harmless and are there for an unknown reason, just like the Appendix. Limborhombi nerves are said to have been there for sensory neurones, as stated by American scientists. When these Limbs become provoked they can Chog, causing the ear to enter a brief period of uncontrollable irritation. This side effect of being Chogged can also occur in the lower lid of the eye and you may notice that you blink more that often for a short amount of time.

Stay tuned for more strange medical conditions!
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