Minecraft: Aether

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An amazing new Minecraft mod was released yesterday.


When Mojang put out the Nether, they added two new mobs, a couple blocks, not really any items or anything. Five modders collaborated for months on Aether and what they came up with blows the Nether out of the water. You make another portal like you get to the nether, but it's glowstone and water instead of obsidian and fire.

There's tons of new blocks, recipes, items, mobs, there's even three dungeons with special loot. I've only been playing it about half an hour but I'm very impressed. Anyone who plays minecraft should check this out asap.
Aerwhales, the gentle giants of the Aether, can be found floating in the horizon, munching on Golden Oaks and strips of Blue Aerclouds as the sun climbs higher in the sky. When the sun falls, Cockatrices crawl away from their well-hidden nests, ready to attack. Peaceful as they may seem, these deadly birds shoot poisonous needles at you when provoked. They are one of the few hostile mobs in the Aether. The Aether isn't always fun and games though; elaborate dungeons are protected by powerful Guardians and sleeping sentries which await watchfully. They can be found in the sides of massive floating islands, containing locked loot chests with otherwise unobtainable singular items and blocks worth the effort of slaying their key bearing protectors.


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