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Cannacookies ^.^

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So I just finished making butter out of the vaped weed I've been saving. It has a beautiful dark green color to it, and came out to exactly 1/4 cup which is just what I need for the cookies they're about to go into. I'm rather excited.


  • MasturbatronMasturbatron Regular
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    I just ate one. They came out perfect! I'll post back with results when they present themselves.
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    It's been 2hrs and 45 minutes and nothing too spectacular has happened. Right now I feel high but it's different..sort of refined I guess? It's a very chill feeling.

    I'm so sleepy though too, but I'm going to tough it out for another hour or so.
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    Eating weed is a crapshoot, I have gotten everything from a minor, but lengthy and pleasant, body buzz, to a full on psychedelic soul destroying trip that I would equate to about 4 grams of shooms, but with a way darker "feel". Canabutter was one of the first ways western culture used weed as a drug, as well as eating "Hasheesh", here is a neat link to some very early weed trips.

    The trip reports usually involve eating cannabis preparations, and surprisingly few involve smoking it. Also, you will notice, these dudes tripped fucking balls HARD in most cases. Really makes you think about the dope propaganda that goes around claiming todays weed is a super potent mindfuck machine that is 10000000x more potent than what was around in the 60's and 70's.

    I have experienced the "phantasmagoric delerium" that a lot of the trip reports tell about, usually using what I call Bakers Grade hash. I have made a ton of hash in my day, but never using the bubble bags that get such awesome results. I would use a couple of fine screens to sift the ground up weed trim and get as pure a product as I could, and press it. I always ended up with some in between stuff that went through one screen but not the other. Lots of crystals, and in a nice powdery form that mixes in well. My favorite recipe was "Headfuck Fudge", and holy shit could that stuff alter your day.

    I am very curious about making extracts for oral consumption with high grade alcohol, kind of like "green dragon", but I would use Bacardi 151, or Absinthe instead. I am especially curious about "decarboxylation", and whether toasting my grass before starting the process will get a different result. Basically what I want is something with a little quicker onset time, allowing for more control over how messed up I get. When I can finally use grass again, I would like to do it without smoking, as my lungs feel great as a result of my recent dry spell, and I wouldn't want to fuck that up.

    "There was something like mold with flowers accumulating in the dark areas of my living room, another wave of paranoia and despair washed over me and I stuck my head under the covers"
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