Comedy Central Presents [1998]

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Comedy Central Presents is a TV series featured on Comedy Central. Each episode features a 20-minute stand-up comedy set by a different comedian. The show first debuted on December 1, 1998.



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    It's a 40 gig torrent with 0 seeders, lol.
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    Goddammit! Why no seeders!? Haha I've been desperately trying to find something that I believe this would encompass. You know how there was that huge marathon of Comedy Central Presents like four or five years back with like 30 different comedians? Well there was this one guy named Dov Davidoff and he was HILARIOUS as shit. However, I can't find anything from that dude anywhere except like two grossly low quality youtube videos of him at some bar.

    EDIT: Wow...after I posted this, I looked him up again (first time in a while) and he has his own website with the video on it for free. My bad lol.
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    That guy Dov Davidoff is pretty funny.
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