Totse2 irc. Its silly

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IRC wrote:
<Jones>: i notice that fag bitflip is here
<Jones>: M3D1C do me a mavour mate
<ChrisHansen>: HAHAHA JONES!
<Jones>: ban krane and bitflip
<Hex535>: If we do attack them, and the webmaster / admins see a spike in traffic linking in from, it's pretty much a dead giveaway.
<Jones>: and distortedvoice and zaffron
<ChrisHansen>: Do it m3d! They deserve it!
<ChrisHansen>: Because jones would make an amazing mod!
<Jones>: all 4 of them
<ChrisHansen>: ban jones
<Jones>: fuck you chris
<ChrisHansen>: fuck you!
<Jones>: adults are talking
<ChrisHansen>: In the face
<ChrisHansen>: And your probably 12
<Hex535>: what is going on?
<Hex535>: lol
<ChrisHansen>: jones wants a bj from m3d
<Jones>: i want bitflip, zaffron, krane and distortedvoice banned
<ChrisHansen>: why?
<Hex535>: why?
<Hex535>: lol sure
<Jones>: like... really planning
<Jones>: it sounded technichal.
<ChrisHansen>: OH NOES! I hope they succed in doing so
<Hex535>: so what if they did? what the fuck would bitflip use this forum for?
<Jones>: i had a go at krane for posting a thread on about easy-e
<Jones>: then bitflip jumped in for no reason
<Hex535>: what would anyone use this forum for, for that matter. as awesome as this site is, the collective power of controlling it is really not that much power at all
<ChrisHansen>: no one gives a fuck jones. They can try and if it works it will make a funny story. Easy already has no ambition on this forum so it doesnt matter
<Jones>: he was really abusive towards me, didnt know he even knew krane
<Jones>: krane said easy-e has no ambition
<ChrisHansen>: dude you sound like an 8th grader "He was abusive towards me" its the internet. No one cares
<Jones>: in a thread on
<ChrisHansen>: and he doesnt
<Hex535>: oh boo hoo easy-e is a big boy
<Hex535>: he can handle someone telling him he has no ambition
<ChrisHansen>: i read the thread he can say what he wants without you thorowing a pissyfit
<Jones>: furry bastard!
<Hex535>: lmao
<Hex535>: here we go
<Jones>: you started it
<Jones>: m3d1c
<Jones>: help me#
<Hex535>: call easy-e in here right now I bet he agrees with me
<Jones>: im loyal to totse 2]
<ChrisHansen>: i dont think m3d cares
<Jones>: easy-e has never been in the irc
<ChrisHansen>: about your problems
<Jones>: ever
<Jones>: but 4 members are planning an attack
<Hex535>: this shit is so funny, im roflcoptering all over the place.
<Hex535>: hey bitflip
<Hex535>: bitflip
<ChrisHansen>: i lol at you jones. you so funny
<Hex535>: bitflip dude come bitflip
<Jones>: bitflip to krane to scan the forum with something called nikto
<Jones>: wtf is nikto?
<Jones>: *told krane

Basically some idiot user named narcolepsy is pissed that people want to have fun. Not really that exciting but I found lolz.


  • Chris HansenChris Hansen Regular
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    irc wrote:
    <Jones>: MED1C
    <Jones>: do your job for one
    <Hex535>: lol
    <Jones>: your a mod
    <Jones>: listen to me
    <Hex535>: seitzy quit trollin
    <ChrisHansen>: dude jones i have something for you
    <Hex535>: im actually on when you are for once and your gunna troll
    <Jones>: f***k you chris
    <Seitzy>: Chris i blocked you because I'm fucking sick of your signature
    <ChrisHansen>: its just for you jones. I did it all for you
    <Seitzy>: you're welcome
    <Jones>: you wanker
    <Jones>: take that down now
    <Jones>: ban him m3d1c
    <Jones>: ban him now
    <ChrisHansen>: oh. I dont really care that your sick of it but i will change it because sc told me to
    <Hex535>: lol you guys all need to chill out
    <Seitzy>: YEAH GUYS
    <Seitzy>: CHILL OUT
    <Hex535>: DIE IN THE STREET
    <ChrisHansen>: this is the funniest shit ever. I WILL NOT APPOLOGIZE FOR MY TONE TONIGHT!
    <Seitzy>: CAPITALISM
    <Hex535>: PUPPIES
    <Seitzy>:'s a touchy subject...capitalism...
    <ChrisHansen>: Capitalism rocks. Thats why i like iron man so much
    <Hex535>: indeed
    <Jones>: :(
    <Hex535>: wait
    <Hex535>: no
    <Hex535>: capitalism
    <Hex535>: is EVIL
    <Seitzy>: Capitalism gets shit done
    <Seitzy>: nuff said
    <Jones>: you sound like that traitor dirty sanchez
    <Jones>: mods .info
    <ChrisHansen>: I changed my sig just for you sets ;)
    <Jones>: noooo
    <ChrisHansen>: no one cares jones just give it up
    <Seitzy>: <3
    <Hex535>: capitalism lets the media cover up the majority with the rich minoritiy
    <Jones>: never

    Here is some more funny.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Boy that's messed up.
  • edited March 2011
    I didn't even realize that T2 actually had an IRC.
  • Chris HansenChris Hansen Regular
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    JOIN US! On irc i mean. fuck with them!
  • edited March 2011
    I'd rather not. Goodnight, Mr Hansen.
  • Chris HansenChris Hansen Regular
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    I will miss you ;).
  • thewandererthewanderer Regular
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    trx100 wrote: »
    I didn't even realize that T2 actually had an IRC.

    You're not missing much.
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