SnB Recipe. List of Ingredients and Cost!!

Items Needed.....

1/3 Cup of LYE which you can use a bottle of Draino Kitchen Granules. COST - 8.00$

Ammonium Nitrate - 1/4 Cup Un-Grinded and 1/4 Cup grinded into powder. Don't Buy cold packs with calcium in them this helps inhibit the reaction. You can get a 2 pack of just Ammonium Nitrate cold packs at CVS it is the Cvs Brand and it Costs - 5.16$

Psuedophedrine Otherwise Known as......
12 hour Nasal Decongestant. Be sure to get the 20 count of 12 hour the 24 hour have really this almost plastic shells on them and it makes your pills clumpy not fine powder like you need. But if you buy the Walmart brand they are only 5.99 no Tax on meds in the USA so 6.00 will get you a box of 20 but you will want a friend to buy another one or a few friends so you can get 2-4 boxes but you only need 1 box for this recipe,but the more psuedophedrine you have the more Methamphetamine you will retrieve.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries.
You will need the lithium from 2 full batteries for this Synthesis. A pack of 8 cost 13$ at Publix.

1 - Can Of Diethyl Ether. Which can be bought at a auto parts store. Proffered brand is Pyroil 11oz Starting Fluid. 4.00$ at Advanced Auto Parts.

1 - Can of Hexane. Which can be bought at Advanced Auto Parts. It will be on the same shelf or close to the Starter Fluid. It will be called CRC QD Sensitive Electronics Cleaner.
It is 11.00$

1 - Bottle of Sulfuric Acid - You can get this at home improvement store. I use (Clean Shot) Drain Opener it cost 12.99$. But another good product is (Liquid Lightning) Also a Drain Opener it cost 13.00$ as well. Both items are pure or close to pure Sulfuric acid. You will need this for Gassing the final product.

1 - 26 oz container of Iodized Salt.
(Price = 1.50 - 3.00$) This is mixed with sulfuric acid to make Hydrochloric Acid for gassing the final fuel.

1 - 24 oz Pepsi bottle... For Shaking The Recipe.

1 - 20 oz Bottle .....for gassing the Mixture.

6 Pack of Mason Jars with Lids. You can buy these at publix for like 8.00$ I think. The brand is Anchor Hocking.

18 " of 1/4 " Clear Aquarium Tubing - You can get 12 feet of this at Lowes for 2.98$ in the plumbing section.

1- box of Freezer quart Ziplock bags. 4.00$ at Walmart.

1 - Bag of Coffee Filters (Basket Size) itll say fits most basket coffee makers. These are 3.00$.

1 - Bag of Large Cotton Balls to put in Funnel during Filtering Process.
Price - (1.00 - 3.00$)

1 - pair of small Brass-Craft metal/Copper pipe cutter for opening batteries. Watch video on YouTube on how to open batteries and you wI'll now what this tool looks like. Cost at lowes (16.03$).

1 - pair of needle nose pliers also for opening battery. 14.00

1 - box or Rubber/Latex Gloves. Wear these during the whole process to prevent your fingerprints getting on everything and to reduce the amount of ammonia gas that gets on your hands while venting bottle.

1- Set of measuring cups for measuring chemicals. 1.00$ at dollar tree.

1 - Set of diffrent sized funnels. Also 1.00$ at Dollar Tree.

1 - Coffee Grider - You can buy this for 20.00$ at publix as well. This is for grinding the psuedophedrine to a very fine powder and grinding half the ammonium nitrate.

Blow Dryer - 8.00 at goodwill or Any thrift stores. Used to help kick off reaction!

Well this should be all the stuff you need after me adding all prices I paid plus I added 2.00$ to everything on this list for inflation cause you may live in a diffrent state the most amount of money you will spend for your first cook is

Lowest Amount = 138.00$

With Inflation

Highest Amount = 184.00


Step # 1
Take 3 Mason jars and remove the lids.

Step # 2
Fill one of the 3 Mason jars 1/2 of the way full with the Starter Fluid.

Step # 3
Fill the other Mason Jar 3/4 of the way full with the Hexane (CRC QD Sensitive Electronic Cleaner)!

Step # 4
Add 1/3 of the Diethyl Ether (Starting Fluid) in the Empty Mason Jar. Then fill the rest with the Hexane that being 1 part Diethyl Ether and 2 Parts Hexane.

Step # 5
Add mixed Fuel to a Ziplock bag. Add 1/4 cup of distilled water to fuel and vigorously shake the mixed fuel inside the bag for 30 seconds. This is WATER WASHING your fuel! After 30 seconds of shaking there should be a top and bottom layer. You want to pinch a corner of bag off and let the fuel drain out until the bottom layer of oily looking water is gone! It should only be a small amount of oily looking liquid that will come out. You can see what needs to come out. After the fuel has been washed and the oily looking water is gone clip the corner of the bag and add the fuel to another bag and repeat process again.

Step # 6
Add cleaned Fuel to your 24 oz Pepsi Bottle.

Step # 7
Add 1/3 Of A Cup of your (Drano Kitchen Granules) also known as Lye or Caustic Soda.

Step # 8
Add A 1/4 Cup of Un-Grinded Ammonium Nitrate and A 1/4 Cup of Grinded Ammonium nitrate.
I grind a 1/4 and keep a 1/4 Un-Grinded because I feel that the grinded Ammonium Nitrate helps kick the reaction off faster while the Un-Grinded Ammonium Nitrate helps keep the reaction rolling longer! So half and half makes for a good even cook I think!

Step # 9
Watch video on YouTube on how to remove Lithium from Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries. Once Lithium is out of battery it will oxidize quickly and turn green which is fine,but quickly tear Lithium into Medium pieces and ball them up and add to the Fuel.

Step # 10
Grind up your 1-4 boxes of 12 Hour Psuedophedrine pills until they are A really fine powder. After grinding add these to the mixture as well.

Step # 11
Part A
Pick up 24 oz bottle and find a spot you can dent in with your thumbs! This will be your SAFETY NET! This will help you determine when the bottle needs vented, if you can't push your thumbs in the safety net area **(VENT)** the bottle....

Part B
Close lid on bottle..... I do not add water in my method! Adding water makes Lithium unstable and dangerous. But I do shake and heat with a blow dryer. This is all you need to get the reaction kicked off just heat and shake until contents are good n warm. Venting the bottle from time to time but dont vent allllllooottttt! The less you vent the less amount of time it takes and the better it'll be.

Part C
After Shaking and Heating for 45 - 1 hour you should see the Lithium starting to Bronze or turn gold in areas that are not Green. Plus your Lithium should be starting to fall apart and after 45 mins - 1 1/2 hour you should have gold BBs floating on top your fuel. Use your phone flash light and you can see the tiny gold BBs. Once these BBs Occur and you only have half the Lithium you started with floating on top your fuel you should Heat your bottle with blow dryer and shake your trying to get the Lithium you have left to Dissolve or fall apart. Shake the bottle for another 30 minutes or so totaling out to 1 1/2 - 2 hours and you can even cook longer the longer the better.

Part D
Your Lithium will be Green & gold Green from Oxidation and Gold from the cook. Plus you will have a BUNCH of gold BBs Floating on top your Fuel. Set your bottle down open the lid and let everything settle. The cook is FINISHED!

(Filtering Lithium) From Fuel.
Put a Cotton Ball in your funnel,Followed by 2 Coffee filters. Add some Hexane From the bottle of CRC QD into a Ziplock bag (THIS IS WERE YOUR LITHIUM IS GOING TO GO AFTER FILTERED OFF.) After filtering the Lithium and all other chemicals from the fuel put the filters with lithium into the bag with Hexane in it! Be sure theres enough to cover the lithium!

Filter the fuel A second Time you want your fuel to look like water.
Step # 1
Take 20 oz Soda bottle and cut hole in lid big enough to fit Aquarium Tubing in Hole TIGHTLY.

Step # 2
Add 1/3 Of A Cup Of Iodized Salt into 20 oz
Soda Bottle!

Step # 3
Add 3 Cap fills of Sulfuric Acid. AKA ( Cleanshot Drain Cleaner or Liquid Lightning)

Part B
After adding the Sulfuric Acid to your salt. Hydrochloric Gas will start forming in the bottle you want to stick the aquarium tube over top your fuel you just cooked that's inside the Mason Jar and squeeze the bottle so the gas comes out the Aquarium tube. (IF YOU COOKED THE BATCH CORRECTLY THE FUEL WILL GRAB THE GAS AND ITLL START SNOWING INSIDE YOUR FUEL.)

Part C
After it snows one time and the white powder settles to the bottom of the Mason jar,hit it with the gas again there should be plenty of gas in your gassing bottle. Then let it settle ! After hitting it twice!

Part D
Put a cotton ball and 2 Filters in your Large Funnel. Pour the fuel you just gassed twice into the funnel all of the white residue/Chunks in your filter is what this is for.

Part E
After filter the first time you can hit it with gas 2 or 3 more times but filter the fuel every time you gas it and you'll have white powder in your filters each time!

Part D
Take all filters with wet dope in them wrap them up so no dope can get out and hit each one with the blow dryer for 30 seconds on each filter.

Part E
Take a knife or Credit Card and scrape all white powder/Chunk off filters and put in tin foil because dope dont stick to tin foil.

Save the filters and soak them in water and strain water into jar you got your self a super energy drink.

Wallah you've got Methamphetamine!!


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    Bonjour, on peux donc mettre le pse dans le vr tout de suite ,pas besoin d'attendre que le lithium soit converti en bronze ?
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  • I dont even know where to start. This isnt how you want to do this dont listen to this jackass. There are better ways to do shake and bake this following this dick wad
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