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    Aside from Motherless.com (as I've been having trouble connecting to the site occasionally as of late), what are some other good Stickam Capture websites? This is a similar thread to my other one asking for sites which are like motherless, but this time I'm asking for purely stickam captures because they're the fucking shit

    The only one I could find was Empire Amateurs which has a small selection of videos. To be honest, it looks like a pretty bad website which was thrown together in a few minutes. It makes me question it's legitimacy a little, but eh. They have a new layout coming up soon I think, so maybe that will be a little better

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    Stickam caps are boring bro. Mad boring. Anyway I can't help ya.... Sooooorrrrrry
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    Check my stickam thread.
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    Cheers Dfg, I'll have a look. Hope there are some useful links in there

    Also, Stickam captures are awesome. How is watching some teenage girl drunk/high as fuck getting off to the webcam boring? It's entertainment!

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