dont put kids on ritalin.

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putting kids on Ritalin is fucked up. In the long term any ways. Of course, I can understand how getting filthy stinking rich might put a hamper on your compassionate feelings towards children.

So yea, i did have trouble paying attention, but that's because when i was 8 math was fucking BORING to me. And putting me on Ritalin didn't increase my interest in academics, I still just wanted to play with little plastic green army men in the sand box ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. :thumbsup:

Not only did it not help, but i have been lead to believe that, it has been the cause of my chest pain ever since i was first prescribed the drug. as an 8 year old, i didn't think anything of the chest pain, and i never told anyone about it. :( . i was speaking with a nurse over the phone about the source of my chest pain and she asked me if i was ever prescribed the particular drug, and she said that in some cases it may be the source of said chest pains.

And now that i am thinking about it. In the end it only really made my attention span shorter when they took me off the drug at the age of 15, cold-turkey. And again i really think that the only problem i had was that everything bored me with the exception of drawing and video games (which i could do for hours). Now if they could have instead put me on a drug that increased my INTEREST in the so called problem areas like, math and pretty much everything else that makes sense to me.

what would have made a LOT more sense would have been to teach me strategies that i could use for life skills in relation to my ability to cope with my "attention span" problem for the rest of my life.

but then, no one would get filthy stinking rich. and that's a problem. :facepalm:

I've have noticed that a similar situation with panic attacks and anxiety disorder exists. i have had anxiety and panic attacks since i was 15, and i never took drugs for the problem. instead I began writing through my attacks, and i engaged in more physical activity, which lead to me practicing the art of meditation as an out let for my tumultuous thoughts.

On the other hand, a friend of mine was on a cocktail of drugs for his anxiety, and he was pretty hit or miss, depending on the day of the week. sometimes he would snap about little things, other times he would seem okay. He was always a little off. I always told him to get off the pills, and one day he did; i walked into the living room and saw him sweating through a massive cardio-panic attack. crying for his pills.

We're letting these drug companies into our bodies, and they don't care for us at all. Perhaps our doctors do, but then they are the ones who prescribe such things.

Anyone here have any bad experiences with prescribed drugs, or have any luck seeking "alternative" treatment for an ailment of any kind??


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