does shake and bake decay?

I think I've found my dream pill: green or red 4860s, love the yields, [sometimes over 100%] great quality, nice white color with orange hue
. the only issue is this stuff, after a few days, starts to turn orange and just gets more and more orange until it looks like it's not good anymore. is there a way to combat this?? I have done an A/B extraction on some, and believe it or not, the orange tint followed it thru the procedure!! please assist.

oh, I am doing standard bake and shake dream, letting the lithium get nice and bronze then gupchucking right on top of the bronze and shaking for an hour and a half. gassing with salt and h2so4. distilled crown camp fuel for the np, purified ammonium sulfate fertilizer (white crystals) and 100% lye. please advise.


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