Where to start with meditation?

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As you can probably tell, I'm quite interested in the whole Lucid Dreaming stuff already. However, I'm willing to give meditation a shot because it sounds pretty cool, and I understand that it can be fairly beneficial too. Only problem is, I have no idea where to start. I'll have a look around on Google, but I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions?


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    I'm going to add this to the guide suggestion thread. I want to know too. I'd love to learn how to astral project and stuff.
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    When i was considering meditation, i went to a near-by park where all kinds of 'new age' people do their thing.

    They asked me if i wanted to join in, i said yes, they said "sit under that tree, be quite, be still and think".

    I got bored after a few sessions and they kept trying to sell me books for the price of "a gift of $40.00".
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    I've heard of an exercise where you imagine nothing but a box. In this box, you place everything which is getting you down, then you close the box and throw it out of the "screen" you're imagining.

    It's hard to think of nothing but a box, and even harder to put things inside it :(
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    There is tons of literature concerning meditation be it for general mental health or as a foundation for more supernatural activities.

    The only tips I could recomend is don't become discouraged if your mind keeps drifting. It gets easier the more you do it.

    Also, don't meditate in bed/where you sleep as your brain already has associated those places with sleep and it can screw with your attempts to meditate properly.

    Personally I practice Zazen meditation on and off depending on time constraints although there are several different techniques you can practice. Be wary of anyone who tells you there's only one way to do it. Chances are they're full of shit.
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    Gary Oak wrote: »
    I'm going to add this to the guide suggestion thread. I want to know too. I'd love to learn how to astral project and stuff.

    This is the kind of attitude that's going to create some obstacles for meditation. Too many people find the need to meditate from something along the lines of the following:

    After getting really into the band Tool and thinking, "Oh hey, they're into some crazy shit" they look into some esoteric stuff, try to lucid dream, look into herbs and shit and seek meditation as a way to get out of body experiences and all that jazz.

    Well the problem is, meditation isn't going to be some instant staircase to some supernatural/astral world. Meditation takes a lot of concentration, dedication, and a helluva lot of sitting around getting frustrated because you can't find peace of mind. Meditation is about becoming aware of your surroundings and appreciating every moment of every day. It takes time to perfect; realize this before you jump into something and then possibly give up after a few days because you aren't transcending into geometric pattern machine elf world lol.
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    I have minor, unofficial experience with meditation, although I have never really had any interest in following a program or researching methods. If I am going to get in touch with my mind, I don't see the logic in following another's guide. (Don't get me wrong, I can see the benefits, but that is simply not the way that is right for me to go about it.)

    I usually try to get outside, go on a hike, find somewhere that is quiet with a view, that feels right to me.

    I do not go into it with any expectations, I am more searching for a solitary place, where I am allowed to retreat within my mind; just stop and think. If a particular issues is on my mind, then that will be the initial subject of rumination, although my course of thinking can stem from there in many directions.

    I take from it what comes, and will typically feel the inspiration to write something following.
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