Tailoring is a motherfucker

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So I spent the past week learning how to tailor suits. I've been tailoring vests and socks all year for practice, and recently t-shirts. Besides plumbing this is last household skill I haven't learned. Let me tell you on thing about tailoring suite:

it's a motherfucker

Here's what I ended up with.



I took the whole inside liner off and pinched in the breadth of the suit to give it a tighter cut, I also took off the sleeves, trimmed the shoulders and reattatched. Took up the cuffs to midthumb. The vest was no problem, just attatched new buttons.

The pants were easy, just brought up the leg and folded it over giving it a halfbreak.I was gonna take apart the waistband but I have no clue how to do that without fucking up pockets.

So there's that. I'm not going to write a tutorial because honestly all the YouTube videos and websites weren't dick compared to just getting in it and turning it inside out. Locate the seems and strings and are where they go and how to put them back in.

My best experience was buying a couple suits for 20-30 each and taking them apart. I hope to figure out how to make jeans from scratch. I'm not sure what denim even is.


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    looks pretty good. What exactly is tailoring? Did you sew all that together?

    The only suite I've ever purchased was $130.00 from a cheap Chinese junk store.
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    Tailoring can be making a suit from scratch I guess but Im still learning. That suit is a 39regular jacket and 32 pants. The sleeves were 38inches long and the pants were size 32. I had to sew shit that I took apart. Like the entire sleeve to shoulder. I had to cut the shoulder too, take off the end of the padding, tuck it and sewed it back. For the jackets cuffs I took the seam out of the lining and the cuff fold and cut it and resewed. Etc.

    My uncle got that suit at macys like 6 years ago and it was ill fitting and shit so I made it to fit me.
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    This is a great thread, can we get it moved to Set The Style?
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    shit nigga u madet hat suit i wish i could nmake a suit
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    Wow, I wish I could tailor like that. I would then be called Tailor Swift.
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    Pretty cool, OP. Looks good. :thumbsup: I ordered a sewing machine online, can't wait till it comes. I hope to start out hemming pants & altering clothes that don't fit correctly then move on to making my own clothes.
    looks pretty good. What exactly is tailoring? Did you sew all that together?

    A better term for sewing?
    Dfg wrote: »
    Wow, I wish I could tailor like that. I would then be called Tailor Swift.

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    Yeah man, I really like this thread. I would love to be able to tailor my own stuff but I can't even sew a freakin' button on. The only thing I've ever sewed other than my tie accidently in Design Tech, was my bulletproof vest to make it a tighte fit. You've inspired me to learn...
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