Girl Gang Raped While Celebrating Independence Day in Pakistan in front of Public

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It happened just 30 minutes ago. A girl named Azia aged 14, was raped in public by a motorcycle gang in an open street. Azia was playing with his little brother when three men kidnapped her and took here to another street where she was punched and then striped of her clothes. 6 men gang raped here for 20 minutes while the public watched and recorded the event. Not a word was utter by anyone, people surrounded the gang but didn't do anything to stop her.

Azia was taken to ER after the gang finished with her. An FIR was launched against the gang but the police didn't respond. According to close sources the leader of the gang is the son of known politician. The motorcycle gang has a stronghold in Karachi and not even the police touches them.

This incidence of rape isn't new. Few months later a girl was kidnapped and later raped and then send back home. Azia was raped in public to show his father who protested against them in a Geo show that they can't do anything. In a time when little girls are celebrating independence day scums like Motorcycle gang are roaming free and taking there innocence away.

Azia gang rape video went viral on the Internet and it's a shame that a day like this humanity takes a back seat.


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