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  • EASY,32yrs ago, 13yrs old, at my friend deb's house ocasional smoker then, they gave me 5 hot knives, 3 nepalese temple ball (the real stuff) and 2 of some moldy looking golden lebanese colour hash, better then the temple ball. i forgot how to talk…
  • yep, nothing wrong with the good old caveman pickup. simplisity itself, using a club rather then paying to get into, then trying to chat one up in a club, The old "whack em drag em" routine. never fails, then back to the cave for a quick…
  • HELL, I LOVE THE STONE AGE, WHACK em over the heaad and drag em back to your cave :P) notice how language has evolved from grunts to our sometimes eloquent linguistics today, and it's the main obsticle in getting laid. I say lets de-evolve and get …
  • OK, I have ADHD & gave up trying to read it b4 the intro. apollogies 4 that. I just wondered if you have the ICE CUBE pick up?? 1, Find miss right now 2 go up to the barman/womam and ask politely for an ice cube. 3, drink your beer so you have…