New ephedrine plants, not ephedra spp, yeah man, they exist

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A little hunting led me to two decent ephedrine prospects, one is sida rhombifolia and the other is taxus baccata. The sida spp is known as arrow leaf or similar and grows as a ditch weed and the taxus spp is the yew tree (!!!). The yew grows all over Europe and is known for use in reeves and cabinetry and sida is the country mallow or arrow leaf, found everywhere in the southern us. Google led me to these and sciencemadness has an awesome library of books, not the forums, which are ok but if they think you are involved in illegal activity they cut you quick so don't ask questions related to birch or nagai. There is an awesome book on plant alkaloids and it confirmed my two ephedrine prospects, though the yew is also known for its toxicity due to other alkaloids like taxine or taxinine. The ephedrine is in the leaves and can be nearly completely isolated by combining crushed dried leaf matter with lye or koh and water, w ether on top or toluene, as per usual. There are more, possibly many more plants that contain these alkaloids and most are ancient like yew, which is essentially a conifer but w red berries that look like gumdrops and are edible. Go look at reef websites and you'll see what I mean. The sida rhombifolia has it in the root and leaves, these for sure, not sure of stem or branches as no website really confirmed where it's found. However b-phenylethylamine is also in this plant. If you live in England buy a damn catha edulis, it's legal there. You have access to not just cathinone but Cathine (norpseudoephedrine and or nor-ephedrine). These two awesome chems can be used to make 4-mar, makes meth look like a hit of crack as far as length of action and has been found to be nootropic in nature. Also the aminorexes and methylaminorexes are not toxic to the brain in effective doses (there are toxic doses but they are high, gram or so. Trans 4-methylaminorex is 8.8 times more active than meth on dopamine and is also a 5-ht reuptake modulator/inhibitor, so some mdma-like effects can be expected. The trans form requires cyanates like kcno3 and the cis 4-methylaminorex is 7 times more active but it's illegal except in Canada and very few others. Trans was the loophole. Imagine that...


  • Oh yeah, in reference to extraction via a/b p/np I meant to say shake and separate organic after it settles. The percentage of alkaloids varies of course but usually spa round one percent dry leaf matter at the least. If you use ten kilos of leaf matter from the yew then the nonpolar solvent is unnecessary as long as the water is warm as the ephedrine will behave as the alcohol is truly is at higher temps, temps that happen as a matter of course using lye or koh, due to the heat liberated on contact with water.
  • This would appear as a beautiful rainbow of translucent oil sitting on top and as it cools a waxy fat. It's very very pure. I'm looking into country mallow (sida rhombifolia) myself as it grows in the ditches here! Keep your eyes open, there's drugs everywhere
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