Being an asshole on craigslist

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I've been doing this for the past hour cuz im bored.

fucking with employers is fun. "Yeah, i can work at your place, I like to eat my toenails and shit my pants often tho. oh and u have to pay me in blunts"

you guys do this?


  • MegaKushMegaKush Regular
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    Lol ive read all that shit, funny stuff

    Someone was looking for a "Head baker" and i told them that I bake chicken heads on the regular

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    MegaKush wrote: »

    "Yeah, i can work at your place, I like to eat my toenails and shit my pants often tho. oh and u have to pay me in blunts"

    Make sure to call him a poopyface if he gives you any lip :rolleyes:
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    buddha wrote: »
    Brad wrote:
    im at my house now. where are the rocks?
    Brad wrote:
    oh FUCK YOU

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    Pornography? What a disgusting accusation! What kind of a person do you think I am? You have a really perverted mind if you think those movies are adult films.

    You've really never heard of those movies? Where was your childhood? I'll find the plot summaries for you.

    Backdoor Creampies - Cindy, a little girl with big ambitions, decides to open a bakery in her parents kitchen - selling pies to children who come to her backyard. Cindy learns that running a business isn't all fun and games in this hilarious tale of entrepreneurship.

    Big Black Threesome - Barry, Billy and Bernie are three lovable black bears who have zany adventures during their quest for honey.

    Finally 18 and Legal - A coming of age story about a young girl who becomes an independent woman.

    Mattress Slaves 3 - Part 3 of the shocking documentary about slave labor in the mattress industry of third world countries. (Acceptable for kids, and in my opinion, a necessity to educate them on some real world issues. I never bought a foreign mattress again after this eye-opener.)

    Wet Squirters 5 - The Squirters gang is back again in this heartwarming tale about a group of whales who try to find their long lost father in a vast ocean of wet sea critters.
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    heres one i just did inbetween sets of sit ups, this guy wanted to rent a car
    I have a 92 chevy astrovan, it used to be blueish but it has kind of faded to this greyish-brown color. I got the car back in 04, when i got it it was pretty dirty. The person i bought it from said his family lived in it, but i got it for cheap.

    I let homeless people sleep in it occasionally, because i am a charitable person. They always clean up though. I have a raging fast food habit and i never throw away my trash, the entire back is filled with mcdonalds bags, kfc buckets, and cigarette butts. I smoke too, cigars, always in my van and i never use the ashtray. I have peed in there a few times on accident when i was drunk.

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