Men only require women to be present, and nothing more

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Women are merely for looking good and sex, if they're not serving man like they should be doing.

As far as sex dolls go, they're better than real women.
Idollatry - Why Real Dolls are better than Real Girls Art Feature
Words by Chris Mitchell

As much as I complain about women, I never really considered giving up on them altogether – until now.

I’m not going to go into details; the divide between boy and girl has been lamented and documented ad nauseam. My complaints are nothing new and, unless you grew up on some gender-free hermaphro-planet, you’ve already heard them anyway. What you probably didn’t know (what I didn’t until I stumbled on is that for only US$6500 plus $500 shipping and handling, you can have a customised, personalised significant other who gives you … Well, pretty much whatever pimps your ride.

RealDoll, a company based in San Marcos, California, offers dolls made from high-grade silicon rubber that can withstand up to 300 degrees of heat and 300 per cent elongation (think nipples). Fully articulated skeletons allow realistic movement and positioning (including those advanced Kama Sutra techniques you’ve been dying to try) and custom features like skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, fingernail colour and three pubic configurations.
There are ten female body types, with breast ranging from AA to G cup and 15 face types including an anime head with enormous round eyes. And because RealDoll is devoted to customer satisfaction, they are now offering a male doll with penis options: XL, large, medium, small, XS and flaccid.

Matt Krivicke is the CEO of RealDoll. ‘The most popular reason for purchasing a RealDoll of course is as a sexual companion,’ he writes from a Sexpo in Verona, Italy. ‘But there are many reasons we have heard from our customers, ranging from the sexual aspect to a domestic partner to art pieces enjoyed simply for their beauty. Some people develop strong connections to these dolls – they care very much for them as it is a very intimate process to pick all of the features they desire.’

The mind behind RealDolls is Matt McMullen, who started sculpting nudes out of resin in his garage. For a change, he started building larger models out of softer materials, and posted pictures on the web. Immediately, the offers started rolling in and RealDoll was born. The company has since grown to become a twelve person operation, producing six to eight dolls a week.

The dolls weigh between 78 and 115 pounds – not small by any means. ‘The dolls are somewhat heavy,’ says Krivicke. ‘For some that is a limit, for others it is a benefit because it makes the dolls more realistic. To us the weight is a cost issue and we are planning on reducing the weight in the future to accommodate a more wide range of applications.’

The doll community is growing. A search of (a meeting place for doll owners and admirers) reveals that original iDollators are supportive of the rookies. For example, when ‘Midiman’ questions the potential of a LoveDoll on his new waterbed, ‘Wolverine’ helpfully points out that the reverse cowgirl allows maximum balance and traction.

There are plenty more helpful tips on everything from where to buy clothes for your RealDoll to how to heat the doll with an electric blanket. One chat thread details a way to harvest pubic hair from your bathroom floor for a more realistic experience.

RealDoll is always looking for ways to improve their product. Recently added modifications include tan lines and tattoos and they are working on an animatronic version. ‘We get many special requests for custom orders,’ says Krivicke. ‘Some of the more popular requests have been for voluptuous body types, animalian faces like a cat woman, and movie stars. We cannot replicate a movie star exactly without express consent from the star themselves or the appropriate trust, but we often get very similar looks with careful face selection and make-up application.
‘We also have made a number of pixie/elf type dolls with pointed ears and specialty eyes, and also dolls with vampire fangs. On the male dolls, the most common customisation request is a plumbed penis, which can simulate the effect of ejaculation. We also have made a number of transsexual and hermaphrodite dolls, most commonly with male genitalia on a female form. In these cases we can either modify the existing selection of penis attachments, or create an entirely custom genital area to meet a client’s requests.’

A RealDoll rookie, ‘Mannequin,’ writes the following post on

After three months of use and abuse, I’ve come to these conclusions:

1) The sex is awesome, and gets better as you figure out how the dolls move, and they DO MOVE. I have had my share of RealWomen [sic] and I can tell you that most of them will not let me stick my dick down their throat repeatedly … Also there is no need to ‘satisfy your partner’ – it’s all very self-centered and completely uninhibiting.

2) Unlike many who have reported that the dolls are fragile, I find that they are quite robust. I have taken reasonable care to keep hands, feet, and eyelashes out of harm’s way. I have had a few finger wires poke thru, and I messed up a lower eyelash adjusting an eye with my finger. I have since gotten a dental pick to adjust the eyes … Works great.

3) I keep the doll warm in a sleep number bed with an electric blanket over it. I have found that the silicone is very stretchy and with my body 4, I have stretched EVERY orifice many times with NO ill effect.

4) The dolls are so amazingly beautiful (thank you MATT!!!) in real life … With the proper make-up and clothing, my doll (a body 4/face 11) is a dead ringer for my RealWife [sic]. I had the make up done just like hers, and I bought a wig in her color and hairstyle. (When she comes back from the big sandbox in 6 months or so, the doll will go back in the closet on her hook).

5) Stains from new clothes come out of the skin. Just let it happen. Most reasonably fitting clothes (not skintight spandex) do not seem to leave any permanent marking. The joints bend an amazing amount; however, I am still afraid to raise the arms above shoulder height. I have had some pretty rough sex with the doll and I can find NO issues anywhere.

RealDolls have enjoyed a lot of PR lately. Shock jock Howard Stern gave it his personal seal of approval after an on-air test. Motley Crue’s Vince Neil showed off his RealDoll on ‘MTV Cribs’. A recently released Nick Black video features a RealDoll as a stunt double falling three stories from a balcony. And coming soon, a RealDoll costarring with Jason Lee on ‘My Name is Earl’.

‘The most popular features seem to be the interchangeable faces,’ says Krivicke. ‘One doll body can be made to seem like a number of girls by buying several faces and wigs to change the look completely. The breasts of RealDolls are also very popular as they are perky, come in a range of sizes from AA to G and are softer than the rest of the doll body. The inside of the vagina and all orifices for that matter are ribbed and provide suction when using the doll so that is also quite popular.’

A doll fills many basic needs without the entanglements of a real relationship. The doll does not compete with you; it is there to do with as you please. It will never deny your advances. The dolls are beautiful in a way that some men might not achieve with a real woman. They are always there to listen to you and no matter how much or little you care about them, they will not be offended. Plus, cleanup is a snap. When you finish doing whatever you do, you put soap and water into a tool like a turkey baster and squirt it into the orifice/s.

‘I am sometimes astounded at the impact we make on some customer’s lives,’ says Krivicke. ‘We have had customers marry their dolls, say that we had saved their lives because they felt like they had nothing to live for after the death of a spouse or the end of a relationship.’

One of the advantages of having a doll for a girlfriend or wife is that she can't divorce you (women are the ones who mainly file for divorce, statistically, as I showed in other threads) and seize over 50% of your possessions and financial assets, wreck your property, do her best to get you fired from work or bitch and chimpout on you over the most stupid shit.

Considering the despicable and nasty character of the American, Canadian, Australian and British women, especially, we should actually feel sympathy for people who find sex dolls physically attractive. Women aren't anything fucking special.


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    Game 3: Frigid Woman

    This is almost always a marital game, since it is hardly conceivable that an informal liaison would present the required opportunities and privileges over a sufficient length of time, or that such a liaison would be maintained in the face of it.

    The husband makes advances to his wife and is repulsed. After repeated attempts, he is told that all men are beasts, he doesn't really love her, or doesn't love her for herself, that all he is interested in is sex. He desists for a time, then tries again with the same result. Eventually he resigns himself and makes no further advances. As the weeks or months pass, the wife becomes increasingly informal and sometimes forgetful. She walks through the bedroom half-dressed or forgets her clean towel when she takes a bath so that he has to bring it to her. If she plays a hard game or drinks heavily, she may become flirtatious with other men at parties. At length he responds to those provocations and tries again. Once more he is repulsed, and a game of 'Uproar' ensues involving their recent behaviour, other couples, their in-laws, their finances and their failures, terminated by a slamming door.

    This time the husband makes up his mind that he is really through, that they will find a sexless modus vivendi. Months pass. He declines the negligee parade and the forgotten towel manoeuvre. The wife becomes more provocatively informal and more provocatively forgetful, but he still resists. Then one evening she actually approaches him and kisses him. At first he doesn't respond, remembering his resolution, but soon nature begins to take its course after the long famine, and now he thinks he surely has it made. His first tentative advances are not repulsed. He becomes bolder and bolder. Just at the critical point, the wife steps back and cries: 'See, what did I tell you! All men are beasts, all I wanted was affection, but all you are interested in is sex!'

    ...In its everyday form this game is played by unmarried ladies of various ages, which soon earns them a common slang epithet. With them it often merges into the game of indignation, or 'Rapo'.
    - Eric Berne, Games People Play, 1964.

    A pretty accurate summary of the frigidity of women; but the Victorians said it even better and what they knew back then in times where there was no political correctness is proving true today that women have little to no sex drive whatsoever, especially when compared to man. Sex is an economic game to women, sex isn't an end to itself as far as women are concerned; where as it is for the male. Don't believe the feminist myth that women's sexuality was oppressed and that women are sex craving creatures.
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