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Need some advice, please
Anybody know how to remove paracetamol


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    Ice cold water since its pretty much insoluble in water as it is
  • Thank you very much
    I did some more reading, wich i should have done before expecting to be spoon fed this info
    Thank you very much indeed

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  • I found these notes compiled from various people/sources on the www. Don't know if it helps you or not but I'm clicking 'paste'...

    Cold Water Extraction Solubility Tables
    Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Solubility in Water:
    1g Paracetamol per 70ml water at 10C.
    1g Paracetamol per 20ml water at 100C.

    Aspirin (Ibuprofen) Solubility in Water:
    1g Ibuprofen per 100ml water at 31C
    1g Ibuprofen per 300ml water at 21C

    Codeine Solubility in Water:
    1g Codeine per 2.3ml water at 31C
    1g Codeine per 0.7ml water at 21C

    Useful Notes:

    By placing your solution in the fridge or freezer, you are lowering the temperature far below the temperatures listed here. Using these figures as an estimate of solubility will give you a nice buffer in case your solution is not as pure as it could be.

    Codeine has an inverse relationship when it comes to solubility in water. Normally solutes will dissolve more readily in water as the temperature of the water increases. Codeine however does the opposite. This means that cooling will not cause codeine to crystallize out of the solution. This property is one of the main reasons why cold water extractions work so well!

    The procedure for getting rid of ...

    The procedure for getting rid of paracetamol/ataminophen is much simpler than most, as paracetamol is scarecly soluble in very cold water, while ephedrine/pfed is very sloble, so you can use very cold ice water to dissolve the pill mass, use as small a volume of H2O as possible, and most if not all of the pfed/eph will dissolve, leaving the paracetamol to me filtered off.

    Then do whatever extractions are neccesary to beat any gaaks that might bee in the pills.

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    No 506796 because paracetamol is failry insoluble in...

    because paracetamol is failry insoluble in cold water, if one dissolved his pill mass in water then brought it to near freezing temperature in a freezer should most of the para drop out? and what effects would the near freezing temperatures have on the pseudo?

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    No 506813 Para- SHIT-amole

    In my experience, the paracetamol 'crystalises out' as the water temp approaches 0°c. Only 1.4gms of para will disolve in 100mLs COLD water.

    However, DONT add water first! Atleast do some solvent boils and pull the pseudo/para with alcohol, and then deal with your pfed/para.

    Let me know how you go.

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    No 506877
    AFAIK, since paracetamol is a phenol, simply...

    AFAIK, since paracetamol is a phenol, simply performing an acid-base extraction will remove it. It will for a water-soluble salt with strong base.
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    Ok what if tab contains apap/pse? What to do with left out pse solution post cwe? Evap and all of it gone, tried gassing (hcl) through cloudy solution and still no residue after letting on large surface area, any ideas?
  • All those TEKS are outdated and not more viable in 2018
  • U can’t pull pse w/o solvent mate
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