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TOTSE Dream Journal

Welcome to the official TOTSE Dream Journal. I decided to create this thread after writing out a lot of my dreams, only to find them scattered all over the place and with no real structure or purpose. This thread will help to keep dreams together, in a format which will allow people to read through them more easily. I encourage you to write out your dreams here, especially if you're interested in lucid dreaming, or you just wish to keep a document of your dreams in general. Writing out your dreams increases your dream-recall abilities greatly, and can really help with inducing lucidity.
Structuring your entries

Make sure you include a good title, and a date if possible. This will help you come back and find your dreams later, as well as making this thread look a little more structured and tidy. Dreams can become very detailed and it's ever so easy to end up with a huge wall of text after writing one out. This is hard to avoid, but can be disguised by splitting the text up a little. Give it a shot :thumbsup: Basic guidelines are as follows;
  • Include a date, preferably a bolded one.
  • Include a post title. You can enter this if you click the "Go Advanced" button when you're writing your reply.
  • Multiple dreams or long dreams should be split up to avoid wall-of-text-syndrome :D

Helping yourself to remember dreams

Remembering dreams is something which comes with practice. The more you do it, the more dreams you will remember and the better the details will be. You should do the following things to help you remember your dreams;
  • Get a good sleep. The more times you enter that REM stage, the better.
  • Keep a recorder/notepad by your bedside. This allows you to either speak out your dream or write down keywords in the morning, helping you remember it.
  • Work from keywords. To start off with, you might only remember a few things which stand out to you. If you note these down first, you might be able to build the story around them and remember other key elements of your dreams.
  • Practice! Do this often, and your dream recall will improve.

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Lucid Dreaming


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    Unsure of the date for this dream.

    I was standing in a manky-ass elevator. It was very cramped - just enough room for me to stand in. I was illuminated by a dim florescent light above my head, casting a very artificial glow on the metal walls and floor. I could see the floor numbers above the door. The elevator suddenly dropped, and I watched the numbers go down while I was holding onto the walls like I was about to die. The numbers hit zero but the elevator didn't stop - instead, the numbers started going into minus figures! I was shitting myself by now, and I eventually stopped at floor number "negative 200". I prised the doors open, and stepped into a scary looking parking lot. It was extremely dark, and everything was shimmering in a dark-red glow. I remember thinking that I had actually landed in the depths of hell.

    I walked around for a little while, eventually passing some people. The scary thing was, they didn't even know I was there. It was like I passed them by like I was an invisible being, trapped on this weird universe which was so much like the real world, yet something wasn't quite right. I remember climbing outside through a gap in the wall, and discovering a giant shopping mall which was where the dream started changing.
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    February 2nd, 2011

    This morning, I was attempting a WILD (Wake induced lucid dream) as I woke up right in the middle of REM sleep and thought I'd give it a shot. I totally failed at it because I was simply too tired to even comprehend what I was doing. Instead, I went straight into a dream which wasn't lucid. What made things worse was the fact that I was dreaming about laying in bed in my girlfriend's room, with the light on, exactly how I was just a minute before I went to sleep.

    I checked the time as I thought I might be getting late - my phone read something like 17:24. I was amazed at the fact my phone had started displaying the wrong time! I checked my girlfriend's phone, which said some other crazy time. I checked my phone again, and this time it said an even more crazy time! I couldn't work out WTF was going on - I thought my phone had broken!

    I woke up shortly after, and kicked myself for being so stupid. The time doesn't display correctly in dreams, and text is highly likely to change after looking away and then reading it again!

    I feel so stupid for not picking that up in the dream. But, I'm now going to try and do some reality checks once in a while when looking at the time IRL. Hopefully this will save me from being such a dumbass later on when I have another similar dream.
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    June 16th, 2010 - Another dream report from last year. Names have been removed/edited for obvious reasons.

    I think i was a robot or some kind of superhero. I think it was Iron man, although I still looked like my normal self. I was in this big ass building. I got into an elevator and the doors started closing on a man, so I held them open for him. However, he didn’t end up getting into the elevator and I was stuck in there with another person. The doors stayed open, and I knew that the whole thing was going to drop. I backed into the corner, thinking that it was real, and said something like “It’s actually happening, this isn’t a dream”. Suddenly, the elevator dropped. I don’t remember walking out of there, but soon after, I broke through all kinds of security barriers and body scanners. People were after me by this point, but I continued to the end of the room to find a keyboard. There was a note on it, A4 paper with red ink, telling me that my girlfriend was moving away, and that I should "play these songs". I couldn’t find them on the keyboard, but I knew I had to get to my girlfriend asap. I think I busted through the wall. I was now a wanted fugitive, as well as Iron Man! I ended up in some kind of apartment building. I was on the second floor. It was the same layout as my friend's second floor, with stairs on the left, and a few doors on the right. The floor was wooden; the doors a dirty white. FBI agents came out of nowhere, and I began fighting them. I was punching guys and throwing them. I threw one guy over the railing and down into the stairwell, where he crashed through the floor at the bottom. An old woman came out of a door and asked me if the stairs were alright. I was just like, “They’re fiiiiine!”. She buggered off, but I felt sorry for the man I threw down the stairs, so I went to see if he was okay. I’m pretty sure he was dead. I caught a glimpse of the room I was in, but its very vague. I seem to remember there being a wooden border around the walls, composed of wooden slats going up from the floor to halfway up the wall.

    Next thing I remember, I was at another friend’s house, hiding from police attention. They seemed to know about me being on the run, and sheltered me for a little while. After a while of hiding, an agent appeared and so I jumped head first through a window, turning on my ROCKET BOOSTERS IN MY SHOES. This allowed me to fly, and so I began flying over green fields in the direction of the beach. Interestingly, as I was flying, I could feel my eyes being wide open in real life. It felt as though I was sleeping like this... O_O
    I found my girlfriend at the beach, walking in the shallow sea. I told her that I was on the run, didn’t have much time etc. I can’t remember what she said to me, but I think I had to fly off again. I remember ending up in the middle of a field, under a tree. The tree was awkwardly placed in the middle of the plowed field, like it didn’t belong there. It had crooked branches. I watched 2 undercover policemen walking dogs across the field. One was dressed in a pale yellow shirt. The dogs started running towards me, still on their leads. The leads however, were about 900 ft long and the dogs ran right up to me. The owners followed, and somehow missed me. I legged it in the opposite direction, to hear one of the men say “You do realize who that was, don’t you?!”.

    Overall a pretty fucked up dream, and I still remember it clearly to this day. It's great when they stand out to you like that!
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    January 1st, 2010 (Yeah, I wrote this last year and just found it.) Names have been edited to preserve anonymity, and I apologize for my terrible grammar - I must have been extremely tired or just a faggot.

    All started off at Leroy Jenkins' house (wtf, dunno why, never talk to him). Anyway. He had a mansion, and was having a family barbecue out in the garden. I turned up, and started talking to his grandparents. They started smelling me... Apparently I smelled like a girl. I remember seeing Leeroy climbing a ladder up to the top floor of his house, then another ladder was dropped down above his head by someone wanting to come out, trapping him there. I remember laughing, and looking at his house wishing mine was so awesome

    I remember running to a fuel pump, to read about how low the fuel prices were in America. It was like, 8 cents a liter. Suddenly, I was in a tower. I didn't realize it was actually a tower to begin with, and as i was sitting up at the top with a few people (I forget who), I looked out of the window and exclaimed, "WOAH WE ARE HIGH UP". I instantly shat brix, sunk to the floor and the tower started rocking repeatedly. The top of it then fell at great speed to the floor. Tower smashed to pieces, not sure how I survived that.

    Suddenly I was in some big ass building, went to find Molly and Holly and they were in an auditorium thing. Man was speaking with 2 noses... Then i took a picture of him on Molly's camera, and he tried taking it off me. He got annoyed when i started swearing at him, and i managed to pull it out of his hands. Then as we all left the building, I noticed that Holly had left her key under a chair(key on a green plastic keychain)... Wtf. Anyway, we all went outside. Shona was there, smoking a bong. So i whipped out my own bong, and a few other people joined in so we had a bong circle going on. After a few bong hits (Note that i woke up with the song "Hits from the bong" firmly stuck in my head), i ran back to the building, this time using the back door. I was high, pretending i was in a James Bond movie and I was sneaking along the hallways, pursuing a woman. The woman turned around, saw me, and I carried on walking through a set of double doors. On my right, a large mob of people appeared carrying weapons. I picked up a guitar I found on the floor, said "thank god for that", and walked up a flight of stairs. At the top, a woman picked up on what i had said, and shouted "Thank GOD? You're EVIL!" and the mob turned against me - Primarily a certain bloke who just wouldn't give up. A long fight scene ensues. I totally pwn this guy, punching him in the face etc. Eventually, I smash a window and jump out of it, pulling the man out with me. A few punches are thrown here, but I turned and ran. However, being a pussy wasn't my intention, so i turned round suddenly, and threw the man over my shoulders as he ran at me. I then punched and kicked him in the head. He still wouldn't die, so we ran a little further down the road and the same thing happened. This time, as i was punching him on the floor, a car stopped at the roundabout and began doing donuts. When he stopped, we all stood up and clapped at him. The fight carried on again, this time i slammed the man into a lorry, punched him in the solar plexus repeatedly, and then punched the fuel tank on the back of the truck. The man said "Oh no..." as he realized that the truck was doing some kind of fuel switch with another vehicle, causing the pipe to explode, catch on fire, and blow up the fuel tanker. During this time, i had been running away, but woke up when the phone rang.
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    February 1st, 2011

    I began the dream with my friend from college, going to see one of my ex-girlfriends. We arrived at her house (although I don't recall the journey there) and knocked on her door. I remember the door being brown, made of that solid plastic stuff which is made to look like wood. It wasn't her real house, and bared a close resemblance to a place I've been before (possibly my Nan's house?). A woman dressed in a white top answered the door, which I assumed was her mother although she looked nothing like her in real life. We told her that we wanted to see Grace, and she came to the door wearing a black top. Stepping outside, she gave me a hug and seemed very surprised to see me and my friend standing there.


    The dream changed location, and I found myself in the middle of a field playing a game of cricket :facepalm: I was batting with someone, and we each hit a few shots. We started running to score some points but on the second run, I managed to slip over. I remember turning to the other guy and shouting "HALT! DON'T RUN!" :facepalm:


    The dream suddenly changed location again. I was outside with my friend Josh, and it was snowing. I remember someone shouting at someone else. "Why don't you just go back!". The words literally came out of the person's mouth into the form of a snowball-shaped object, which was then thrown at a woman who was to my right. The magic snowball of words made her travel back in time. Josh was the only person there who could save her, and we stayed up all night trying to get this woman back. Josh drew some kind of magical gate which was supposed to bring her back, but it wouldn't work. People started doubting his powers, but I stuck by his side.

    Later on that night, Josh told me to take home a packet filled with a substance which looked a little like wet cement. There was a name on the packet in orange writing, but I can't remember what it said. I was a little worried because I thought the contents of the packet might seep out during the night and make me gain his powers, allowing me to do all the time travel which he does. He told me to also take a cigar which he had smoked some of already. When I got home, my dad had some friends over. I found a cabinet full of spirits in the corner, which also had some loaded guns in. My parents were shooting guns in the living room! One guy shot the TV and I literally shat brix, so I dived behind a chair in order to stay out of the way of the ricochet. I then tried cooking some noodles from a packet, but I don't think I ended up eating them.


    I changed location again - this time I found myself in my bedroom. I was looking in the mirror, which made me feel quite uncomfortable. Every time I spoke or moved, the reflection was delayed by a second or two. Sometimes the reflection was completely off, doing something totally different to what I was doing. It was pretty scary, to be honest. It was possibly in this dream where I discovered that all my fish had died. I have ten fish in a tank next to my bed, and all of the smaller ones were dead, laying at the bottom of the tank. The bigger ones however, were alive and kickin'. Weird.


    I found myself in a shopping mall, and I went up to a girl which I seemed to recognize. She was wearing a purple hoody/sweater/jacket type thing, and she had average length hair for a girl. For some reason, I tackled her and I pulled her down a huge slope in the mall, sliding down to the bottom. We got to the bottom and I looked up and locked eyes with some dude sitting on a bench, talking to his mom. He thought I was the biggest weirdo in town, but I just didn't give a shit.

    I went back to some weird looking elevator. Interestingly, the elevator didn't drop like it usually does in my dreams, possibly due to the fact that it didn't really look much like an elevator. I was sitting in there on a seat which went around the walls of the elevator, with a whole bunch of other people. There was a window behind me. I remember one girl saying that she was annoyed at a skanky girl who had previously been in there and fucked it all up with graffiti, and I think that one of her friends was also in there because she was getting really distressed at this memory.
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    Feb 02 2011
    Slept in a different room. I usually don't remember any dreams but since my I woke up multiple times during my sleep, I kind of remember certain parts of dreams. The most vivid would be the one I saw before waking up.

    I think I saw in a room with my buddy raven and we both were talking or chilling or doing something which seemed to be normal. And then someone came in the room. I knew who she was but I am not going to reveal that information here :). Anyway, she says something and I assumed it was some sort of comment about me and raven and after that I don't remember anything.

    For me this isn't normal. I hardly recall dreams and I have to switch on the light to prevent myself from dreaming too much. Deep inside I still fear what my dreams might be. Plus, this happened when the lights went out and the room was dark.

    I will update tommorrow with hopefully more dreams.
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    January 25, 2011

    First I had a dream where my right ankle was real sore so I reached into a tiny piece of something that was sticking out of it, only to pull out a small block of wood. There was weird oozing stuff dripping off of the block. After seeing this, I woke up into another dream that was the 4th of July at my friend Tom's house where we kept making a lot of noise about how our friend Johnny "was a lora" over and over again. My friend Evan called and said he could hear it all the way from his house which is through the woods down a powerline, which I attributed to being by Hosses Restaurant (no where near these houses).

    Then my girlfriend was at some cliff by St. Vincents College (an imaginary place I frequently go to in my dreams, the cliff not the college) and was in a skirt with American Flag panties that kept showing and she was pulling crickets from underneath her legs and dropping them off the cliff. This for some reason, makes a terribly loud noise that sounds like cracking and screaming. She said that her and her mother had both been at work for 30 days straight.

    I then had another dream that night about my friend Jay who changed his voicemail to something to fool all the listeners into thinking he was having a conversation with some asshole I remember from high school named Blair. Then I vaguely remember being really tall and liking some girl I never met before. We explained to each other how we were fed up with the rest of the world being so short and tiny and how the roads were so boring and we knew each like 100 ways to get to our favorite ocean. Then my girlfriend wanted me to pick a color for a lion that she was painting for my birthday.
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    February 5th 2011

    I remember the dream just starting at me moving to a new house. The new house was far away from my old one. I was thrilled, I went inside to put some of my stuff in. Weirdly, it was structured like the Sims... Anyway, I was putting some stuff down in my new giant-ass room, and there was some things wrong with it. Like there was a leak on the corner, and moss on the carpet where the leak and leaked. It seemed like there was no flooring underneath the carpet, as well. After I put most of my stuff down, I realized what was wrong; I left all my friends behind, and the special ones, especially. I started to feel overwhelemd with sadness, and then my sister and her boyfriend walked in and told me they were going out, then proceeded to ask me whats the matter. I lied and said everything was cool. They left and I went to go boot up a laptop that was sitting on a desk in my new room so I could speak to my friends. Then I woke up.
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    February 6th, 2011

    Much of the dream I had last night was fucking nuts. It made very little sense at all, but it was pretty cool. At one point, I remember knowing that I was dreaming but wasn't able to obtain lucidity from it. I think I must have forgotten about lucid dreaming altogether for some reason.

    In my first dream, I was driving a little car around. Driving is really fucked up in my dreams, as it never goes completely right. Thankfully I was able to control the car properly, but I kept switching from first-person view into a third-person view, much like on Grand Theft Auto games. I remember pulling away from a junction as fast as I could. I revved the fuck out of the engine, dumped the clutch and pulled away in a cloud of smoke. I went flying down the street, changing gears so quickly it was like I was a racing driver. I recall getting up to about 90mph, and spinning out. As the car spun around, I lost consciousness of the world around me and as the car came to a standstill, I found myself in a completely different location. I was still in the car, but I was on a dockside at night, next to a row of buildings. I looked at the doors to one of the buildings, which was marked "Honda". I then realized I was in a Honda car, and attempted to drive through the doors. Not sure what happened next :(

    I found myself inside another dream location, this time standing underneath a large tree with some people. I can't remember if I knew who they were, but there was a mixture of guys and girls with one thing in common - they all wanted to know how to make a bomb. I spoke up and started telling them about making dry-ice bombs out of plastic bottles and dry-ice. I somehow shortly obtained the materials, stuck the dry-ice into a plastic bottle and screwed the cap on. Throwing it away, it began to make a sound as though the pressure was increasing. Suddenly, that shit exploded with a huge bang :D I ran over to the bomb site, but couldn't stop running. I was forced to jump down a hill, which happened to be a giant slip and slide! This dream was great fun.

    Next, the world changed again and I found myself in a room. It looked very much like a log cabin from what I remember, and I was sitting on comfy chair. I looked to the left, and a naked girl walked in trying to cover herself up... which completely failed. There were boobs and vagina everywhere, although she turned around and had the most hideous ass I have ever seen :facepalm: Someone flicked a pencil at me, hitting me in the arm - it was sharp as fuck! Never before had I felt a pencil so sharp. I picked it up and gave it to someone else, sitting to the left of me. The girl suddenly turned round to face the guy who just got my pencil, and they started arguing. The guy stabbed her in the arm with the pencil. She screamed and retaliated, stabbing the guy in the top of the head repeatedly, the pencil cutting through his skull and easily hitting him in the brain. There was blood everywhere, it was pretty nasty/awesome.

    Next, I was suddenly standing in a woman's house. I think I remember seeing her, but I'm not totally sure. I was walking through a room made of stones, when I fell into a trapdoor and plummeted through the floor, straight down into some murky green water in a cave. I had to grab onto vines and pull myself back up to the top of the cave, and back out of the trapdoor.

    Finally, I was in a pub with my dad and a few people from my college. We sat at a table and my dad asked me if I was having 4 pints of Strongbow, to which I replied "no". This part of the dream is very hazy, and I think it's about the time when I woke up.
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    Feb 06 2011

    Had some perverted dreams but I still can't remember the complete details. In one dream I was trying to do something foolish and in another I was fucking some cats. I writing this after countless hours and I can't remember anything about my dreams. I am sure I have them but it's harder for me to remember them. It's mainly because when going to sleep I usually end up making up a weird story about saving the world and fucking girls.
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    February 6, 2011

    Apparently my mother was some sort of mutated zombie. I had a sickle and had to slash her neck but i couldn't do it. I kept slashing her using the curved side which just bruised her neck. This kept occurring as she kept trying to catch me with her hands. Then somehow I ended up in a barn with a mini-gun. I shot her in the head but the recoil made me miss her entire body. She died and then I kept on walking on some desert forever until I met some white gal named Alison.

    She was cute and about two inches taller than me. Then I found out she was transferred into my school and coincidentally in my class also. I was somehow some sort of undercovered pagan witch w/e and so was she. We fought and after expelling some weird magical aura violently, we made up and kissed.
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    February 14th, 2011

    Before I begin, I'd just like to point out that during most of this dream, I didn't actually realize I was dreaming. I basically had full lucidity throughout, and I genuinely thought I was in real life for a lot of it.

    I remember starting my first dream while on a train. When I say "on a train", I mean that I was sitting on the roof as it was going along! It was hurtling around the track at high speed, and I was struggling to stay on as it blazed around corners. We passed by an office block, and I saw a man in the window holding his head in his hands - something was wrong that day. We eventually came to a stop in a parking lot, and the people I was with began walking along. I looked into the sky - everything was dark and stormy. I often have similar dreams where the world is ending. I turned around and a female police officer was standing behind me. I asked her what was going on, but she had no clue despite being law enforcement with a police radio etc :facepalm: We turned a corner and went into a large field, next to a large warehouse. The sky was very dark and stormy still, which was rather awesome although I'm not sure what it symbolizes (I get it a lot in my dreams).

    As we were walking along, my dad pointed out that a man had slipped out from the line and had snuck into a back door which was part of the warehouse next to us. This looked very suspicious, so we doubled back and attempted to follow him only to be stopped by a security guard. We began going back the other way, and eventually reached the main person who was in charge of the whole event. We approached him, and noticed that there were people around him throwing things at the ground in some kind of ritualistic manner - perhaps showing some kind of praise for the man like he was a God or something. A guy who was next to me began throwing coloring pencils onto the ground :facepalm:

    I soon discovered that the man in charge was about to try and kill everyone with a laser beam which traveled along the ground! There was a huge number of people there, so we'd all be pretty fucked. Thankfully, I noticed a little dog sitting there near me so I hopped onto his back. As soon as the laser started moving, the dog pelted across the field and over to a large mansion building. I managed to fall off, slide along the grass and smash into a wall - the laser-beam chasing me down. It eventually caught up with me as I was laying there in a daze, and I could feel it burning my skin. I managed to smash a window on the mansion and jump inside to safety. There was a girl inside the building, as well as a guy who I used to know from school. The girl suddenly died, and ended up laying upside-down on the couch. A whole load of people were standing outside of the window now, and a load of others were investigating the dead body on the couch. I stuck my head out of the window and shouted something along the lines of "Who wants to see a dead body?". My friend came along shortly after and said he wanted to :D


    Next up, I remember being with Thirdrock in a moving vehicle. I instantly knew I was dreaming, but I had to tell Thirdrock just in case he didn't know! I whipped out a sticky-note and stuck it to the dashboard, with a message on it which read "We're lucid dreaming", just in case either one of us forgot. That was actually really awesome - I love finding my friends in a lucid dream and telling them that they're dreaming too.


    The next dream started out in my house. I dreamed that I was waking up and getting out of bed, and I walked over to the light-switch. I was attempting to turn on the lights, but you can't turn on lights in a dream! I was getting super frustrated as the lights weren't working properly and I couldn't work out why :facepalm: I then realized that my eyes were fucked up too! They were both pointing in different directions, which was very fucked up and weird. After I got over this, I went into a room with my girlfriend and some other person, although I'm not totally sure who it was. We were getting changed, as if we were about to go out somewhere. We began making out and doing other "activities" on the bed, and neither of us actually gave a shit that there was someone else there. I was completely lucid right from the start, which made everything a lot easier. I remember fighting the dream, trying to maintain consciousness of everything as it's very easy to let the dream slip away if you're not careful. Everytime I started to lose it, my girlfriend would tell me that I was "really delerious", which was a very fitting description!
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    February 15th, 2011

    The dream started out in a big building, where I was part of the cast for a TV show. I was new to the whole acting business so I was being taught how to act properly by the other professionals who were there. I was standing in a shot with another man, who said a few words and then "killed" me. I then had to drop to the ground and lay as still as I could, pretending to be dead. I found this very hard however, and I kept moving around. No one actually noticed anything though, which was good :thumbsup: After the scene was over, I walked out of the double-doors and into a small courtyard. It was night time, and my friend was sitting on the wall. She looked upset so I went over to see her, but got shouted at and I just walked away.

    I then began dreaming something different, and the scene changed a great deal. It was now summertime, and I was going to college on the back of my friend's Hayabusa motorbike. We were going down the street and for some reason, I ended up driving the bike. I started driving at insane speeds until everything was a blur, but then I hit a corner too fast and flew off into a pond. The water was extremely cold, and green :( My friend caught up to me and was a little annoyed at the state of his bike.
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    Februrary 18th 2011 around 5am.

    There was a nigger in a car near my apartment blasting his music really loud, so I went to my car, sat down on the hood, and kept yelling "FUCK NIGGERS! FUCK JEWS! FUCK NIGGERS! FUCK JEWS!" until the manager lady came out and told me that is not very nice, and I said "i'm very sorry, maam". Then I woke up.
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    Moments before I awoke, I found myself upon a hill, grasses up to my hip, looking out on a plain covered in Msasas. It must have been some time in september, because in the light of the sunset, they were a fantastic red. I cannot remember the rest of the dream.
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    Feb 20 2011
    Slept 4 times and each time I had a different dream. I feel much better now thanks to that. The first dream was about me talking to my dad on phone, we were having a discussion about some IRL problem and for once he was listening, following that I had some other dreams as well.

    I woke up and then went back to sleep. This time, I was doing something disturbing but I can't recall what it was. I think I lost any information of that phase.

    The last cycle was weird. I woke up few minutes ago and the last thing I remember before waking up was a sudden urge to jump or change my position. I thought I saw three dice with 534 or something numbers just shaking in front of me. It was like the whole world was shaking and because of that I was shaking as well. Thanks to that shaking I got a jolt and woke up. Then I ran for the toilet because I needed to piss. I think I was jolted from my dream by my body because of the damn leak :p.
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    Feb 21 2011:

    After hours of trying finally went to sleep. I didn't eat much so I was hungry. The dreams came instantly, this was good sign because it meant I am getting my much-needed REM. I dreamed I was driving to a market in my car and raven was beside me. I found a parking and saw two girls standing close to the pavement. I decided to park right in front of them. I usually park very close to the pavement and raven always gets bad about this. So, this time I tried give some distance between the pavement and car but while I was trying to stop the brakes failed and the car rammed into the pavement. Now, in the dream it looked like I was doing 20 Km/h and the car literally flipped for a while.

    Raven got out and acted as nothing happened but I stayed in the car hidden. I think 20 mins passed and then I got out of the car and accessed the damage. The left car was burned and it seemed like fire damage than some random crash. After that what followed was family drama which I remember pretty well. I am not going to reveal that bit because it was pretty personal.

    I enjoyed this dream because I felt like watching things from afar in some cases and it had some realistic effects added in. Overall, it was random, dynamic and enjoyable and disturbing at the same time.
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    Feb 21 2011:

    I had a dream that I went to Pakistan and found Dfg. He had a large family with a lovely wife. I tied him up and killed his wife, and forced him to eat stew made from her meat. Then, I killed and ate his family in front of him, saving the testicles of his sons. I put those atop a nice parfait and served it to him, as he took the final bite out of the parfait, which had mixed with the blood of his family and his tears, I jammed my cock in his eye and skullfucked him so deep in his brain he died.

    When I awoke, my pants were missing and my bed was drenched in semen.

    P.S. Pakistanis sniff cum
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    March 16th, 2011

    Alright, it's been just over a month since my last entry in here as I felt that a lot of the dreams I've been having weren't really relevant, or I didn't remember enough detail to make a story out of it. I also lost a little effort where updating this thread was concerned, but last night I had another awesome lucid dream which really took me by surprise.

    I don't remember much else about the dream, but I started off by walking down the street with my hood up. I looked like a total gangster as I walked past some other people who were coming towards me. Suddenly, an old woman opened the door to her house and I walked inside for some unknown reason. I remember the house being a close resemblance to that of my girlfriend's, probably as I spend a lot of my time there. The old woman wanted me to do something, which I don't really remember. I think I felt uncomfortable being inside her house, so I started to leave.

    Which is when the nightmare type dream began to happen. As I was walking towards the door, I felt a strange force pulling me away from the door. I turned around, and the woman said that I wasn't allowed to leave. I locked eyes with her, and she instantly turned into a demonic old woman, literally looking like a version of the devil himself. There was a massive force pulling me away from the door, and the woman reached out and grabbed my arm causing me to have insane tunnel vision, and the sensation of wind blowing around me from all angles.

    I began to lucid dream, thinking that this shit wouldn't ever be happening in real life. I punched the old woman in the face as hard as I could manage, and legged it out of the door. There was a lapse in memory here as I recall ending up in my own kitchen, with another devil-type being chasing after me. I remembered how I was lucid, and that it wouldn't hurt me if I could kill it. I tried changing it's appearance, and made it a whole lot scarier by accidentally removing all of it's facial features... Now I had a faceless being chasing after me, but I punched it in the face causing it to shatter like glass on the kitchen floor.

    The whole situation calmed down shortly afterward, and I soon woke up :D
  • GrinchGrinch Regular
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    Roughly a week ago

    I have not been dreaming as much lately primarily due to limited sleep.

    Went to bed around three in the morning, scheduled to wake up around half past six. First alarm went off followed by many, between these alarms, I was falling in and out of various dreams in which I became partially lucid.

    A repetitive dream occurred simultaneously in between waking and falling back to sleep. On the first short excerpt, I "awoke" in my room (without anything noticeably out of place) and began walking toward the bathroom to get ready. As my hand reached for the doorknob to exit my room another alarm sounded and I woke up into the physical.

    Falling asleep again, I once again "awoke" in my room, attempted to get up from my bed. Recall body being very hard to move and eyes difficult to open, heart and sense of self feeling rather empty. Eventually stood up, sat on the edge of my bed, before exiting my room to enter the bathroom. Upon entering I stared into the mirror for a moment's time before realizing that I was unable to see a reflection.


    Woke up feeling very peculiar, almost distraught, jotted down the dream, and felt off for the remainder of the day.

    I'm not sure of my position toward astral projection, and my knowledge/experience thereof is limited, although it would be speculative to label these events as A.P. I cannot help but wonder.

    As well it raises the question as to if it is possible to view oneself while astral projecting. (I would be led to think not)
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    March 18 2011
    I’m recording this one pretty late (I woke up at 7:45), a bad start I know, but still better late than never. I had a dream that was like a B slasher flick, with three main characters; myself, a biker and his biker squad, and a guy with a voorhese-esque hockey mask named ‘mike’. I was trying to get something from the bikers, who were squatting in a scrapyard full of broken down vehicles. I remember their leader, the only one who had much screen time, shooting at me with a variety of weapons including a lever action shotgun and desert eagle .50 (before using it he mentioned something about how using a DE isn’t relevant to the plot...). I think I kept going back to try to get whatever it was but kept getting killed and ‘respawning’ in the bathroom of my old house. Whatever happened between respawns was blacked out but it was evident that it was violent because I would always respawn with stab wounds, cuts, and bullet holes in me. These did not inhibit me however as I had become like Boone in “Nightbreed” and also with each respawn I looked less human (more like the vampires from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and with a dashing goatee). So I was trying to get something from the bikers, the biker leader was trying to kill me (or he was killing me over and over again and i just kept coming back), and ‘mike’ was trying to kill everyone (although I didn’t see him much); he drove some kind of mail truck. Maybe he just represented death itself.

    I seem to recall him in his truck at the outset of the dream relishing in the violence that would ensue. not really a nightmare as such, wasn't really scary, more like a videogame or movie.
  • Turd_SmasherTurd_Smasher Regular
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    This is a older dream I had a few months ago.

    Somewhere around Jan 2011

    I got transported to 1993 Harlem, NY(not sure how I knew this), and I was walking down a sidewalk in a ghetto area and I shot some kid. I ran into a cave type tunnel with this little kid behind me in pursuit. Then when I was in the cave tunnel, the word '600F degrees' flashed in my head, and I said to myself, "600F degrees, thats pretty hot. Better take the bullets out of the gun so they don't explode", and then I took out the clip and put it on a rock in the tunnel. I saw a light up ahead and exited out and found myself in a basketball court area near a cliff with a bunch of niggers standing around.

    I then went to bury the murder weapon, so I walked down the street and went to Ed Wuncler's house from the Boondocks. Some hooker down the street threatened to rat me out, but Ed told her to shut up, and then he handed me a little garden shovel and said something like "make it quick, man".
    So I ran to some woods in the back on his property and started digging in a patch of sand, but no matter how much I dug, the hole kept filling back up. All of a sudden I saw some guy walking by and then Riley from the Boondocks said, "awwwe shit mann itttz da cops!" so I ran and threw a bottle of Hershey's syrup in a dumpster and then woke up.
  • blindbatblindbat Regular
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    this dream i often have , i always dream about me driving a car , and i press the breaks and they dont really work , i engage the brake fully but seems like i roll to a stop. and i almost hit the car in front of me. damn weird.
  • Turd_SmasherTurd_Smasher Regular
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    April 5th 2011

    I had a dream that I woke up in a bedroom in some house and a huge wave came through the window and flooded the entire house. So I got out of bed, looked out the window, and saw that the house was floating in the middle of the ocean at night with a huge storm and was spinning around really fast. I left the bedroom and was in a submarine type room with a bunch of computers. I saw two people on one and said to them, "it sure is great waking up to a fucking tidal wave" and then I woke up.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    April 13 2011, 1:10 -1:40 Am

    It's 3:38 AM and I can't go back to sleep. For weeks I have been buttfucking myself to fix my sleep pattern, after waking up for 24 hours I finally got sleep on time yesterday. Today, I went o bed around 11 Am and I didn't sleep until 1 Am (I think). I went immediatly into a dream and woke up around 1:40 AM. My eyes are starting to hurt now and I need to go back to sleep but I am sure I had a very lucid dream and it was an erotic dream. This is good new for me because I know I got some REM from it.

    The dream starts with me sitting on my Computer doing something, I think mostly chatting and this girl comes from behind me and I look around to see a girl wearing a white frock with teal or blue patterns.

    So, I look at her and she looks stunning and simple. She is simple and exactly my type of girl. I can't recall the face but I do think that she might be someone I might meet in future. So, it seems I am moving her to some webcam area so I can record her and while doing this my left hands touches her side boob and immediately I get out of my seat and grab her and tell her that I want to fuck her. Strange isn't it.

    Then I kiss her and I think by that time we're on my sofa and kissing hard and then I grab here and lay on her on the floor with me on top. I can feel her body and my dick is hard and I am dry humping her in a very weird manner. So, I get up and say to her that I need to get condoms from the market. Saying that I get dressed for outside and I lock my computer but then Raven fucking arrives and I am for some reason getting my pants up. I tell him to close the door which he does.

    So, I go into my room and see raven. I tell him that I need to get condoms etc.

    Okay, at this point I am a bit confused. Because I woke up while I was going to cum. I think when I dry humping her I cum in a way and I woke up. After that I went into a semi sleep and then used my imagination to enjoy a semi wet dream that didn't go all the way.

    I think I took this little dream and tried to play it over and over again. In the end, while I was just thinking about the girl, I made up the story that was spying on me and came to my place to bug my system and I caught her doing it because I was monitoring everything from below and I faked the going out part. I don't confront her but continue to flirt with her and then take her to my master bed and fuck her while watching her act her way through it. Little by little I explain everything about her and expose her and the plot thickens when I tell her that I was the one who placed in there and I wanted her for myself and the agency she worked for knows about this. The girl was the best from the agency and she was the daughter of the founder and we had an agreement and that girl would be my wife etc.

    The story goes on and on but damn I enjoyed this erotic dream :).
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    April 11th, 2011

    I had a shit load of consecutive Lucid dreams this morning, and it was incredible to feel so in control. I think I woke up in the morning and went back to sleep again, plunging myself straight into a lucid dream. I knew I was dreaming instantly, and I can't work out why. Possibly it was because I found myself getting into a car which I didn't own, and not giving a fuck. If it was real life, this wouldn't be happening. I jumped in (the wrong door :facepalm:) and climbed into the drivers seat. I turned the car on, put it straight into gear and revved the living shits out of it! Dumping the clutch like a badass, I pulled of the most incredible burnout I've ever experienced. After getting a little traction, I was flying down the street near a place which is fairly close to where I live. I went down a hill, through some trees and I remember drifting it around a huge corner, before stopping for another burnout. I don't really remember much else to be honest, although the gear lever was really uncomfortable and I kept ramming it into my leg :facepalm:
  • MrFriendlyFaceMrFriendlyFace Regular
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    I've decided to begin placing greater emphasis on my dreams, and to learn how to lucid dream. After reading through this thread it's made me realize that I only have a dream that I actually remember every couple months or so. Any dream that I have I will be sure to log in this thread.

    By tapping in to my sub-consciousness, I feel like I can get to understand how my mind works better, and lucid dreaming sounds like great fun. It's not like there's something better to do while sleeping!
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    Last night I had great difficulty getting to sleep after a few cans of energy drink :facepalm: I was laying there until 5am (seriously) just trying to sleep, but as soon as I started drifting off, I got really paranoid and thought that it was impossible. When I finally managed to get to sleep, I had a dream where I was back at school again. I was sitting next to my old friend from school, trying to listen to this teacher mumbling about something. That's when things started getting weird. I noticed that no one was wearing shoes, and that I was apparently invisible to the teacher. The class finished (after about ten minutes) and I commented on how quickly the time went. We went down to the food counter and queued up behind a bunch of people. I'd noticed that my friend hadn't said a word since I'd been there, possibly because I haven't seen him in a while and I don't really remember what his voice sounds like. It was interesting anyway, although not the most amazing dream ever!
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    April 19th, 2011

    My dream began with a pretty odd nightmare. There was a little boy following me around, and everywhere I went, he would appear. His face was extremely scary, pale and his eyes were wide open. At first, I thought he was just out to shit me up. However, after a few encounters with this being, I realized that he was actually trying to CONTACT me and tell me something. The next time he appeared, we spoke to each other and I established that he was upset because his brother never talked to him when he was alive. I knew his brother somehow, so I set off to find him. I'm not sure what happened in the end, but I seem to remember the boy smiling as though he'd found happiness once again. Pretty gay, but eh :)

    Next, I found myself on the run from the police. I was riding my bike down an off-ramp, with a load of black and whites on my tail. Somehow, I managed to get some distance between us and I soon realized that I was far ahead. I got off my bike, pushed it through a hedge and emerged on the other side, next to an old house. Hopefully the cops didn't see me go through the bushes! I needed to change my clothes, and quickly. I looked around the outside of the house but found nothing, although I noticed the door was open. I peeked inside and saw nothing, and suddenly a redneck stepped out! I shat brix, as I thought he was going to kill me :facepalm: We exchanged some words and I soon ran off, ditching the bike somewhere on the way. I darted across the street and behind a large concrete structure and found a jacket laying on the floor! I picked it up... it was soaked in piss! I HAD to change my clothes though, so this would have to do. I put on the piss soaked jacket, took out the phone which was in my pocket and removed the battery. I snapped the SIM card into pieces, throwing each part of the phone in random locations. The last thing I remember was walking off into the crowd, like a ninja.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Night of the 22/4/2011

    Had a mental/scary dream last night where I was sitting in a sports-hall sized house/complex where I was chilling with my girlfriend and loads of Uni mates milling around. Massive area with rooms, kitchens and lounge areas.
    All of a sudden the ceiling caved in and loads of people died. Turns out I was in Libya and got mortared by somebody. I legged it with my girl and left everything behind.
    We sat round a corner and the battle was along a street with the people trying to kill us getting ever further. We stood behind an Army line and hoped they would protect us. I just wanted my iPod with a playlist I made on, and to get some drugs.
    Anyway, we waited and I got shot in the leg (I think) and we hobbled to a semi-submerged house in peace and then woke up.

    Nuts. Really vivid, too. Not sure what caused it as I was chilling during the day, watching the colours and chatting to mates. Libya never even entered my mind. Hmm.
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    so i was just prescribed an anti-anxiety med by my GP... and yesterday night I had a dream about a live Komodo Dragon being sold at the local supermarket for 2 grand... If my dreams start getting weirder I will post 'em here lol
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Morning Monday May 09 2011

    Tired to sleep early in the night, was halfway through my REM cycle but got awoken by something. Tried to sleep again but there wasn't any power in the house. After few attempts I was back to dream land. I think I saw many dreams today mostly because the bed I sleep in is very uncomfortable, it's like sleeping on floor and I had a very good sleep pattern these few days.

    I dreamed about fucking two chics.I don't normally get these dreams but I think it's mainly because of my coughar hunt. So, there I am trying to fuck a girl with my lengthy dick and she sort of bonded against something or two guys are holding her down, I dunno. In and out I go and after that I don't remember what happened next.

    Woke up with a boner and a sad smile. Before posting THIS post I just fapped with my imagination. It took me a while but I came unlike in the dream :mad:
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    I had a pretty disturbing dream last night where my dead Grandma was sitting there talking to me, saying sorry for not being around much. It was really strange to see her again. I then had a dream where I was shooting people, which was cool.
  • BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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    Im dreamed i fucked your mom. She screamed for more of my dick

    So i gave the bitch the whole deal. Screamed like a fat lady at opera.

    Dammmit wet dreams :(
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    I dreamed that I was in BFBC2 last night (Still pwnin').

    Withdrawal symptoms, I think.
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    August 6th, 2011

    I had a terrible sleep last night, I was just telling my Dad about it over some breakfast actually. I came off Skype at 1am, layed awake until 2 or 3 and eventually dropped off for a couple hours, awakening to the sound of pidgeons at my window Anyway, I dropped off to sleep and had a few dreams...

    The first of my dreams sees me watching a horror movie at home. I remember it being extremely bad, with the camera shots being really shit and the main character not being very scary at all. I said that "this sucks", but I soon found myself INSIDE the movie. I was walking around the house and I came across the creepy monster main character, but this time it was scary as fuck. I ran away, darting into a room which Thirdrockfromthesun was in. I smashed the window and jumped straight out... I was on the second floor. I hit the ground with a massive crash, and broke both my legs at the same time with the force of the impact. I remember laying there until the cops and an ambulance came to get me, when I was taken to the ambulance on a stretcher. There were 2 beds inside the ambulance, and I chose to be on the left side. While I was in there, I realized that I'd also broken my left ankle as well I was just glad to be out of the house - Thirdrock was still in there getting fucked up by the demon, lol. I turn to the guy in the ambulance as he strangely shuts the doors... Then it hit me.

    "You're one of them, aren't you."
    "No", he said. "But I am about to blow everyone's face off with this shotgun!"

    Ahh fuck. He pointed it out of the window straight at the cops outside, and fired. For some reason, the shotgun was silenced and sounded like a puff of air when fired But he blew their heads off, and then turned the gun at me. I think there was a struggle between us, but I managed to get out of the ambulance and my legs were working again! I ran away, across a field, jumping over his shots and dodging them. Not sure how this ended.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    After going to bed at 3am from talking to Dfg, Paco etc on Skype the weirdness begins. My alarm is set for 8am, so here goes.

    I look up from wearing sandals on a dirt road. To my right is a risen (slightly) Pakistani mall, to my left, some compounds with a load of wheat in and some guys with guns. I'm not white, so people don't care. I'm walking away from something and all of a sudden I remember that my girlfriend is pregnant. I need to get a job, and so am hired to kill the Taliban in the wheat field. After finding out about the pregnancy, I suddenly find a bucket to be sick in as I find out it's twins. Worried sick, and suddenly at the top of an overpass, I take the bucket down and into a church-like setting where I shat out these kids where everyone was laughing at me because I got someone to wipe my ass (thanks for the talk about that last night, Dfg. Wiping your ass with stones, you dirty dirty Muslim!) and I walked them along a road, returned and killed everyone in the church-like place, then rolled around in their blood to be woken up by Bob marley as my alarm and a confused look on my face.
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    That was pretty badass RemadE :thumbsup: Those short but sweet dreams are often the best ones, aha. Try and remember more details next time so that your ability to recall dreams increases. I always get really into all this dream stuff and then just give up after a week or two, causing my recall to drop again :( The only thing I remember from last night's dream is that I was walking home from my girlfriend's house (despite the fact that it was full of other people who I knew) and my friend was there. We were strolling up the hill when a cop car came flying past and they stopped in front of a few people on the other side of the road. I shrugged and continued up the street until I saw a police canine sitting at the side, growling angrily. I moved out of the way, and another guy I knew came running up from behind me. The policewoman who was in control of the dog gave him an award for being wrongly bitten by a police dog - he got money for it! Lucky bastard.
  • blamehoffmanblamehoffman Regular
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    I dreamt recently that I was in the final fight scene in Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace, where Qi-gon Jin (shut up, I dont care if I spelled that wrong) and Obi Wan (played by me) fought Darth Maul. First off Qi-gon was in like some sort of rejuvination chamber, like the ones in Bioshock, and I had to get him out so I brought both our lightsabers and walked over there, right past Darth Maul who was waiting patiently for the fight to "officially" start. It was all very casual, he even went so far as to joke that I was trying to get the jump on him while dual wielding when he wasnt looking. Anywho I cut Qi-gon out of this thing and we start the fight; many of the details escape me except that I remember by starting with an overhead vertical swing to which he responded with a judo throw which sent me tumbling, and then he threw his lightsaber at me javelin style, just missing me and it was left sticking out of the ground. Calmly he walks over to retrieve it so I force-pull my lightsaber (which had been turned off and rolled about 6-7 feet away after I ate shit from his Judo throw) back towards me with all four fingers together with the thumb folded in like a karate chop. the thing fucking sails 40 feet into the air (this room had really fucking high cielings) and lands on the other side of the room. Darth Maul gets his lightsaber and calmly explains that I should have only used two fingers, since it's a light object, and that the number of fingers used is directly proportional to the force energy used, making my move totally overpowered hence the flying lightsaber. He resumed his "waiting" stance as I scrambled to get my lightsaber back. I dont remember the rest, but now that I thinkg about it Qi-gon wasn't there, so I'm left to assume that he booked it after I freed him from the whatever-chamber that stupid cunt.

    Strange since I'm not a huge star-wars fan (the first three were good, but since then its just been a cash cow) and I haven't watched any starwars movies/played any starwars games in years, so I dont know why Im having this dream out of the blue that demonstrates my lightsaber fighting inadequacey.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Awoke from a dream not long ago where, after a sustained chat with TDR on Teamspeak about his belief system, he was a sort of Priest-like figure. I was at a wedding of sorts and I knew the person whos wedding it was, but I cannot recall it. Anyway, TDR was the Priest and blessed the 2 people in a way, then we went to one side and discussed &T for most of the dream, and I walked out of the building onto a High Street. Back into real life. And back into disappointment as I woke up.
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    My dream last night was weird, but really awesome for some reason. It's a shame I only remember parts of it though, because it was super realistic in quality - it looked like I was inside a Blu Ray movie :D

    I remember being at school, looking for a toilet. I wasn't desperate, I just wanted to know where it was so I could take a quick leak before class started. I was late though, and I couldn't find that shitter to save my life! Eventually I made my way into the gents room, and was greeted by a bunch of kids kicking a small object all over the room, using the place as a soccer pitch instead of a toilet :facepalm: I think I joined in for a little while too, causing me to be late back to my class. I don't think I ever made it to that class though, as I soon found myself outside in a courtyard. I looked up into a window and noticed that I was looking straight into the girls toilet at school, despite the fact that it was in a very tall building and the actual toilet was facing a big open window... I sat there and watched a girl take a piss all over her clothes :facepalm: Minutes later she emerged from the building saying that she "peed all wrong"...

    Then some other shit happened which I don't remember, but it involved a good friend of mine who I haven't seen in about 4 years.
  • TraumTraum Regular
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    The dream I had this morning was extremely vivid... and very odd. As the dream began I was leaving a movie theatre inside a mall and was approached by someone who was asking me to break into random cars in the parking lot and steal whatever was inside. Somehow I knew the person asking me was an undercover police officer so I kept telling him no. He then made me follow him to an area in the mall where 4-5 other people were sitting who were also being asked the same thing. Apparently people were getting into cars so much a few police officers had set up a sting operation attempting to catch the people who were doing it. After a short time of sitting there, I began talking to two females. After a short time we decided to leave. As we journeyed through the mall we kept noticing how odd it was that so few people were there. Once outside the mall we noticed the world looked like it was in complete chaos. We somehow ended up in a slum of an area and began walking around trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Finally I ran into a random person outside a grocery store who told me America was nearly fully killed off from a "nuke-wave" radiation attack. Apparently in my dream "nuke-wave" attack meant some other country had nuked all along the outskirts of America and the country was dying off from radiation. We traveled to several other areas, including one safe-house type area but I can't exactly remember the details past that.
  • Caramello KoalaCaramello Koala Acolyte
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    What an awesome thread idea. If you're interested in dreams I highly recommend you read 'Dreams' by Carl Jung. Anyway, here is the first dream I ever wrote down. I have a lot more in my dream journal. I have also included dream symbolism for each of the major archetypes in my dream, this dream occurred right before my 3 year relationship fell apart.

    The dream started out on train, I was watching two people swapping jazz licks on spanish electric guitars. I looked out the window (all of a sudden I’m now on plane) I can see lots of cool chateaus/mansions/hotels and lush, tropical scenery and wild animals (at first it’s giraffes and lions then the animals turn into seals and dolphins). I start to wonder how I would spend one billion dollars if I only had one day to spend it. I decided that for a start I would use the money to tip the pilot to land the plane right next to a group of animals. As though the pilot could hear my thoughts the plane lands next to a pond where a beautiful sunny resort emerges from the mist; trails of water tangling around it like vines. The surrounding area is a very tropical and inviting stretch of paradise, the sun is warm and the water is clear. We choose our rooms, I feel a sudden and strong sense of de ja vu like we’ve stayed here before, D and I decide to invite a few girls up to the room, after a while D goes outside to play in the snow (it’s snowing now, no more sun and water). I want to join but cant find my snow clothes so I have to keep the girls entertained, but I would rather explore outside. Finally D comes back, tells me my snow clothes were in his luggage and we go outside to play in the snow, but before we get a chance to the snow turns dark and I find myself in a big patch of shadow, at first I’m not phased by it at all. I’m lying in the dark enjoying the moment, it’s only when D tells me how dark it is, that I realise how scary the scene actually is. We get out of there and I find myself alone on the street, and see my 5 year old cousin playing with his friends, in some sort of toy truck thing. He’s sucking on a pacifier but his friends are not, I want to pull it out of his mouth because he’s too old to be sucking on a pacifier; as if he reads my mind he takes it out and continues playing.

    To dream that you are on a train, symbolizes your life's journey. It suggests that you are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction. Alternatively, you have a tendency to worry needlessly over a situation that will prove to work out in the end.

    Electric Guitar
    To see or play an electric guitar in your dream, signifies the power and strength of your passion. You clearly express your feelings to others. Alternatively, it is symbolic of youth and rebellion.

    To dream that you are looking out the window, signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness, point of view, awareness, and intuition. You may be reflecting on a decision and seeking guidance. Or you need to go out into the larger world and experience life.

    To see a mansion in your dream, symbolizes your greatest potential and growth. You may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut.

    To see a hotel in your dream, signifies a new state of mind or a shift in personal identity. You are undergoing some sort of transition and need to move away from your old habits and old way of thinking. You need to temporarily escape from your daily life.. Alternatively, the dream may imply a loss in your personal identity.

    To see animals in your dream, represents your own physical characteristic, primitive desires, and sexual nature, depending on the qualities of the particular animal. Animals symbolizes the untamed and uncivilized aspects of yourself.

    To see a giraffe in your dream, suggests that you need to consider the overall picture. Take a broader view on your life and where it is headed.

    To see a lion in your dream, symbolizes great strength, aggression and power. You will overcome your emotions and/or difficulties. As king of the jungle, the lion also represents dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination. You have much influence over others. You need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life.

    To see a seal in your dream, indicates your playfulness and your ability to use and incorporate differing ideas and thoughts into a situation. Seals are a symbol of good luck, success, and spiritual understanding. It also signifies prosperity, faithful friends, and security in love.

    To see a dolphin in your dream, symbolizes spiritual guidance, your intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. Utilize your mind to its capacity and you will move upward in life. Alternatively, it suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Dolphins represent your willingness and ability to explore and navigate through your emotions.

    To see a girl in your dream, represents your playful, innocent, and childlike nature. Perhaps you are behaving immaturely in some situation. Alternatively, a girl represents the feminine qualities of your character. To dream about a girl that you just met, represents your anxieties and thoughts of whether you had made a good impression on her and what she thought of you.

    To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. is calm, clear, then it signifies that you are in tune with your spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation

    To see snow in your dream, signifies your inhibitions, repressed/unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. You may also be feeling indifferent, alone and neglected. If the snow is melting, then it suggests that you are acknowledging and releasing emotions you have repressed. You are overcoming your fears and obstacles. If the snow is dirty, then it refers to a loss in innocence, impurity and uncleanness. Some aspect of yourself or situation has been tainted. To dream that you are playing in the snow, indicates that you need to set some time for fun and relaxation. Alternatively, you need to take advantage of any opportunities that arise; otherwise such opportunities will disappear.

    To dream that darkness comes upon you, signifies failure in some work that you are attempting. Darkness is synonymous with ignorance, the unconscious, evil, death, and fear of the unknown. If the sun breaks through the darkness, then you will overcome your failures. If you feel safe in the dark, then it suggests that you like not knowing about certain things. As some might say, ignorance is bliss. To dream that you are lost in the darkness, denotes feelings of desperation, depression, or insecurity.

    To see a street in your dream, symbolizes your life's path. The condition of the street reflects how much control you have over the direction of your life. Is there a name on the street which can offer some significance or hints to the meaning of the dream.

    To see a pacifier in your dream, represents emotional nurturance. You may be expressing a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities and demands.
  • DaktologistDaktologist Global Moderator
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    Dream 1
    Drug: 80 mg codeine

    It started out with me approaching a stair well. Upon me reaching the stairs a green laser beam shined toward me and two other people who i was with, Next we were shot
    at and one of the people I was with was shot. After me and the other individual eliminated the shooter we entered what looked like a large ship that looked very run down and old.
    we then entered a long corridor and walked until we reached a set of windows which provided a view of what looked like another ship with armed men on the deck. We then opened fire
    on the men before I realised that I was with two other people not one. The dream then repeated with me and two other people approaching the same flight of stairs before being
    fired upon again. This time we all managed to survive. After this i was awoken by my alarm.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    So last night I was tripping on shrooms, and then settled on watching Carl Sagan. Every so often I'd go outsode for a smoke and watch a satellite slowly move across the night sky.
    At 1am I went to sleep and had on the "Pale Blue Dot" audiobook until 3am.

    My dream began as a meeting of friends, mostly from my Dad's old places of employment. We had travelled to the USA and I walked off to a Restaurant. After a while of talking to the staff, I got a girl to meet me up on the roof and fuck like rabbits. Just as we were about to begin, a bunch of mexican youngsters came in and killed them all, wounding me.
    But my Dad's friends came to the rescue. I still recall finding out the girl in particular was only injured too. The restaurant was darkened and had plenty of neon signs around.

    So we walked away and I was fine. Sitting round a table, 2 green stacks were put in front of everyone. We were just given $2,000 each.
    I can recall kissing the guy on the cheeck and feeling his stubble. He was dressed as a Riot Cop, too.
    So after that we headed to Vegas, and on the way we stopped at a place that allowed for Gun renting and target practice. The place was up in the mountains and there were posh people everywhere (Aspen style) We all took the .50 cal and there was a live Infidel range at a paintball site nearby - so we combined paintball and the .50s, and it ended in a hail of red...and not from paintballs. It was awesome.
    I then tried it on with the girls who ran this gun hire range, which was conveniently located in the middle of a City.

    We had to leave at 3pm the next day, and I went for a walk. It soon turned into a flight though. I can vividly recall controlling this aspect, as I moved my arms and head to control my direction. I ended up on top of a hill in Germany where a memorial was taking place. The architecture was just like where I had been in Germany, and there were plenty of Harrington-wearing Skinheads. We got chatting and I flew over the crowd who were mourning.
    I checked my watch just as a Rob Zombie COncert was being set up.
    "FUCK! 2:30 and I'm on the other side of the world?!"
    I got chatting to Rob Zombie and he commandeered a train, resulting on a rip-roaring journey back into the City in the USA, and I still recall the destruction caused.

    I then woke up as we arrived.

    Fucking amazing.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    I went to bed pretty pissed off after getting some shitty self-righteous phonecall from a friend. However after a while, I found myself in a supermarket surrounded by all manner of drugs (Natural Born Killers?) and a load of booze. As I was packing my trolley, I found out I was on a field trip (I have an offer to go to Auschwitz with my University) and it was to Auschwitz. So I was surrounded by snotty-nosed Students and the Lecturer...the great Charlie Brooker!

    So we went to Auschwitz and used the mass graves as an ashtray smoking joints, drinking vodka and smoking bongs in the gas chamber.
    I think I've mastered Lucid Dreaming. That was an amazing one.
  • edited October 2011
    ^ Sounds like you're getting much better at it! :D Now you've seen the potential of lucid dreaming, there's no going back. You'll want every dream to be lucid, and with a bit of luck, you'll eventually master the ability to switch it on and off whenever you want. I've been lacking on the lucidity lately :( I need to get back into it to be honest.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Night of 10/10/2011

    I went to bed at 19:00hrs as I was bored fuckless and intended to wake up early.

    I recall the dream being set on another planet, or a huge place that it seemed like a planet. A Hotel lobby (recent Holiday drama probably aided that) was where I was. Trx was also there, and we walked through the doors into a battlefield.Grabbing weapons we fought into the next room and were greeted with a huge arcade. I mean, it was like a mega mall arcade with the most futuristic games.
    Now I can't imagine myself walking. I never have been able to. So after a slight moment of being awake as some bastard was serenading his girlfriend outside I went back to sleep. Focused on the dream to reenter it.

    Trx and I had those kangaroo boots, you know - the ones where you strap onto your legs/ankles and bounce around in? Well just after we put those on, we passed a pregnant woman and I expressed my disgust and dismay at her (personally I hate kids) and bouced through the arcade, heading to the next room.
    A bland, almost cardboard-like room greeted me. I saw my...girlfriend in a room as I walked past and I recall crying. Trx and reject were there (reject texted me when I woke up) and my life flashed before my eyes. I was dying as my heart was literally breaking. I woke up and couldn't move, reasoning with myself. My motivation for work has gone this week and life has generally been a bit "meh".

    But I realised the toll it all had on me. Convinced I was going to die.
    So I got up, got out and went for the run of my fucking life.
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