Shake and Bake Meth by scrawny

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2oz Ammonium Suflate

2oz Lye

2L Plastic Bottle

1 cup to 1 and a half cup coleman fuel. You can also use isopropyl alcohol, xylene or ethanol.
1 AA Lithium Strip per 2 grams. half strip for one box


Add all of the above then add 1 AA strip Per 2 Boxes of 2400 mg. or half strip for 1 box..

leave the PSE out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shake her up if its not audibly or visually starting to make gas well.

Leave the lid cracked for a few minutes at a time then shut and shake untill it starts to build press.

Slowly burp. hiss and quickly a few times. keep an eye on it. for when it really starts to go.

Dont shake it at all after the gas starts to go .. nope. your done shaking it for now unless it is having a hard time starting to make the gas. If so shake and pressurise release etc. untill its starting to come to life/ pressurize basically at an ok rate then quit the shaking untill later.

Let it pressurize up and tend to it, let it out slowly now and then too keep it within a workable pressure it will after 25/45 minutes be making the bronze that you want and lots of it.

When3/4 to 7/8 or all of the strip has turned to the red/ lion bronze etc. puddle-

Slowly release the pressure to get the cap off.. dont fuck around and get the funnel on it.

Slowly sprinkle the fine ground gups into and on top of the bronze, dont take all day. but dont just plop the whole powder load right down on top of it either.

The PSE is in. Lid on .Shake quickly for 10 seconds or so and let the precursers settle/ be watching for any Lith. thats down in the granule layer. Circular swing/twist the bottle to get a whilrpool in there to get the lith floating and up out of the granular layer after each shake. Keep the lith out of that bottom.

Shake and vent like before trying to keep at least a little pressure on the thing. Shake vent etc. the bronze will be used up and it will go grey, blue, sometimes almost black- the solvent.

Go nuts and shake the fucker.

After about 15 to 20 minutes let it sit still after you shake it, watching the solvent ,that is now a healthy grey chocolate milk looking sob.Let it sit still for 3 to five minutes watching at the top of the solvent line for the solvent to clear up..

It will clear up from the top down like the vertical hold on a TV. the farther you are along= the faster it will clear up.

When you can watch it.. after a quick shake.. —-> clear up real quick, like under a minute and the grey 'lithium amide' comes to rest on top of the fert/lye layer.. It's done.

Its also done when somertimes the bronze is all used up. All gone from floating on top. The solvent is clear then also right after that happens.

Go ahead and loosen the capso it bleeds the pressure off, and leave it fairly loose for a few minutes to let most of the gas react and get up out through the solvent.

Tighten the cap.

Two filters only in a not craZY humid environment.. and with a real free flowing small paper towel plug in the neck or a cotton ball or two tip the bottle slowly trying to keep the media in the bottom of the bottle get the fluid/solvent to go down and with the bottle tilted get the solvent line above the whole cap.

Carefully loosen the cap and feed the solvent out and around the cap while its tilted swiftly down through the funnel.

This is a quick as possible rough filter, we want this done this is a dangerous step if there is any bronze floating in that pool of solvent in the funnel. Get it done quickly and pick your enviro wisely for this step, dont pull this on top of the washing machine with a can of camp fuel rubbing elbows with you or jars of solvent etc near any of this.

Reasoning here.. if its extremely humid the floating bronze can get itchy and real pissed off firefly style when the solvent has run all through the funnel and its sitting there in the real h20 laden air.

When the solvent has run through quickly twist up the 2 filters and wring them out very quickly over the funnel- just squeeze the fucker once and thats it, if there is bronze in them you will hear them hiss and groan. Drop the two filters into the reaction vessel then immediately. And cap it.

Pull the cotton balls or plug from the neck and do the same.

Get the RVessel the fuck outside or to a fire safe place. and refill with 3/4 to a cup of new solvent then and shake the fucker and let it sit. In a safe Place!!!

Now Get yourself another vessel like the one you have your solvent in now and make sure its clean dry and at least luke warm or room temp.

Pour the solvent from one vessel to the other 5 to 10 times.

Check the smell of the solvent.

The AA is completely gone yea?

Yep…all gone.

Clean the empty vessel thoroughly and dry and room temp or lukw warm it.

Clean and dry the funnel well inside and out and fit it with one or two tightly packed cotton balls or a nice decent paper towel plug or both a plug and a cotton ball or two half ass tight on top of it and place two filters on top of these.

Pre wet /pour a small amount of the same solvent you used / new stuff this time.. through the funnel and adjust the plug for a decent/ good filtration.

Finish filter the solvent now.

When its all filtered shove the filters and the plugs,cttnballs into the Reaction Vessel and recap immediately after its done filtering. This cuts the stinky factor down of the solvent in your enviro.. and keeps a handle on it.

Gas the solvent.


Put the gupps in after the bronze, this allows less precursers for the rxn, which means better yeild, less shit in there to trap the freebase Ma for it to cling get all mixed and mingled into.

The rxn between the Amm Nitrate and Sodium Hydroxide runs alot better when the guppy pill mass isnt getting into the way in between the two.

You get by with less Lithium to make the bronze because you arent shaking it and ramming it into the fert lye layer using up the bronze dicking around trying to make the gas to make the bronze etc. etc. You make the bronze with minimal Nh3 precursers and dont shake/waste any bronze.

Any adulterant in the pill mass to counter act the rxn and or cripple the rxn betwen the two to get to or severely slow down the bronze endpoint is driven around.

The Bronze is already made before the P. Mass gets in there. Giving them a big fuck you.


The finished product won't be crystal but it should look something like this



  • You did a good job here. I have wanted to see a new write up for the sake of curiosity, how others go about it. My only concerns are your bottle choice and lack of a write up on cleaning the rxn vessel after reaction. If a fool does this using water....smh. I once saw a bottle, back when I first started learning this, once it had gotten full of bronze puddle like egg yolks in there floating on top just TOUCH the side of the bottle and ever so slightly reacted with the bottle skin! It was like a laser shot a hole thru the bottle bc instantly where the bronze had touched it a pinhole vaporized into existence. This lead to spraying of lighter fluid in my old garage (I know better now than to do these things in garages, however with a proper bottle, at least a SodaStream bottle, you don't have to worry about pinholes, bottles popping or anything. In fact, if you use only 40 cc of ammonium nitrate (sulfate perhaps 60ml) with 70-80cc lye you don't even have to burp the bottle! I learned that you could put a box of pse (a box of the 96 30mg pills 2880 mg of pse could be thrown in right at the start, infact, in this order: an, pse, lye, lighter fluid, two batteries. Now one battery DOES work, I agree. Infact, it's less likely to over cook leading to cmp, but using two leads to faster bronzing and once one battery's worth of lithium has gone bronze liquid (this takes 15 minutes), you can shake. I once did a cook w a SodaStream in my bed room, fell asleep and my exwife woke me and pointed at the bottle nearby saying something like, "baby, isn't this dangerous?" To which I replied no although YES was accurate. However I never burped the bottle until I was done. The bronzing will occur faster with two, but if you plan on doing a cook without supervising it, aka leaving the fucker somewhere while you do other things, you can as long as the bottle is strong like SodaStream. I can't stress enough the importance for new bees to use at least a bottle that strong. Think about it: SS (SodaStream) doesn't want liability for hurting people in their homes (as SS is designed to make your own soda including co2 pressurizing work). I'm telling you if you use only the small amount of an, 40 ml/cc (if you don't have a scale like me u have to eyeball these things) u can throw all in, drop water droplets down the inside using oral syringe, cap it, you can leave the bottle ANYWHERE hidden from others eyes. Also be careful what u say on here there are govt plants in here. I've been under investigation for the last four months.
  • Oh yeah, ethanol is NOT A GOOD SOLVENT. It's an alcohol, just like sudafed. Pse is a secondary alcohol/amine with that Benzyl hydroxyl joint there. You'd have competition with the pse if you use ethanol. Acetone is even worse.. Use alcohol to clean the rxn vessel after u have already pulled all the pulls out and it's empty of ma. Alcohol will react safely with bronze and convert it to non angry compounds which can be safely discarded.
  • If u prefer throwing the pse in after u have the bronze (which is a safer approach for the pse in case anything goes wrong) then that's fine. Your descriptions were very good and leads me to strongly believe you have decent experience with this tek. I'm definitely not trying to piss on your tek. I'm just trying to stop another Darwin Award from happening.
  • This is just a ghetto writeup. There are a million options for pressurized vessels, the old biker p2p writeup was to toss it all in a metal drum and roll it in a lake and if it doesn't explode work it up.

    Anhydrous ammonia and good ventilation are the best way to do this reaction like they did in the 1940's

    I also heard you can do the SnB in a garden gnome.

  • Jesus I didn't know about the p2p in the lake deal, nor the garden gnome (lmfao)! You need to write more man your mind has seen great things!
  • What do you mean, ".new write up" ? This is copy and paste
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    dean45 wrote: »
    What do you mean, ".new write up" ? This is copy and paste

    Right :D
  • wurfgurf wrote: »
    I didn't know about the p2p in the lake deal

    found it

    "Now, out of prison, Spaliviero intends to never return to a life of crime.

    When he reached a secluded spot, tied a rope around the stem, filled with chemicals and lowered 20m in the water

    “Igor had pointed out this was the most dangerous part of the process, and I will not go near it for at least 20 minutes.”

    After a few minutes, the reaction vessel is exploded and he filled the sea with hydrogen gas, the ecstasy of chemicals and dead fish.

    Everything was lost.

    Spaliviero decided that what had gone wrong was the temperature of the water, too warm at 18C.

    He got to work and created another reaction vessel, this time much larger and the use of pharmaceutical grade steel.

    So large, could that be loaded on to his boat via a ramp, drove up to the point desired and expected.

    This is a survivor, but he could not pull it back on board and had to be towed to shore.

    On a secluded beach, Spaliviero unbolted the filling port, and was rewarded with the sight of drug crystals the size of diamonds."
  • Smh... Damn, and here I was a sucker for it, believed he actually did it.
  • hey guys im forced to use the 1 liter ss bottle,did you know the quantity of sulphate of ammonia and lye to use=
    500 ml ss are impossible to find here
  • hey guys im forced to use the 1 liter ss bottle,did you know the quantity of sulphate of ammonia and lye to use=
    500 ml ss are impossible to find here

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    I remember 40 ml an to 60 lye, so maybe up to double that for each, but it's all a matter of how fast you want the reaction to go. Double the amount of lye to an and it goes a bit slower but you also have a safer cooking, in theory that is.
  • thats wild ive heard about them burying 50gallon drums in the dirt and waiting for a boom!
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