How to Make Methamphetamine Via Ammonia and Lithium


The following is a simplified street version of the Nazi synthesis. (Li~NH3)
Before we get going on the fun stuff lets talk a little about the reaction, the chemicals and there relationship to one and other.
The ammonia’s job is to melt the lithium & act as an amine , try not to be excessive with it. In the reaction below it will be in excess because of the small amount of pseudo to be reduced. The rule of thumb is 250 ml of ammonia for the first 4 lithium strips & 100 ml for every 4 strips after that. It’s possible to do with less but these aren’t reagent grade chemicals.
There must always be enough lithium present in the ammonia to reduce the pseudo.
The ratios are 1 AA battery strip for every 7 grams of Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine as a salt.
Some say put the pseudo in fist; some say put the lithium in fist. This reaction will have the lithium in fist.
When the lithium is added to ammonia it terns blue & is smooth on stirring, When adding the pseudo if after vigorous stirring the ammonia becomes thick or the blue color fades stop adding pseudo because there is not enough lithium present to reduce any more.
This is very important when doing big reductions.
The Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine must be dry of all moisture; this reduction is very susceptible to degradation, SO NO WATER OK!!
The lab equipment has bean chosen for ease of acquisition & reuse

Safety first.

Clandestine laboratories often have individuals untrained in the handling of dangerous chemicals, so be careful.
This synthesis has risk of poison gas, explosion & fire.
The handling of anhydrous ammonia is an extraordinarily dangerous activity.
The liquid is extremely cold & the vapor is highly volatile. Contact of the liquid or vapor with the skin, eyes or mucus membranes can scare for life so be careful.

The Shopping List


Chem. Gloves that go up to the elbow.
Full face respirator with relevant filters.
* Docta often uses an emergency miner’s respirator that fits in the mouth & a glass lens scuba mask like the ones on old James Bond movies.
Bucket of water as a safety wash.
Pyrex jug. 500ml (reaction vessel)
Pot from the kitchen that the Pyrex jug fits in, (acetone bath)
Separation funnel. 500ml
Oven baking tray.
Shot glasses (6)
Glass steering rod.
Glass beer or Coke bottles, (6) (just because there handy)
Tee strainer.
Plastic funnel. (Glass if possible)
Coffee filters.
Portable cooler, (to put the dry ice in)
Tools to strip batteries, (mini pliers & wire cutters)
Garden weed sprayer, (6Ltr) (HCI gas generator)
* the one with the pressure relief valve on one side a hose on the other & a hand pump on the top. Make shore the pump can be disassembled.
Coffee mug
PVC fitting (for the gas bottle)
Clear plastic hose (1m) long about 12mm OD
Roll of paper towel.


Anhydrous ammonia, (bottle of gas)
AA Lithium Batteries. (4)
Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine. (28g)
Dry ice, (little pellets not the bricks)
Hydrochloric acid, HCI, (strongest you can find)
Sulphuric acid, H2SO4, (strongest you can find)
Sodium hydroxide, NaOH (caustic soda)
Sea salt crystals
Ice (H2O)
Distilled water (DH2O)

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  • Shane Brady

    returns of 50% are average for cooks not FULLY informed on what their doing..IF they dont burn themselves up:/ It CAN give near 80% returns at over 90% pure!,,NUCLEAR SHIT!!! 25 to 30 migs, holy shit!! So CLEAN:). But if you dont KNOW, DONT try it!!!

  • Shane Brady

    Mate, its not that simple. Ive taught a shitload, aND 90% are hopeless, one, i went throuh 8 reactions with him via skype, he STILL could not get it:/ Same wiith the 13000 that read it before i took it down, the most IDIOTIC questions!! Mind blowing shit!!! I could not believe these morons actually wanted to try!!! Lot of death wishes in yankleeland:)