Removing CMP get as close as you can to 100% enso’s clean story

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Removing CMP get as close as you can to 100% enso’s clean story

So why am I writing this?
Because According to the lierature, one can use KMnO4 aka Potassium Permanganate to hydroxylate the double bonds of 1-(1'-Cyclohexadienyl)-2-methyl-aminopropane (CMP) in a basic (pH12) solution allowing one to utilize organic/aqueous phase extraction and separation from Methamphetamine HCL.

So to explain that in a simple manner most could understand.
according to studies a bee could use potassium permanganate to remove cmp which is a very common impurity from there product.


● 2 Beakers
● 5 grams of Potassium Permanganate (easy to get)
● Distilled water
● Non polar solvent
● 100% NaOH (lye or sodium hydroxide)
● pH strips
● Eye dropper
● Visine bottle filled with muriatic acid
● Stove top safe pan

For the purposes of this write up, we will be using 2.4 grams Methamphetamine HCL.

1. Make a solution of 2% KMnO4 by dissolving 0.5g KMnO4 in 25 ml dH20.

2. Place 2.4g Unpurified methamphetamine hcl into a beaker then add 3 ml dH20.

3. Add NaOH to test tube until pH 12.

4. Add 20 ml of your 2% KMnO4 solution and agitate with vortex.

5. Add 3 ml of your non polar solvent, shake, and draw up organic layer.

6. Place solvent in "beaker 2" and add 3 ml dH20.

7. pH dropwise to pH 7.6.

8. Draw off aqeous layer (bottom) and place in the pan, evaporate on stovetop to yield Methamphetamine HCL having left behind dihydroxylated and tetrahydroxylated cmps in beaker 1.

Hint: 2x Recrystallization of this final product in dH20 will yield 96-99% pure Methamphetamine HCL.

Hint: You can gas at step 4 instead of panning.


1. Journal of the Clandestine Laboratory Investigating Chemists Association 2008;18
(1) :18-22

2. Volumes calculated from Merck Index (1g:2mL H20)

That’s all folks
Up next: Methcathinone. The ghetto meth. Enso’s story of the ghetto cook.


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  • Enzo, thank you, you have quite effectively condensed and simplified that. You are a very good writer. I'd hire you.
  • But you damn sure ain't taking the credit for my method mother fucker
  • I hate frauds I hate plagiarizers
  • enso you have plagiarized the work of dr. Robert lindsay, aka the tramp, great the underground hive member, all wetdreams incarnations, and my personal friend during the year and my teacher of chemistry
    the next move will be Mdma synthesis not by argox or rhodium but by Enso?
    get the fuck out FRAUD
  • I guess that lil bitch took off finding another site to make claims on.
  • Your recrystalization methods are dated. Go do some more reading. Like suspending a starter crystal in a slightly covered super saturated solvent and left in a deep freezer in a place with low seismic activity. Will create a much bigger single crystal and in order to gain a high purity crystal. You have to regrow it 4-5 times a process when done properly to maximum yield could take over a year for a few G's. Placing it in a dish is an even slower process that requires it to first find a host fracture to grow on and then has to spend decades building crystal lattices to push out impuritys. And if a chemical happens to share the same crystal structure. Separating them with out cracking the product out of a solvent with a seed crystal, Will never happen. Thats why the chemically sweet taste will always be there. Its the propylene glycol has a higher boiling point with virtually the same melting point and is reactive in all the same solvent. It is virtual impossible to remove without a crack out. Since it has a higher boiling and will most likely raise the boiling point of the solvent and help the process go smoother.
  • we are waiting methcathinone,which sucks
  • Hey guys , im new here but indeed I have seen this guy write many stories . ( That I will soon post for your fiction reading pleasure )

    So this guy keeps thinking why this procedure is always begun after the hcl salt is aquired?
    In his veiw, this is a chapter that ought to be right after a rxn. I.e
    In his story. The post rxn solvent is washed with dh20 and the potperm process should be executed prior to any salting.

    It seems more logical. Unless there is sth he is missing he wants to oxidize the Cmp as soon as he has an aqueous + organic mixture. Perhaps during the first water wash if his rxn fluid is basically enough.

    Roughly speaking
    A) finish rxn , open RV add extra lye. Close shake a bit. ( Ensuring a highly basic rxn fluid is retrieved)
    B) open RV retrieve rxn fluid / (nonpolar with freebase)
    C) filter rxn fluid til Crystal clear.
    D) Water wash to rid of sulfur impurties. add kmno4 to rid of CMP
    E) salt as you would

    Thanks in advance.
  • Aye aye aye... I didn't read too carefully. I sent the actual DEA PDF here but god only knows. So anyways, hi my friends at dea! I know you like it here as fishers of men do. Im Telling you this: plz allow me to watch porn again, plz, no if then just please please please let me get gay with myself. I'm a fucking virgin for crying out loud. And btw people.. dissolve your impure meth created via birchlike cook in distilled, add either a tiny splash of h2so4 or even white vinegar. Stir... add +-2% kmno4 solution dropwise, looking at the color going from purple to rust. This happens and stir. Keep doing this until the rust appearance stops being created and all u see is purple to Russia pink like my icon to the left there, stir. THEN add lye, then follow with "enzo's" write up. No 96-99. U get 99.98-99 if not 100%. U can tell bc if u have the bal ls to put a 7.8 ph crystal into some baby oil and baseline colloid and smear in your asshole u will come in the next ten minutes, the first time. I have a record of six orgasms per hour on this shit. Peace
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    This is copied and pasted ALMOST from a scientific paper about this. Except it would seem Enso actually changed some numbers and details to sabotage the procedure, for whatever purpose. Lame.

    Also after further review, Wurfgurf's charges against Enso seem to hold weight and be 100% factual. Enso's "mini red phospho and iodine" write-up he presents as his own discovery, is in fact, from something written in the early 2000s by someone else .
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    I will personally attest to the guide left by wurfgurf above being 100% awesome and better than the shitty guide in the original post. Now, I didn't put anything in my ass or anything, but snorting the CMP free product is.... Wow. Fucking best dope I've ever done, and the best part is I dreamed it all myself. :-)

    The only thing that seemed incongruous to me, was the solution doesn't seem to look very "rusty" at first when permanganate is dropped in, it just goes back to clear as if no purple shit was being drilled in, then boom it was pink for good.

    Enso states above, that CMP will be oxidized by pot perm only in a basic solution with a pH above 12, but Wurfgurf's method says to add the pot perm BEFORE the naoh is added. One of these is false, or both are, and it doesn't matter when pot perm is added.
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