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Wow. Hey Jeff. I want to first off say Welcome Back (Unless someone else purchased this website) and was curious how DreamForce is going. Did it become apart of the online application system most Box stores use to screen out the undesirables such as people for 40 or precondition health issues?

Neat date I joined 9 10 11. Hahaha too bad it wasn't 7 8 9 or there could have been a joke there I guess.

Hi Zok and all.

So, Going back to June or July or May or whatever month it was that you had that post (2001) were in Detail the poster had posted about planes were going to be Highjacked and slammed into the WTC as well as the White House and the Capital Building in Washington (though I didnt recall the Pentagon being apart of it). That was weird, Huh?

Also, Whatever happen to the kid who was using one of your recipes to make Simtech (did I spell that right?). I believe Suzy and someone else on here had told me that he blew his legs off. and you had to remove the post. But nothing ever happened to you? Were you sued for it by his parents?

And lets talk about this kid "ToiletDuk" I believe his initials were V.A. and I believe worked for MAXI (or is that a name for a tampax brand) Games? He created a little gif file of Mario and one of those old fasion TNT denonators like a plunger you push down and the WTC collapsing. I think he made it around 98-99? A regular on your board I believe. well.. I should say I know. Since he invited me to your socials out in Walnut Creek Cali at Cafe Italiano were I met you for a brief moment.

Hey.. You're not the same Jeff Hunter, CEO for EA Games Sports are you? and Dreamforce is a project you spoke of?

You know, I had recorded planes flying in Contra Costa County (The same time I read the postings in or around may/june of 2001 on totse) several times over the years and yes I have them backed up on DVD. Its funny how those same planes were flying both Contra Costa a few days after 9 -11 when Bush said "No planes were allowed to fly" and for us to watch out for small cesna like planes that might be releasing Anthrax while these planes were doing "Dive Bomb" type stunts over towns like Antioch. The Antioch California Dispatch claimed they even had police phoning those planes in. But then later changed there story and said no such calls existed.

Also, You used to own a store on Main street? and didnt you run or manage a business for the early stages of broadband ethernet on California both streets in Walnut Creek where I believe your 7 node website ran out of (California I am talking about). BTW do you have friends at Byron Airport in Byron California (I believe that is how the town is spelled). I understand they're a private airport.

Funny rumors about how "Anonymous" the group who use those masks to harass Scientologist and other groups and religions had formed out of your website.

Well... It's good to see you're back. I personally never had a problem with you but felt your admin or assistant admins who booted me for my freedom of speech but cry when the US does not. Here it is 10 years later and you seem to have gone from the secretive guy running a conspiracy site to possibly the same guy making Millions. congrats man. from hippy type to yuppy type (I say that tongue in cheek.. please dont get angry or anything).

TAKE CARE! PS I hope this goes through. I'm taping it in case it doesnt post so I can repost over and over.. if not here maybe other websites.


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