? For the Americans.

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Last week bored out of my brain I decided to go to the video store to rent some movies. Walking in I I had no clue what was out or what's a good movie to get so I just walked around reading the names of some movies and looking at the pictures. I found one.

The cover had a picture of a guy in what seemed to look like a cross between a bomb disposal outfit and swat gear holding 2 Uzis whith extended clips. At this point I did t read the name of the movi q d just got it off the shelf payEd and drove home. Put it in started watching (still having no clue what it's about) and kept watching wondering what the Fuk is going to happen! I won't give it away because notknowing what's gonna happen for the first 20 mins made the "happening" ten times more enjoyable!!!

If u wanna have the same experience go to the video store and rent/ or download the movie called " rampage" , but whatever you do do t search up what its about on the net or read the back cover or watch trailers! It's a b grade movie as in no famous people and shit but it is a fukn legend of a film and that director/ script writer is gonna bang out some Oscar winning movies man.

And the question being " how the fuk do you Americans allow movies like this to be produced and seen! I wouldnt be surprised if it was band in USA coz of your history with this kinda shit but dude wtf!!! And the ending! Double wtf!!!

Follow my instructions and u will have an awesome movie night! For those that have seen it please post with spoilers. Cya fukerz


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    Why would I follow your instructions when you are trying to brush me off:sad: Also.. what instructions were there other than "t search" on the web:confused:
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    Rampage was a great film. I have no idea how they allow it. Either the movie makes it look that easy, or it's actually that easy. I would love/hate for that to be that easy. But otherwise, great flick.
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    Rampage is the only Uwe Boll film that is watchable. And there are many many films out there that are worse than Rampage. Go watch "A Serbian Film". I don't know anyone in real life that can make it through that whole movie.
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    Lethargica, what are u talking about brushing you off? I'm a straight hetro ok buddy

    I'll checkout this "Serbian film"
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    Trust to find recommendations to watch " a Serbia film" from totsians u sick fucks!!!!!!
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