Im stuck between needing a nap and not being able to take one

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:mad: This fucking sucks. im tired and cant function well since i was running around last night and yesterday and i only got 3 hours of sleep. But whenever i lay in bed and try to sleep i start thinking nonstop and get these wierd mini panic attacks in my chest, like if u saw a snake or something u were scared of.

I want to go out and socialize/smoke weed with the stoners that always hang out on the corner by my apartment but i know that this lack of sleep will drag me down, and i dont want to be tired and sleep deprived when its 100 degrees outside and walking.

i got some xanax but ive been making a habit of taking .5 mg throughout the day to a total of 2mg a day, for the past 3 days. Im worried if i take another quarter right now i will fall into the same cycle and i do NOT want to start falling down the steep, slippery slope that is xanax addiction/withdrawl again when i run out.

What to do totse? anyone else ever have this happen to them?

and on a random note i found a good article on all the effects of xanax if anyone wants to read Its interesting to read when you have been using the drug for recreation for so long without any idea of the actual specific side effects.

My favorite quote:
The major concern about alprazolam has been the so-called "idiosyncratic reaction". People taking alprazolam can become disinhibited, violent or have marked personality changes. As I understand it, this is why Halcion and alprazolam are prohibited in the UK. In my experience this does not occur in people with panic disorder, but does occur in people with anxiety due to personality disorder or other psychiatric conditions

i have general anxiety and xanax makes me all of these things, haha. but its all part of the fun


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    Seroquel. Shit will put you down HARD. Ain't no pussy 'nap' drug though.
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    last time i took it i remember being glued to my bed for 14 hours, it was very unpleasant and i still didnt sleep i was just lying there thinking "what....the.....fuck....". SSRIs should have never been invented they are fucking poison, they should just give crazies heavy doses of benzos/opiates switching off so they don't get dependent on either. I would imagine it would be fun if you mixed it with opiates like the dude in the Oxycontin song though
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    Seroquel.......I think I will pass unless I want to zombify myself or have been doing coke and need to sleep.
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    I smoke meth. A substance that supercharges the brain.
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    Yeah bro, stay away from the xanax addiction, that would suck.

    Try something natural, like staying awake for hours on end until your body MAKES you sleep.
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