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Just wanted to share a dream I has tge other night , kind of weird but here is my dream I had, a man goes to local store that sells soda steam bottles and actually buys three one of them being the bottle that you make the bubbles in , after bringing them home and cooking some coffee in tge first one afterward noticed tge top had busted apart, then after a few days he decided to have some more coffee so he opened the two pack soda stream bottles and used one only to find after cooking cofree that it had a hole busted in it right as tge coffee was finished cooking , so according to this dream sodastream bottles are not to good at this cooking stuff.


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  • Thank you for your response I feel as if I used everything exactly as I dreamed about reading on the Web. On a site pretty much just this one but I could be wrong I was dreaming all this, I used 100 % Preston starter fluid and I did let it buikdpres…
  • Azzshard the same thing happen to me after a few min I added a half A HALF A CAP I SAID CAP FUL OF WATER AND SCREW MY lid back on and it was a very good story after that
  • I have wrote two story's and both times my ss bottle busted , thankful it was at end of story time , first time it was on seam of bottle where lid screws on , second time was 1/4 way up bottle a split or hole formed right as the story ended