Enso is a fraud and plagiarist, here's why...

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It has come to my attention that this fuck Enso tried to claim he was li(nh)34. For those of u who don't know lith was a good dude on totse2, before it got shut down bc of transfer to holland or some such shit.
I saw his well written recipe for the snb on here and I was so happy bc I thought our little crew was back. It wasn't.. At least not yet. I saw that this dude Enso was representing the thing and I let it go bc I thought it was a matter of respect. But then it came to my attention that the bitch tried to claim he was my friend, and got caught bc he there was some personal experiences that he couldn't know about not being there. He's a fraud. He's a little bitch for that and big bitch for calling it his shit. It's not "Enzo's shake n bake" no no no. He never had a grasp on it. Now he does. He cussed us out and tried to say he knew this and that.. Hehe I'm sure, we documented everything so u took our shit and claimed it as Ensor. Fuck ur little bitch ass. Hope you catch some kind of new Aussie disease. Something only plagiarizers and frauds get. BITCH


  • Damn, I just saw he stole the fex method as well! He added some modifications here and there and I do see some additions I think are good, but calling it yours is so fucking lame. That ain't cool Enso, it ain't cool. You'll always be riding under a shadow like that. You have the knowledge now, do your own goddamn thing. Out do me, this way the world gets easier and better methods to make the stuff. That's my challenge to you. Make an easier, more effective way to make fire meth. Hahaha. Your dick shriveled so bad there I know it.
  • Yup there is no way he is li(nh)34 ,don't know where the real one but he sure the fuck isn't like I told u I can prove it
  • Good. I'm sick of people taking credit for others work. He put cur shots nanocook out there like it was his too. Hi dean, btw.
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    the nanocook was curbshots... He claims he uses the tincture of iodine, but, idk... I ain't doin it, not now. I'm trying to find some sassafras trees here but they don't grow where I'm at. Maryland was loaded with them. Shit happens
  • the real one li remain my friend, including his wife anx his 2 child
    he now lives in a an house into the forest and is not live anymore in Springfield, Missouri
    i cant write here his name and surname, but if u guys remember, i sent pillz to him
    he was the only English including u guys of the old gang that respect me for my bad English
  • Like I said I know for sure that he isn't the real deal.only the real li knows what happened when I sent him a pm on the old site . And when I ask this fake fuck what it was that happened he said that was a long time ago I forget. Bullshit he wouldn't have forgotten what happened.
  • @dean45 im happy that we, ye olde bakers come back from the dead..
  • and the stb by videoeditor is outdated
  • Ahahahaa, yeah, we're back. That's cool about li. I was worried he got in trouble or something. I spent four years in a shitty as prison for the meth I was making. I got sloppy, it wasn't my sudafed purchases either. I used to buy, and I'm not exaggerating at all, 75-90 grams a month. See, Maryland isn't part of Nplex, so I went from pharmacy to pharmacy, except the major pharmacies like Walgreens or cvs, I'd only hit them like one time, in the beginning, then it was all mom and pop shops.. What got me busted was my fucking hands.. They were all ate up and chemically burned from countless hours touching a bottle without gloves, just for a second, and of course I would wash my hands.. But it just got nasty.. Well, I went into Walmart one night bc I ran out of lye for doing my cmp removal trick that I got from the dea website, that this bitch Enso is trying to take credit for.. I'm gonna screenshot the old site, it's archived, where I wrote about the permanganate wash.. Anyways. Yeah, so I went in there and picked up some lye , and then, like a genius, figured I'd pick up the Coleman fuel as well... The cashier asked me about the items and I said I was making soap (I was HIGH) and that I liked the Coleman fuel instead of charcoal lighter fluid... Smh.. In court they testified that "the man with red hands"was there... Caught red handed. Damn anyways, got out April 3rd this year, then my brother died, fuckin heroin overdose. The sad part is it wasn't even real heroin. It was fentanyl
    Shitty deal... Rip, Brian.... Shit.. Alright guys, back to the lab.. I'll send pics soon, show you the spoils of the day.
  • yeah that fentanyl is a plague.. rip mate
  • Thanks man.... I wrote a pm to Enso, letting him know I'd back off, I mean the message is out there I'm not going the way of a troll. But I gave him some good advice. Pretty much since he's learned how to do the cook based off all of our work, I said he should write his real story. It might even be interesting. Idk I do that. I'm too damn forgiving. Maybe it's bc I don't like bullies and don't want to be one myself.. Anyways... I have some good advice, funny even. Don't do the anhydrous cook outside if it's raining, it might just get a little too interesting.
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    neuromante, sono curioso di sapere che tipo di pillole hai inviato per posta? Capisco se non vuoi dire. Scommetterei soldi che non pensavi che io parlassi italiano. bene, avresti ragione. viviamo in un'epoca di tecnologia meravigliosa. infatti, mi chiedo se questo viene tradotto correttamente o se sembra che io abbia usato un'applicazione di traduzione. questo è quello che ho fatto. Ho lavorato in un ristorante cinese quando ero fuori su cauzione dalla prigione, poco prima che venissi condannato a cinque anni di carcere. per fortuna non dovevo servire per tutti e cinque anni. comunque .. le persone al ristorante parlavano solo cinese tranne una persona e quindi ho imparato a conoscere Google e che hanno l'applicazione di traduzione ed è stato in grado di comunicare con alcune persone che sono state abbastanza pazienti da permettermi di mettere il mio cellulare in bocca , microfono acceso e registra le loro parole e l'applicazione lo ha trasformato in inglese. bello, eh? Volevo solo mostrarlo. Ok,
  • Huh, what just happened?
  • is happened that both me and wurgurf comes from totse2.
    the writeups the user enso claim to be himself writing comes instead from a friend of us on the totse2 forum better living trough chemistry,it was a 80+ pages long post
    plus the other writeups coming both from the underground hive and wetdreams,and since im into these forums from about 2006 i know what im talking about
  • @wurgurf mate good italian! did you think sulpahte of ammonia fertilizer could work in a snb environment
    since i ran out of redP because here matchbooks are w/o redp,i was using a labgrade product bought from ebay but the seller went MIA
    my SoA is not labgrade, is a big bag for the fieldz i think
    the pillz i have and that LI used were actifed 60's and reactine 120's
  • This is a pm I sent enso and here is his pm back to me .copy and paste
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    dean45dean45 May 2017
    So are u really LiNH3 from t2? I know how to tell if u are .....when i sent u a private mesg on old site about the water filter u kind of fucked up and posted something what was it that u posted?
    ensoenso May 2017
    fuck i really cant remember now man... been fucking ages since then and so many private mesgs i will try and remember and get back to you'
    dean45dean45 May 2017
    It was something personal
    dean45dean45 May 2017
    Yeah i didnt that it was really tou
    ensoenso May 2017
    are you for real? it was fucking ages ago bro i cant remember what happened last week let alone years ago
    dean45dean45 May 2017
    Yeah im 4real.....and if u where u would know the answer. Trust me he wouldnt forget what happened he was almost kicked from site.
    ensoenso May 2017
    couldnt give to fucks if you believe me or not... i do not know your personally or otherwise apart from over a forum... get off your fucking high horse bro ;)
    dean45dean45 May 2017
    Im not on any high horse .......just dont be claiming ur someone ur not.and taking credit forbshit u didnt do.

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  • Dean, you're an angel for truth. It's a shitty thing when a fake claims he's this and that. My dead giveaway that it wasn't yo was bc Enso is Australian or thereabouts. I really want to ask him about the pills where he's at given that he said a lots changed in four years and there's this stuff known colloquially as gak. My grocer is out of dry ice... Shitty. I keep thinking about putting some ammonium salts and lye type together in a fex, or similar. Before I discovered SodaStream I tried using a stainless travel container w screw top. It DEFINITELY would have worked, bulging and all. The problem I had, besides the threads on the screw on lid being far far too few was the obvious lack of being able to see. I'm looking for a suitable dry ice substitute . Strongly thinking of wart removers, the freeze off type. Idk how long nitrogen (assuming) would last in the open. Nor how I should approach opening a container of it. Somebody asked about sulfate of ammonia, fertilizer quality. The answer is YES. the stats should read 21-0-0 as the sulfate salt contains 21% by weight in pure ammonia. So if u have a 40 lb bag (approx 18 kilo). U have 40/5 lbs of nh3! What is that.., hmm.. It's 3am and I have court tomorrow so if u don't hear from me u til 2021 then they didn't believe my seizure story. Lol, hope I get to tell u all THAT one! 8lbs. 8 fucking pounds of ammonia per 40 lb bag of sulfate. Urea is even higher, I think exactly that of nitrate, i.e. 34%. And urea IS a viable ammonia source people. It's a little slow but it is good. I'm working on using slaked lime as lye sub, but may have to convert. Should be easy. Wart remover meth. Lol I'm gonna do it for the sake of challenge!
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