AM Mayhem Herbal Incense. [Free samples]

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If you are looking for some of the most affordable and aromatic incense blends online, look no further. Here at AM mayhem, the customer always comes first. We don't need to overcharge for ourherbal incense smoke blends because we believe that we can make enough money just by satisfying your needs. Why would you purchase an inferior product from another manufacturer when AM mayhem offers even more aromatic blends at 2X and 4X the aroma of most herbal incenses for around the same price if not cheaper. Our incense is of the highest aroma and quality available today for your value. Incense shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to buy. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding prices for our customers. Get ready to start the Mayhem!

AM mayhem DEATH blend 100mg/g
1g = $10
3g = $20
7g = $35
14g = $65
28g = $125

112g = $400
224g = $650
448g = $1250

AM mayhem ORIGINAL blend
3g = $10
7g = $20
14g = $35
28g = $65

112g = $225
224g = $400
448g = $650

Free shipping on all orders
Free priority shipping on orders of 14g+
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