Is my car worth keeping around?

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I have a 1990 Camaro RS with a 305 TBI and 700r4 transmission. I only paid $600 for it plus $200 for tags. It has 174xxx miles on it.

It's been a piece of shit since I first got it, but now I think it's trying to murder me. The steering wheel just starting making a pinging noise when turning it, almost like my steering wheel lock isn't disengaging all the way. This is causing the wheel to get hung up at inopportune times, such as when turning around corners (this happened today actually, and it completely locked the steering up).

On top of that, the car dies if you don't give it gas (after about 10 seconds) in every gear but neutral and park. Every once in a while it'll die in neutral. On top of that, I have a short somewhere (or something's going on) that's causing the car to not start at random times. For example, I'll go into a store and come back out with it not wanting to start. Waiting for 5-10 minutes let it start. It seems like it's more of an overheating issue or a sensor issue, but I have no idea.

I don't have the money to get another car until September's Pell refund and I'm afraid of driving this car in case I get in an accident. I'm also curious as to if it's worth fixing up instead of getting another vehicle? I don't want to pour money into it because it was a money pit for the friend I bought it off of.


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