Calcium ammonium nitrate

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What type of situation would this cause? I was curious is someone used CAN could they return to the same PV and kick it around a bit with AN would the result be the same as it would have if AN had been used in the first place or is the product completely lost once CAN has been used?


  • Yes. Here's the thing with CAN: you can remove the calcium component by adding water, dissolving the AN, filtering, which leaves the calcium in the filter. Then you place the AN in a baking dish and bake on keep warm. A large bake dish is preferred so as to dry the stuff quickly. Don't go to warm bc this starts decomposing the nitrate salt.
    I apologize but idk what PV is. If you want to get your pse back if you used CAN then add lye, np solvent and shake, siphon off solvent, gas w hcl collect pse crystals.
  • Just buy a big bag of ammonium sulfate for like $30 and use that.

    fuck cold packs

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