i guess you clicked ok expecting to see me naked well not happening this time YOU MAD?


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  • michellewhorn
    Hi Enso, I have a story I made up. Tell me what you think?

    So I have this recipe for s&b. I tried making it the other day, and no reaction. I figured from all my studies, it was because of a lack of water. So, after letting the solution sit in the bottle for about 24 hours due to a lack of privacy, I added a capful of water to kick off the reaction.
    That worked for about two minutes. My bf was the one who put the cap back on quickly, and began to shake. Vented several times, shook. But it just stopped reacting completely. I'd read where you may have to add some additional lye, so I did. Still, nothing. Also, I do believe the batteries may have shorted out.
    Your thoughts? Here is the recipe: 8 oz Coleman lighter fluid, 3 tbsp AN, 3 tbsp Lye. 20 24hour pse pills crushed to powder. Add all to gatorade bottle. Add 2 lithium strips. Shake and vent until lithium strips are copper and almost gone or gone. (This didn't cause reaction, so I added the capful of water).
    March 9
  • wurfgurf
    ? Enso, if you are reading this, I'm telling you man just admit the little plagiarism, apologize , say you learned from it and get your ass back on here with some human dignity. You have a brilliant mind when it comes to writing. Just apologize, gods forgive, it's only fools who let the brilliant deteriorate into the same old scum. You aren't the same old scum. Hands down you are, on your very own, a damn good writer and honestly I miss looking forward to your originals. You ought to have some more self respect. I'll bet there's a world where you and I are passing the pipe! Honestly man, miss your words, even the ones that piss me off.
    Wo da me su jow sun
    February 3
  • wurfgurf
    Hey man. I'll stop putting you out there as the fraud you've been as the points been made. Just learn from it man. One thing I learned in prison is that what ever is in the dark will come to light. The shit did, didn't it.? I hope my bad writing hasn't lost you. Or is it you just can't keep up?
    January 11
  • scorpmed
    Hi Master Enso
    December 2017
  • Purplecow
    enso my man....long time no see!!!!
    December 2016
    • enso
      I know how have you been
  • i guess you clicked ok expecting to see me naked well not happening this time YOU MAD?
    May 2016
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