Shake n Bake Doubts and substitutions

edited December 2018 in Help and Suggestions
About the Shake n Bake, can I use Sodium Metal instead of lithium? Hexane for the non-polar solvent? Ammonium Sulfate instead of ammonium nitrate? and 60mg Pseudoephedrine + 2,5mg Triprolidine?


  • Everything you are asking would be preferable to everything else. Sodium is more selective toward benzylic reduction meaning sodium is better and hexane is THE solvent of choice. It's just extremely volatile and flammable at least as much as ether. Hypothetically speaking of course, make sure your vessel is decent. You don't even want imaginary hexane mist spraying especially with na(nh3)4 involved! They'll find your shoes w feet in them and somehow the chair still not burned, like an hsc case!
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