Shake n Bake METHod Enso’s Story 1.1 Completely updated



  • Hey guy from England, this guy Enso didn't write them. He copy/pasted the whole thing from my buddy li(nh3)4. I will prove this as soon as I can figure out how to send the email I sent to my wife's lawyer five years ago. He may have learned some shit, but all of that was something borrowed. I'd lay off the fool if he had just put credit to the REAL AUTHOR of the text in his title instead of saying some shit like: Enzo's method or blahblablah by Enso. Do you understand? It's not about wasting time or trolling on someone's thread. It's about respect and since this twat, as you'd call him if you knew the whole story, needs to get his. Given you didn't understand that and were repping the man you thought he was, I'm not gonna get on you, I actually like that you did that. But I'd really like for someone like you to know the truth.
  • And for the guy who asked his question above me, I've never come across dlephedrine or its pse counter part as it's known in the pharma community that the d-pse and ephedrines are not active as they'd need to sell them. But hypothetically, assuming some real badass turned their benzaldehyde into l-pac and then performed the next necessary reductive amination, I'd say you know the answer, but for everyone else, half is really worth your time but as you know you'd get the racemic, I believe. But honestly, idk. Never done it, never seen it. Tell me, was that a trick question???
  • Wait, you said methyl ephedrine... Fuck yeah. But you'd get dimethylamphetamine. Wow, you have some good starting materials over there, on that cloud you live on. I'll look further. I'm sorry I missed the methyl part it's late hear I'm JUST getting to bed thought I'd look at some things here. That start material is perfectly fine, but you'll get racemic versus just the d, at least in concept. I'll look further into it. I just said that didn't I? Tired... Goodnight y'all. That's how much I love y'all, take you to bed and shit hahaha!
  • The answer to the hexane question, absolutely, very good stuff. It evaporates about as fast, if not faster than ether but very good stuff
  • HI, thanks for the reply, im stuck in Japan for awhile where it really sucks. mahuang is easy to get here, i was just curious and confused if the dl was of use. Thanks again
  • Oh my gooood, lucky! But!! And I stress this, BEEEE CAREFULLLL,! Their prison system, though awesome as per sentence times, seemed to have mentally fucked a friend of mine. He did 42 days on a 7 year sentence, which I really don't have any more details on cause the guys lost a few marbles he definitely shouldn't have lost. Bottom line, be careful, stay off property, don't tell anybody except on here. I said some really dumb shit on here and so far it hasn't hit me and I've been on for seven or so years, if you count totse2. Hope to hear the outcome. I really wonder what the kmno4 wash would do to it....
  • Ohmygodim such a fucking idiot.. Hahaha, good one Enso, you really are something special. I stress special. Legend to your own self. Go masturbate to video tapes of yourself masturbating. I mean I've heard of narcissism but jeeeeesus!
  • That's I'll man, talking about yourself in third person.. Jesus, u know I only read the first sentence until I was able to successfully use your method of copy paste to get lis very detailed method, and yes, I tried and true collection of a few peeps on the &t2 site, which u were definitely not a part of. I never Illwill towards you until I recognized a method I derived from another method and you put your lowlife ass name on the board. You suck. End of story.
  • Turds, that was NOT directed to you. I'm referring to Ensos. Bitch ass, going under a new name all out of fear and shame. Hahahaha
  • Is there Ephedrine in DL-Methylephedrine HCl cold tablets. Any info would be appreciated. thanks
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    SnB with Amonium Sulfate did not work. this was my first SnB ever.
    what i used:

    -Coleman Fuel (Black Bottle in Europe) ingridients:
    Naphta hydrotreated: >35 <65 %
    Pentan: >25 >40 %
    Heptan; n-Heptan: >10 <25 %

    -2.7 gramm crushed PSE Pills, brand: Rhinoprnt
    -pure sodium hydroxide: 60ml
    -pure ammonium sulfate: 75ml
    -1 x Energizer Ultimate Li Strip
    -0,5l SS Bottle

    What happend was, Bubbles very weak when Pressure was built up. with no presure bubbeling was there, not strong. ...even 4 hours later same amount of bubbles.

    The li turned after the first 1 hour slighty blue and then about one hour or less later
    little bronze balls swiming around.
    90% pieces of li where still there floting around maybe getting darker after 4 hours.
    I really did allow the presssure to build up(it took lightyears) and did apply heat and some drops of water.nothing helped to get the furious bubbles :bawling:

    P.S. I added the PSE from beginning.

    Could it be the ammonium sulfate was the reason for fail, i always reading ammonium nitrate in recipes , but i really cant get any AN here in my country.

    please help folks

  • Ok, very good story, first of all. Your attention to detail is important. You said the bottles got very pressurized, which took a while, yes I can imagine. You can use two lithium strips and you will notice much more pronounced copper colored liquid metal floating around in that little alien world. I've got some good news for you: the reason that the bubbles were small when you had high pressures is bc if your pressure got above 100 psi, a fair majority of the ammonia being released from the bottom is going straight to liquid form, perhaps. The anhydrous ammonia will likely just be a mysterious myst floating above the np solution. I'll bet when you finally outgassed you may even have heard a whistle, like a teakettle, from the bottle as it released its stinky contents. I discovered if you have a five gallon bucket, or similar, filled with water at least as high as the lid of the SS bottle, and with a sprinkle of your favorite strong acids, like a half a cup of hcl per gallon of water. When you burp the bottles or when finally outgassing, submerge the bottle all the way under the acidic water solution, slowly begin outgassing. You'll see some bubbles for sure (not related to what you were talking about, I'm just high and felt like describing a learning experience which might keep you from getting arrested one day. If you do this under the water, the bubbles that reach the surface have no smell whatsoever. Keeps the nosy neighbors away. You should see what I do with the dry ice set up!anyways, it sounds like you got the li(nh3)4 to form, pretty cool that you saw that blue color, bc in the true birch cook that's what lithium lets loose when dropped into anhydrous ammonia. The blue color is really fucking cool! Do you wanna know why? Well, first, you gotta be a nerd, otherwise it's only neat. The blue color is fucking nothing other than electrons! I swear to god! You dissolved the lithium, and the electrons went into solution as royal blue color, when the ammonia evaporates, that blue gets a metallic look to it, then you can see that it's a copper liquid, which eventually turns back into lithium metal.. So tell me! I have to know. How was the product??? You tell us you have the lithium doing a beautifully described chemical display of proper reduction occurring (bc u dropped the pse in from e get go, which is usually a very smart method if you only have one strip.) you should have had some good stuff, assuming it wasn't some weird meth resistant variety of pill or you had the phenylephrine crap from off the shelf. I'm not familiar with the brand you stated ..
    Ohh.. I'm fucking retaaaarded. You couldn't get the stuff to kickstart. Well the trick is, add your ammonium salt first, then either your lye or your pse stock if you prefer to start that way (I used to do that until the sad day when I was fiending like crackhead joe and was about twenty minutes away from complete when the lid on the bottle decided to become a fucking Roman candle! It was beautiful though sad, watching the highly flammable stuff spray like a trailer park geyser, and didn't even have the sense to ignite. Yeah, lost that batch. If that happens when you save your pse for after the lithium has become a liquid copper egg yolk floating around, all you lose is everything else. Sometimes not even all that., alright I'm geekin, keep going into explanations when I have a dildo ready for lift off. My life has become a dark comedy, perhaps you'll read the book, you'll know it's me, I'll throw a nod to the totse family. Love y'all goodnight!
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    Thanks for your answer mate!


    I was really tired after 4 hours preparing + 4 hours SnB.So i didn't have the nerve to collect the fuel, also was afraid of the undissolved lithium and the reaction still was going on.
    End of the story was I did an emergency dump, the only thing left is the empty SS bottle.
    Anyways i learned something and was nice to observe the little magic in the bottle,i only
    regret my decision putting the pse in from the very first.
    and Yeah during the first venting there was a nice long whistle noise like from a big gas bottle or something..don't worry i have a strong output hood duct, otherwise i wouldn't try it inside. Now after reading your story i am thinking trying it outside.:)really.
    Thanks for explaining what was going on inside the bottle, from day to day i get deeper in to it and understand how it really works.
    The next days i get AN Fertilizer with lime that can be filtered out.
    So on the next Try I can use my desired AN, but until then i have a few questions
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    whats comes in my mind after understanding a little of the process is:

    would it be possible to do the SnB on a cold winter day outside @ 0°celsius?
    so that the ammonia liquefies at "only" 50 psi.

    Edit: I just read the answer in this recipe.
  • Yes, you can do the snb on cold winter day, and it would only be 25 psi at 0 Celsius. The thing is, you need heat first to drive the reaction forward. A little water in the beginning will create the heat with lye. The pressure builds, if there is snow, you can put in snow. But this will stop the ammonia bubbles for forming. If you can find a way to make the top half of the bottle cold and keep bottom warm, you can get the same results. Or you can let it pressurize, if it's a SodaStream bottle, 40 ccs of ammonium nitrate and 40-70 ccs of lye will need no burping at that temperature, not even once. One time I fell asleep with the bottle on my nightstand, my exwife woke me, pointing at the bottle. It was so full of pressure it was doing that funny thing bottles do when that pressurized, tilting a little like a little leaning tower of Pisa. I took it outside, placed in the snow, and after a few minutes the pressure lessened and the copper liquid that was my lithium strip got darker in color, traces of inky blackness appeared. I depressurized, added more AN, lye and pseudoephedrine, recapped, then shook the shit out of the bottle, then waited for it to turn clear again, taking ten or so minutes. Shook again, five minutes to clear. Shook again, two minutes then clear. Shook again, went clear in thirty seconds. Shook again for last time and saw it go from dark to clear within seconds, depressurized. Stuffed cotton balls in the bottles mouth, poured contents into funnel with coffee filters to catch clear fluids, which were landing on distilled water that was in the collection bottle, sealed SS back up, shook new bottle, set down, opened, pulled some of the np out and squirted it into a dry jar using a baby nasal sucker, my favorite tool for this trick, then gassed, filtered, rinsed with dry acetone, spread open to dry, went in and loaded the syringe and went zooooooooom!
  • I have this product, - Benza Block L plus - 30 caplet,

    These are the active ingredients:
    Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride ... 135 mg
    L-carbocysteine ​​... 750 mg
    d-chlorpheniramine maleate ... 3.5 mg
    dihydrocodeine phosphate ... 24 mg
    anhydrous caffeine ... 75 mg

    will it work?

    Few more questions please.

    1. If the Acetone im using is nail polish remover that has a strawberry scent to it, is that ok?
    2. Would ammonia water (NH 3) work?
    3. Is Kerosin ok to use?
    4. when using a draino cleaner, isit because it as a few of the ingredients that are needed?

    Any Info would be great, Thanks
  • You guys are twats. That's what we call someone who wastes your time and purposely makes the world a worse place in England; there are others I could've used instead/as well but you're not really important enough to warrant their use and I have plenty to say about your words without needing to get too personal - I'm only human and you ARE a twat.

    Enso is a LEGEND and his guides are among the most complete and well written you can find. As far as I can make out, he has taken recipes known (to a small circle only I'm guessing, obviously you guys must be SO cool to know the pioneers of meth, THAT is totally outweighing years of organic chemistry education and numerous examples of being able to problem solve when given the information.) and shared them in an as easy to follow and responsible way as possible. Including key safety precautions, tips and acceptable alternatives, along with clear debunking of dangerous misconceptions and rumours.
    The clear conclusion is he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii and clearly knows nothing about meth, he's copy-pasting specifically written, well ordered answers to individuals personal questions. Even when those questions are as ill thought out, illogical and/or repetitive as every combo 'contribution' of name-calling and name-dropping (I KNOW, I was there before meth was meth, you don't know cos you weren't there before it was cool, I definitely didn't just read someone else's name on an old webpage with content that looked similar to this site's content...if you're one of those with the reading age of a pretzel choking no-longer-laughing-stock of US presidents with the ambiguous middle initial of W.

    I hesitate to use the word in relation to your keyboard spasms, but by your 'logic' is everyone who has written on the Birch Reduction since Arthur Birch a fraud?

    You are the worst parts of humanity and the internet floundering under the hilarious misapprehension that you have 'insight' and a cutting intellect. You do not.

    A simple example, if Enso still reads and replies to these (to keep others safe, for no reward. Not just building the site, but actually still highly active. The inconsiderate v km No No miprick) and you haven't put him off maintaining it further, a question:

    Enso, should i happen to have some vivid dreams on your method 1.1 and document them as I mentioned considering above - write it up and post here with some photos that showed my most relevant stages of the dream, maybe named "The Unofficial Enzo Shake n Bake v1.2: the All Killer No Filler Procedure, how do you think you might react?

    Meanwhile trolls (I'm not scrolling to find your names, you know who you are) a small piece of homework - look up the definitions of the word 'community'.
    Also watch the TV show with that title. It'll make you a better person. Better than now at least. 0

    No what he is ,is a fucking fake,he lied trying to say he was someone that he is in less you what your talking about SHUT THE FUCK UP
  • SOS
    I am stuck with water tiltration.
    I added already 35 drops 33%Muriatic, and the fuel got a tiny bit cloudy and is after waiting 5 mins almost clear again, layers separate after 2 seconds.

    P.S. I dont have PH Strips and used bottled water

    PLS help
  • I just dont know how it should look like when its ready to add the "Bring-Back" fuel.
    I took some drops of the water layer and let them evaporate and there was white power left that I smoked. It tasted like dope, but it turned black.
  • To summarize the second TRY with AN instead of AS) it went very well.
    Good amount of dope and nice strength.
    Since I did run out of AN during the SnB there was some Bronze left.
    So the product was a little bit underreacted and had some PSE(which explains the black color during smoking on foil).

    AS wont work because its less good water dissolving properties compared to AN.

    Correct me if I am wrong

    And sorry for my bad spelling.

  • Oh god, turned black? It should turn to clear liquid, boil and maybe just maybe leave a fog, if anything at all, unless you are putting CHUNKS. But black is not a color I'd be interested in seeing, at least not like that. Oh, dean, the "all killer" fool was none other than the same "twat", Enso. That's how you know he was aware he was caught. He changed his name and tried to act like someone else. Smh.. Fucking kids. Hope he learns from it and decides to be an honest person... Btw, rite aid sells a bottle, 22 fl ounces called "blue water bottle". It caught my eye bc it's cap had the same look to it as SodaStream. Even had the rubber o-ring. So I paid the ten bucks or so and bought it, used it, and yes, it's every bit the bottle SS was! It's blue plastic so it's a little harder to see thru, but it holds the ridiculous pressure SS does. Funny thing about those rubber o-rings. Anyone notice how after a cook the thing swells to a giant flimsy silicone like rubber o? Well back in my SS days I thought that meant it was trash. No no no! It just needs to be washed and then dried. It will eventually dry and shrink back to its original size, fully functional again. Not theory, but tried and true. Sometimes those reusable water bottles on the corner with screw on caps work. I prefer them to, say, Gatorade or smart water bc they can hold some ridiculous pressure without even hinting add integrity loss. Two lithium strips, 3/4 of a rite aid an cold pack and an ounce and a half (fl ounce, not weight) of lye, ronsonol and box of walphed 60mg w 4mg chlorpheniramine gives at least two fire grams and a so so half gram from 2.88 grams pse.
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    Hey Wurfgurf

    Watching out for a new bottle is a good move. I don't use the SS anymore.
    I got a bottle failure ... after recharging AN, Lye, and PSE i put on the Cap on and
    noticed the Bottle was not sealed, I thought it was the gasket of the Cap
    but i fact I had two holes in the upper 1/4 of the bottle! At least no fire ...another batch lost.

    These SS 0,5l are to small and the shape of the Bottom is to slim(u will see the real shape when u remove the cover) and the seal leads sooner or later to failure.

    On the next SnB i used a 1l bottle (no SS) and added the PSE first to have a "closed cap cook". And it was the best cook ever! In just 1 hour finished! Instant clear fuel
    no black particles left. The other difference with the Recharge/add PSE cooks was the reactants got orange color. I got good dope which runs nice on foil.

    Ahh and of course it was all Dreamed.
  • Nice, good to hear a success, and by doing in the original method. Yeah, the SS bottles are good for maybe a cook or two. Depends on your solvent really. Ether was the kindest solvent (not ther pure, but starting fluid, so probably a 50/50 w heptane, and heptane is even better than ether) for maintaining a bottle for use and reuse. And the rubber o ring, which I think is some form of silicone, it does swell or even melt with some solvents. Naptha or "light petroleum distillate", found in ronsinol, zippo, and probably many lighter fluids, is the second kindest. When I say kindest I mean forgiving to the plastic and the rubber ring. The ring swells, seems useless after, but if you set it out to dry it will shrink back down to fit back into place and regardless of the fact that it's no longer stuck in that little track it first comes in it perfectly holds the gas in. Some tricks I found to keep a bottle (any bottle) from busting or leaking on you: keep your ammonium salt as close as u can measured out so that u never have to burp the bottle. Each burp sends some high pressure/ high speed ammonia wind cutting across the ring's surface, not to mention the solvent that is also leaving with the ammonia in gas form. I found 40 ml (don't have a scale? Don't need one, just stick w 40 ml, absolutely no fucking more than that, or you will absolutely have to burp, especially if u live above sea level) of nh4no3 puts out the absolute maximum amount of ammonia necessary without busting your reaction container, especially if it's cold outside. I left a bottle cooking in the woods for a day, biting my nails in fear over the possibility that I might start a really fucked up forest fire, but no fire, no leak, and yes, super fire crystals once gassed. I have done the "chuck it all in and close method" and I've done the "vent and add pse after lithium liquefied method" and I agree, putting it all in at the beginning leads to a finer product. However I don't recommend this practice in the beginning bc if the bottle decides to quit on u then u are out of sudafed, and that's just so much worse. Using one strip tends to be all that's needed as well when doing a "close bottle and go" cook as the ammonia is much closer to anhydrous liquid than the other way. I also found out by doing the birch method (the real "birch" [more like benkeser]) that you know your cook is done when the bluing that comes from lithium's exposure to liquid ammonia stops fading back to white, meaning there is no more reduction happening. The equivalent to this in a shake and bake is during the clearing after you shake. When it clears in a minute or less but the salts on the bottom remain in the blue fog, that's a complete reduction. I've been looking into autoclaves, trying to find something that is clear and permanently reusable and can handle ridiculous and unnecessary pressure (unnecessary to the snb) like 1000psi so that I can do other experiments with other things. I'm curious about future possibilities of the use of cubane in recreational substances, something thus far not even dreamt of, at least on the web. Be safe out there, remember to spread your shopping out, never buying anything that could be thought of as suspicious anywhere you buy ur sudafed. And don't buy lighter fluid and lye together, regardless of whether u have 200 worth of food groceries. They still re,ember that shit, at least Walmart does...
  • I'm not Enso, just have spent months researching teks before dreaming up my first one (in a few minutes, was doing my last minute read up and noticed my post mentioned) and I've found no single source as useful as Enso - I have a physics degree and so a solid scientific background but did have zero biochem knowledge prior to this dream prep and refused to follow a recipe in a dream unless i understood the processes occurring and this was key to achieving that (along with the hosted erowid goldmine) so I felt like defending the guy against what seemed to me like flamers - I NEVER comment on the internet, arguments are such a waste of time when you could be getting high, but I felt safer thanks to the multiple well written methods.

    Now I know the accusations of plagiarism are well founded and so I still appreciate Enso compiling and rewriting these, along with the useful replies he gave people before you scared him off and took over as resident dream advisor. And I totally appreciate that you've taken over, not just trashed a great harm reduction resource and fucked off the way I imagine some would have.

    So in conclusion, I have reconsidered and changed your status from 'twat' to 'Fucking Legend' and apologise for reacting without all the facts (and even while determined not to dream a reaction without the facts, terrible hypocrisy on my part).

    I may have dreamt an ingenius (a physicist who's self taught biochem has him eyeing codeine into hydrocodone as his next dream loses some modesty, it's inevitable I'm afraid) way to vent if/when necessary, should it work I'll pass it on. Should it fail I'll be sad.

    If all goes well I'll post a full rundown. I've missed writing lab reports. Geek til I die - thanks to all the pioneers (and plagiarists - that's totally not a word but you get the point) that is not going to be tonight.

    I'm off to dream about what I like to think of as being a modern day moonshiner, tending my still, but this shit really does make the moon SHINE ;)
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    Hey bud, sorry I thought you were Enso. It was more of a feeling than a thought. Seemed to make sense.. Anyways.. Yeah, he definitely had a clear, well written speech and seemed to be of use in harm reduction. However it seems to me that some of the posts he claimed as his ideas were reposts of methods that are not foolproof, i.e. The fex method. I've gotten a pm from a guy saying the fex method proved itself as a failure two times in a row, apparently some fire extinguishers use an aluminum alloy, something which is extremely dangerous as aluminum is amphoteric, meaning it reacts with both acids AND bases. So that lye that's so necessary in the first two ingredients is eating the walls of a tank that is ultimately saving your life, until it fails, likely spraying extraordinary pressures of flammable liquids w aerosoled particles of lithium bronze, a situation I wouldn't want even my worst enemy to face! any ways... So you've interest in hydrocodone manufacture? I do too! I see it seems first step is either codeine to codinone (codone) by oxidation via chromates or permanganate (I'd seek pcc for the safest of all these, being that it's so selective in how it oxidizes, though again I've never done this nor tried so it may not be strong enough. I mean codeine is a complex alcohol. I've heard tertiary and I've recently also heard secondary, so I don't know with assurance which). Anyways I've noticed that doing the anhydrous birch/benkeser methods ultimately leads to hydro or di or tetra hydro products from most things. That being the case my theory is the ketone of codeine once treated w the birch SHOULD put the hydro in front.. But idk for sure, if u succeed in however you do it, yes please post your method. You do the clandestine chem an honor even in concept. And though I appreciate being thought of or even compared to "legend" I can't own that. I'm just a guy who likes drugs, doesn't like high prices, and will always be just like I've always been a nerd to the core. Oxycodone looks easy as well, if not easier. Oxidation of the ketone at the another position on the molecule than the oxygen that makes the ketone (as the ketone would be made carb acid, which would be so sad) seems possible with per sulfate or other peroxide. Good luck, stay safe, tell nobody!
  • Oh, there's a method more common in industry taking thebaine and either decarboxylating or reducing, can't remember.. Either way thebaine or codein are good starts... I'm curious about reduction using rp/I, but curious only, not dying curious, as death would be an ultimate consequence fucking w krokodil
  • Also, can you please explain this: " The clear conclusion is he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii and clearly knows nothing about meth, he's copy-pasting specifically written, well ordered answers to individuals personal questions. Even when those questions are as ill thought out, illogical and/or repetitive as every combo 'contribution' of name-calling and name-dropping (I KNOW, I was there before meth was meth, you don't know cos you weren't there before it was cool, I definitely didn't just read someone else's name on an old webpage with content that looked similar to this site's content...if you're one of those with the reading age of a pretzel choking no-longer-laughing-stock of US presidents with the ambiguous middle initial of W."

    Sounds like the rumor of Obama honestly.. And it ultimately led me to think u were Enso. And as to the small number of people using the SS method, that came about all bc someone posed a really good topic : safe vessel for snb. From that, things evolved on the &t2 site. Very, very recently I was witness to an even better reaction container. One I've got to look for around my town. It was apparently a cheap bug spray pumper, one liter. Funny thing about pressure reactions like autoclaves and the autoclavable is time and time again I see that th e smaller the container for Rv the better the chances of it withstanding dramatic pressure. I watched this dude put four fluid ounces of AN and four of lye, burping very very little, and in ten minutes the lithium began dissolving, crumbling, within the hour all was liquid and within two and a half, after filtering and such, he had the best stuff he'd made so far, I wish I could have tried it honestly. Another plus with the bug sprayer was that it has a release valve, something that guarantees a safety from explosion and allows for easier release of pressure than screwing a cap, which can sometimes be difficult especially if your hands are slippery. The plastic was close to three mm thick, he said. That's thicker than SS, and I've successfully taken an SS to 210psi, before it started really looking wrong, as in it started bulging, leaning etc. the bug sprayer, though designed to be pressurized up to 60 or so psi, by all appearances made the lithium dissolve to the liquid golden complex with ease and quickness, I wish I could tell u with certainty what the pressure got to, but I'm inclined to believe that a substantial portion of the nh3 went to liquid state, given the presence of inky bluish/black fog manifesting during the shake process, which is done in the last quarter of the cook (at the earliest, with nothing but swirling done prior, as u want the lithium to remain on the surface if it's not actually fully dissolved into electrons and li(nh3)4 blobs, and you want the salts that create ammonia at the bottom). Once the warmth stops being generated, once the golden or copper colored chunks neither grow nor shrink in amount, especially if u still see the presence of a blue fog hanging around the bottom you are pretty much guaranteed full reduction has occurred, but give a quick shake, set it down, let it clear and consider it a finished reduction when you have clarity in a minute or less and an abundance of left over flue mist/fog hanging around the salt cake at the bottom. I say cake bc it seems the two salts when mixed we'll end up locking together. I once read a site that referred to these chunks as "bones" which I found apt.
  • Hey Wurfgurf,

    I wanted ask, if u can tell us how are u gassing out the NP solvent ?
    just a short quick guide maybe


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    Ok for one wurf you are a fucking twat mate...
    You would never ever scare me away little boy...
    wurfgurf wrote: »
    Can you please explain this: " The clear conclusion is he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii

    Who was born in Kenya? Pulling some more shit out your arse now?
    wurfgurf wrote: »
    Clearly knows nothing about meth, he's copy-pasting specifically written, well ordered answers to individuals personal questions. Even when those questions are as ill thought out, illogical and/or repetitive .
  • enso u are an offense for bees, however i posted your rp/i mini rxn on wetdreams and bees like jacked or organikum swear about your dishonesty
    only in a forum like this w/o bees who make meff or molly u can post old write up
    plus u should know that microcooks owns too variables and the honey u pull is always near zero
  • Hello. I understood correctly. Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid diluted with 1 part of acid, for 4 parts of water? Furthermore, the use of toluene is OK? Bunch of sudafed or other pseudoephedrine-containing drugs are not available. Only with 30mg pseudo. and other substances. So, if I understand correctly, these drugs are not suitable for other ingredients. I can separate from these powders, pure pseudoephedrine. I suppose it can be used. Next, I wonder if sodastream bottle will not be disturbed by toluene, I'm not sure but I think it destroys plastic. Otherwise, I wrote these contributions to an older story.Hello, you are looking for advice. 24 tablets with 30 mg pseudoephedrine. How much do I need exactly the amount of individual substances (Cyclohexane p.a. can be? Ammonium nitrate p.a. ...)? What bottle to do? 0.5l or 1l? Hydrochloric acid (Muriatic acid is the same?) Is sold 32% what ratio of acid to water ratio? how much acid to 100ml of water? Someone would not be kind enough to do it step by step, I'm not a jerk. I cooked pervitin, the old method already at the age of 15. Thank you for your a

    If this is a serious way. Smokeable material will come out of it. After that I will write the best story of all. I come from a country that has one of the longest and most extensive traditions in meth production in the world. Today I'm going to buy all the raw materials. I'd love to confirm your use. I have been using Meth since 15, I'm mostly smoking. Never intravenously. I have all of my teeth as a big exception, and I have recently made progress and a great discovery in the care of teeth. I've had big problems, I've all cured them myself, Pervitin teeth do not hurt! Destruction is the stupidity of users. I am fully aware of the danger of this, especially when I do it for the first time. I'm a young healthy man who would be very unhappy to get burned. I'm thinking about making, through a wooden board with hand holes, and the eyes covered with plexiglass. The pressure gauge on the photo, it occurred to me first thing that would be good. I'm not afraid of it. If this works, then I am very grateful and committed.
    I just add that it is very important for me to learn this. I am not an evil person, I help people always and in every situation. I have no enemies, I do not want to earn it. Recently, the quality of street methamphetamine has fallen. Moreover, this is in my country, a completely unknown method, therefore, a minimal chance of revelation. All products are readily available, but I still can not decide. There are a lot of people in the discussions who share the failure after several attempts. When I do something, I do it right so it's out. It does not take into account that it would fail, let alone to hurt. Please teach me this method, explain my steps and their purpose. I would be very grateful.
    *And please excuse mistakes, I can not speak English. I'm using translator.
  • enso wrote: »
    Ok for one wurf you are a fucking twat mate...
    You would never ever scare me away little boy...
    wurfgurf wrote: »
    Can you please explain this: " The clear conclusion is he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii

    Who was born in Kenya? Pulling some more shit out your arse now?
    wurfgurf wrote: »
    Clearly knows nothing about meth, he's copy-pasting specifically written, well ordered answers to individuals personal questions. Even when those questions are as ill thought out, illogical and/or repetitive .

    Oh look the pussy bitch is back ,what you want man ? You got some new" write ups " I mean copied work from someone else? Maybe Uncle Fester? I can only hope you try to pass off anymore answers as your own .why don't you just get the fuck off the site
    No one wants you here ,you have been replaced now get!!!!
  • So my milkman used these SS bottles. The cap broke in the first few minutes after adding the fuel... :(
    He swapped bottle, but is the Li useless now? There are still a lot of silver/greyish colored flakes floating about and when heating the bottle bubbles do go up and the stuff get's a little darker.
    Also when you are saying 'clear' fuel, do you mean 100% clear. Because it does stay a little cloudy.
  • Where to find ammonium nitrate/sulfate in Canada? Seems to be nowhere?
    And thank you everyone for all this knowledge it's amazing writing my own stories will change my life lol
  • I've tried the enso recipe 3 times and it always fails All the results are the same, just produce a brown crystal and smell if in smoking All the reactions of percis like the paste enso from you But the difference is
    1 I am using ammonium sulfate <fertuk>
    2 I use mobile li-ion battery.
    3 I use a pill containing 60 mg psuedoephedrin and 2.5 mg triprolidine, what do you think is wrong in the process I'm working on? Please help me, thanks
  • Question out of curiosity. Is this not the Cory-House synthesis? Rather the Catalytic Version?
    In 1971, Kochi reported that Grignard reagents and alkyl bromides could be coupled using a catalytic amount of lithium tetrachlorocuprate(II),[8][9] a process that was extended to alkyl tosylates by Schlosser and Fouquet.[10] In the catalytic process, the Grignard reagent undergoes transmetalation with the copper salt or complex to generate an organocuprate as a catalytic intermediate, which then undergoes reaction with the (pseudo)halide electrophile to form the coupling product and release the copper and complete the catalytic cycle.

    Under recently discovered conditions, using TMEDA as the ligand for copper and lithium methoxide as a base additive, it is now possible to couple 1°, 2°, and 3° Grignard reagents with 1° and 2° alkyl bromides and tosylates in high yields with nearly exclusive stereoinversion. Even β-branched 2° alkyl tosylates react to give coupling product in moderate yield, greatly expanding the scope of the catalytic Corey–House synthesis (Kochi–Schlosser coupling).[11]
    Ideally the ammonia and Lye are useless bi product's not needed to be used trying to make an alternate birch method when in reality this method already exists and does not require the birch reduction or maybe I am wrong since the only literature I can find on this is from the 70's when they barely had a grasp on anny and thought a Zinc/HI was Ideal.
    And then digging a little deeper you find the Wurtz reaction/ Wurtz–Fittig reaction from the 1800's again the same reaction without Ammonia or Lye.
    Now ride with me here. Because I am positive this what happening in a SnB and I believe the undeeded precursors are causing side chains to create bi-products I have a list of these some of the worst being cyclohexane. Cyclohexane recrystallizes in a small hexagon shaped circle and creates hundreds of small ones. Sound familiar?
    And polyethylene glycol, Thousands of message boards trying to identify these two guys. Melts yellowish red and never cracks back.
    Anyways from how see it you could put psuedo in a Grignard reagent. Ideally the reagent has the branch chains you need. I am probably super wrong. But it really seems to make sense. /shrug. Rant over.
    Gunna keep studying. Any questions. I have a lot of usless answers. The fact that half these SnB will not work because when it heats up and breaks down the Lith it creates this biproduct (Go google this number to find your answer of this nasty biproduct induced by heat PMC4802050), That ends up inhibiting the process. Ideally figuring out a quick run with high pressure, That ends after the first crack is what is required. Once the Li begins to break down you can see the polymer forming in the solvent between the reaction and Li. Not to mention completely halting the process. It is virtually impossible to strain. Coleman's has a green dye added that will also ruin and inhibit the process. Most salt even sea salt, Has a anti, caking agent, Thats what make it snow like pieces of styro foam. You have to get high priced Salt or kosher usually. Or pickling salt which has to be clean or it will create other entity's in a vacuum sealed acidic environment.
    I really have no idea. This has been a very long night terror that has cost me hours of my time reading, to stay awake. :). Just a bunch of observatory reading. enjoy the non-sense.
  • Also on a side note. Wurfgurf, You got some serious knowledge bro. One time a coons age ago in a dream I was taught how to do the SnB method by an OG. Also in this dream I had learned from other experienced SnB cooks. In this dream I was a cook for a long time and found my self a manufacturing and distributing charge. Man what a terrible. Dream. This write up is wrong in a few ways.
    One issue is its failure to address more serious issues then Solvent soaked Li in a solvent soaked filter. Lets get real.
    If you crack that bottle too much or to fast You will see the demons eyes and regret life. Wanna see the demons eyes the easy way? Try and use liquid lye haha.
    Or the warning about using flour to deoxidize the air rather then throwing water on an exothermic reaction. haha.
    Or when peeps use a cold,warm ,hot water extraction of psuedo and do not have a vacumm sealer to take out all the water and a 20 foot jet flame shoots out of Baba.
    Its a baba guys. When you make a baba, what do you do the mix it? Shake. lol.
    You will notice this is a guide to SnB. But it sure as hell seems like a guide for Baking.
    Remember this is a reaction that requires absolutely no water enter the reaction, If it does it begins to over react and create side products. This is why refluxing is a no go. Ideally this would be performed in a pressure control room, Where you could adjust the atmospheric pressure to a low and minimize humidity in the air aka a controlled environment kept at a stable 60-70 Degrees.
    A blow dryer create condensation due to inaccurately raising heat and pressure and not have a good knowledge of your surrounding atmospheric pressure. I will tell you biometrics play a huge role in this reaction and the heating up and cooling down nonsense is false. In order to reheat the reaction you rewhire to perform nuclear fission over and over. Each time burning off more product to make more biproduct. Again maintaining a constant heat between 60 and 70 degrees in the atmosphere with low pressure aka the day before a rain storm. A barometer is your friend. Is ideal. Now if you want to play with cataclysm give it a try on a 80% Humid 90 degree summer day with low atmospheric pressure and prepare for a reaction that might make you piss yourself. Lithium Outside of the battery that had added analogues to give lithium the ability to maintain a charge it cold weather are gone. Lith is fucking usless cold.
    Now back to the opening it to fast and cause it to pop in a ball of fire. Lye, Ammonium, some of the better solvents, Lith and pseudo are hygroscopic.If you cannot completely control your atmosphere via pressure and humidity and high winds that can instantly bring in drops or rises in pressure avood adding water ever. Beside creating hydro carbon byproducts In as low as a .1%. Beside it all most likely grabbed water on there way in. Unless you are the flash. The most important part in the beginning is shake the living dog piss out of it to create a catalytic event that will begin the nuclear reaction of fission and fussion. Both of which normally take catalytic environments to elapse.
    You should shake the piss out of it until the pressure is at max. Also this works best in a 20 or 24 oz vessel. If there is too much room you create too much space for the vaporization reaction to reach the max it needs to perform its reaction. As previously stated it floats up at the top and ruins the reaction. Soda stream bottles are trash and do not seal well enough and release just enough through the cap to let h20 ruin the reaction. You want to use balled up lith. The copper covers the balls if you let it bake for a few seconds and check the reaction. When you shake the copper is knocked free and radically thrown around in the alien world. Unless you want to deal with the painstakingly difficult task of purifying amon or crushing it into power and adding it to the rv before it absorbs all the water out of everything. The shake part is extremely important in that it is the catalyst. Also there is a shell on cold pack beads. It just makes them last long and less likely to absorb atmospheric humidity. But this must get coarsed off and shaking the shit out of it to activate the Li to heat up the solvent to activate the anny reaction, To create copper chloride, to create fission/fusion at the same moment in the same environment to create the reduction. What really happens in the baba is actually extremely advanced and i have read countless studies from the 70's, Wondering why the use of metals where not being used in clandestine labs. Stating that the technology was most likely to advance for your average chemist at that time and the idea that it is a dirty method has stuck to keeping it under ground. Although I think people might change there mind if they seen how a p2p aluminum synth works. haha. Groce.
    Another thing. No worries I am almost done with my run on sentence unpuncuated arson.
    Not until I read it online have I ever heard of people liking muratic better. On the street this is known as the dirty kind. Thats the shit that makes peoples faces melt and shit. Sulphi ran through a drying chamber into your solvent is ideal. Sulphi also has to be room temperature to work. Lest you want a yellowish red goo that never solidifies. On the first chamber add a second hole on the cap and stuff some tissue in there this is a simple air flow valve that prevents suck back. The tub going into the solvent should literally be in the solvent. Once the reaction begins pressure is created and hcl is forced through the chambers and you will see it bubbling without having to try to properly apply the gas your self. Over gassing will cause it to turn a pinkish color. Leave it bubbling until you see a layer separation. Top cloudy clear bottom white. Should have a darker color at the bottom the density prevents light.
    Another thing. When your pressure build to high and you was reflux to it very very carefully. Twist in 1 mm increments until you hear a tiny ssss. Let this tiny sound run until you cannot hear it with your ear next to it. Close it up and back to shake town. When this reaction is proper baking is what you do less of. This is actually a reaction that cause a reduction. Rather then a controlled reduction like the birch. There is an advanced technic you can use after the hiss cannot be heard. Where you with the speed of a cockroach running from light reflux it open a quarter turn and quickly close it. This is one motion and must be done quickly and shaking must immediate least you wanna see the two red eyes. This technic is extremely dangerous and plays hard on the reaction and pressure. If applied properly expect to regain max pressure in 3-5 seconds almost immediately expect to have to control this catalytic event once you start it. The reaction has been so intense in these dreams bob has had to set the baba down on the hiss and walk away because the pressure jumps a few psi if the reaction is going fucking marbles. By marbles. There is so many bubble riding you cannot see through crystal clear solvent. When you reflux the solvent foams half way to the top. Becareful what you play with kids. This shit can and will cause a fire that can only be put out with time or a lack of oxygen and the flames look similar to an acetylene torch on full blast. Pressure, heat and environment are the most important factors for quality honey. Using the advanced technic my buddy brad. Has visually seen a single rock form as soon as the first blow cloud of hcl hit the surface and nothing else would crack out after and the white ball was hard as a rock and had crystals on the inside. On more then one occasion. Remember. no water, smaller bottles, High pressure inside low pressure outside and the heat on the outside should never exceed 70. Lest you want to have a fight with pressurized water molocules. I will say the synth I was taught, The synth that got me my charge. That method cannot be found. At least I cannot find it. Most of these guides try to take the birch reduction and apply its ideologies to this method. You must force the reaction that causes the reduction and you have to manage to keep the reaction in a critical state to continue the reduction lest you under reduce or over reduce. Over reduction more commonly happens when water is introduced during the reduction to create branch off amines. This water can present itself by being added at anytime. Water always makes it over reduce. Anyways this is all memories of a very bad dream.
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    Thanks for the efforts everyone
  • Hi hello to all, swim has beautiful clear ready to has but is very sad because no sulphuric available to gas.. What can swim do little bird is so concerned
  • Use Hydrochloric acid with a inline dryer to get rid of water. Do not use aluminum foil with it either thats stupid
  • lysolulene wrote: »
    I dreamed that "l-ephedrine" will give excellent rezults if it was really dry.. altho dreamland was elsewhers and not a modified birch. But these are only dreams. The nightmares begin when you extract from methyldrene.. and dreamers: super critical co2 is legal everywhere and is cold and replaces ether in nationally approved tastetests..
    Yes sir. I've personally and regretfully never used ephedrine but it's written by uncle fester to be better than pse as it gives up its hydroxyl group easier.

    In this situation though and correct me if I am wrong d-Ephedrine and d-Pseudoephedrine are the active subsatances found in most OTC cold preparations that can be reduced to d-Methamphetamine.
    The other two isomers l-Ephedrine and l-Pseudoephedrine, are active as adrenergic decongestants but reduce into the comparatively inactive decongestant l-Methamphetamine?
    L ephedrine and d pseudoephedrine are active ingredients in cold medicine.
    mhdteams wrote: »
    Now I can get a 60mg pseudo and 2.5 triprolidine... how to extract it easily? Because the bee method, I cant get vm&p naphtha... and if i use turp method, i cant get mineral turp... do you have a best solution? Or just ignore for shake and bake method? Really dizzy & confuse for 1 month to get it....
    For the shake and bake fuck extracting, just crush to powder and throw in after bronzing of lith.

    Naphtha is simply just zippo lighter fluid or similar brand it is available almost everywhere?
    I don't know how this is so hard to get.

    You do not need vm&p brand specifically but i recommend doing an evaporation test:
    Put a small amount of lighter fluid product on a plate of glass, put it away somewhere and let it dry out.. if it leaves a big amount of residue after it dries, don't use it.
    Yes sir.

    Same goes with turps.
    Turps is simply:
    denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits or denatured rectified spirit, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad tasting, foul smelling or nauseating, to discourage recreational drinking of said alcohol. In some cases it is also dyed. Wikipedia
    Why make it undrinkable? so they don't have to pay alcohol taxes and can sell it cheaper.
    I once heard a method of removing the denatonium in denatured alcohol by using a loaf of bread as a filter!

    If you are unable to find said items i suggest you try harder.... these items are not hard to find and are not restricted in anyway.[/quote]
    enso wrote: »
    mhdteams wrote: »
    Hello... can I change pseudoephedrine with ephedrine? And diethyl ether with naphtha? Because its no way to get starting fluid in my country.... help me please to solve this...
    Are you sure you cannot get starter fluid?
    Sold at many shops.
    You can also order this online.
    Usage: spray into carburetor of engine and try starting...
    also check my next comment to you.
    You can use naphtha

    and for the guy who asked if toluene could be used with SS bottles, sadly no. It eats the silicon o ring in the cap and then the actual plastic. You get a small volcano and likely this happens before bronzing.
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    Turp method? thats almost as old as I am..

    Heres a recent guide for cleaning pseudo if you really want to put in the effort. Most people just GUP chuck it these days though.
  • blowdryer is crucial during snb.
  • the tetra trap will not work with white 60, the same
  • thedexter23thedexter23 german-speaking
    Hey guys!

    I'm currently on the translation and adaption into german. I have a few questions about this method. Here you can find them in detail:
    Translate Enso's Shake n Bake into german

    Soon I will publish the german version.

  • How much meth does this recipe yield?
  • yield depends on so many factors and how meticulous you are. i just dream with 1.25g a box and anything more is welcome but not expected though my dream yields improve as i try new procedures
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