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I got caught out by one of these fuckers yesterday. I managed to get the piece of shit off by picking the lock (the best and smartest way IMO) but you can cut them off or let enough air out of your tyre and drive off, depending on the type of clamp. The people doing the clamping aren't very smart either, they've linked their home address to their PO Box (which the post office has to give you if you ask for the address linked to it). Needless to say, that's not the problem or what this thread is about; instead the idea came to me that if I'm not going to send the clamps (not DVLA) in for scrap or return them then I can collect them and put them to use myself; whip up some fake signs to post up in areas suddenly, fake leaflets, number and the address at the Post office not tied to the actual home or business address and clamp some Paki bastards, women and nigger parasites.

I remember once seing a con involving a car clamp on the real hustle (a scripted and show full of bought off actors, I might add; but still good for ideas toi elaborate on).

Obviously, I'd do it in areas where plenty of non-whites reside or are bound to be.

There's a lot of legal loopholes involved for car clamping, but a lot of it rests on intimidation in ensuring that you get the payment (the average person doesn't know how to pick a lock or cut a clamp off, let alone an inbred Paki cunt, woman or nigger buck). In the UK I hear there's a law coming out in October to make clamping illegal, so work fast on this.

There're many different scams you can do with clamping and you can make a shit ton of money from it in just one day. Just don't get clamped yourself or atleast make sure you have a set of lockpicks on you or a saw.

I may start purposefully parking mine (or a rented car) on private properties, picking the locks on the clamps and collecting them. Probably best done with a rented car.

The law in October will apply to just private property. LOL, you should have seen the greasy, curly headed twat's face when I called him about the clamp and he saw it tossed away to the side and off my wheel when he got there and I was ready to drive off.

"Just letting you know your clamp's ready to collect."


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    Well, we don't have wheel clamps here and even if they don't I haven't seen one. I guess Pakistan isn't developed enough to have them. Instead we use lifters to pick cars and take them to the Police station.

    However, I liked your idea of taking out the clamps. There are certain private companies that handle this clamping job and they patiently wait for any victim to clamp on. I guess it's a good thing you're fighting back. I wouldn't advise this to anyone living in UK, they have a wide coverage area when it comes to CCTV.

    A rented car and some random hits would be great, but you must be careful. If you start targeting just one company or one area the guys will be pissed off and they will spot the pattern and look for you. But if you clamp randomly or target some victims who have a longer dick, the company in question can get into a legal mess.

    In short, if done right you can pretty much pwn the company and your victims.
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    Yeah, car clamping is somewhat underhanded as it is and a lot of them are dickheads and the companies sometimes use ex-cons who won't be afraid to call for back up and get their hands dirty. I noticed the same guy in the same place where I'd parked yesterday checking the place out and coming from out of there when I drove past it again to get on my way home. If you want to collect them you'll have to be careful and not get too happy doing it in the same area.

    If you're in the UK and looking for a decent set of lockpicks then go to UKbumpkeys, that's where I got mine from. L.C.C heavy duty locks are the ones I've found most commonly used on the clamps here, you can buy them online to practice on. I do that with most locks for practice, buy them and then test the picks out at home first.
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    Hahaha, sounds like you did the right thing :thumbsup: What can you tell me about the type of lock which is used on clamps and how easy is it to pick? I'm also very interested in hearing more about the clamping scams, so it would be good if you could elaborate a little more on that area :)
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    Don't wheels clamps use tubular locks? Tubular lockpicks cost around $80 for a good one.
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    I heard that letting the air out of the tire is the best thing to do
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    I disagree with 100% of Totsee

    Just obey the rules and you

    wont have this problem.

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    Don't wheels clamps use tubular locks? Tubular lockpicks cost around $80 for a good one.

    From what I've heard and seen, it's mainly the police that use those type of clamps. I'm mainly referring to the triangular type of wheel clamps and the one in the YT video posted earlier.

    This video demonstrates how quickly and easily the locks most commonly used on clamps can be picked.
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