Inside the FEMA Trailers

StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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If you live in the states you are fully aware of the enumerous FEMA trailers all over the country.



Its kinda scary that there are so many of them. These were supposed to be used to house the destitute after Katrina however only a very small percentage actually were and apparently those contained formaldehyde, enough in such an inclosed space that some people's health was severely effected. Now they are selling these trailers for very cheap.

A friend of mine broke into one of these trailers at one of the uninhabited FEMA Parks in KY and discovered not furniture and appliances but shackles bolted into the walls. Normally hearing this from someone would turn me off the discussion however I believe my friend is telling the truth. If this is the case, wtf is our government planning?

Obviously the trailers being sold and those given to the homeless of Katrina were made for show and to cover their asses and also for population control (formaldehyde). Why else would there be so goddamned many left over.

One theory I have is that this is a precautionary step for the possible outcome of 2012.

I'm personally going to plan an outing to investigate this further at my own local FEMA park. I'll post my findings here.


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