How Old Were You When You First Got Molested

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I know getting molested isn't something that not many people are comfortable about talking but it's something that happens to almost everyone during there life time. Some people get molested when they're kids, others get molested when they're adults. It seems there is no age limit to this and it's something that we joke around on totse from time to time.

So, guys, I know it's hard for you and yes I know you enjoyed the feeling but in this thread we share our secrets.

I was molested when I came into this world by the doctor who handled my delivery, I have no proof of this but I did see her doing something with my developing penis like playing with it and it's still a dream but it felt real.

Then I got molested at the tender age of 7 when my butts where soft and cocks around me where hard for it. Well, it honestly it was just a dry hump and the same thing happened when I was 10, 11, 13. Molesting stop around 14 and I miss it. That touch, that lust for my body and the hunger which you could see there eyes, it's just fucking amazing.

Come on totsean, we're all family here. Hell, I molest most of you all the time.


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