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  • Honestly she wasn't ready to face the truth so she hadn't checked on it in 24 hours. She just looked at it and touched it. It's still mushy. Never fully dried. Feels Oily to the touch. But looks a little like half dried Play-Doh. Such a drag
    June 18
  • A friend tried shake and bake but after about 15-20 minutes of shaking, started to screw off the cap ( burp it ) at the exact moment contents decided to "explode." She lost half the contents of the bottle but decided to dry what was left. Remember, this was only after about 20 minutes into process... anyway, she dried it and smoked it. It turned a nasty black color quick. And the smoke was crazy thick. And no she didn't burn it. Just what it wanted to do. Idky...so Y. Can she tweak...no pun intended...what's left? Maybe grind that s*** down and start over somehow, someway, somewhere? Add something? P.s. all the lithium was gone...dissolved or whatever...
    June 18
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    June 17