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Two women collapsed in court Thursday morning after receiving life sentences for the death of a 3-year-old girl. Shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts were sentenced Thursday morning for the death of Serenity Richardson. Photo Slideshow Click to view photos Shortly after being sentenced to life, both Butts and Cunningham fell to the floor with emotional outcries coming from family members. Both women had to be wheeled out of the court room.


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    If they would act like parents instead of animals this would not happen to them.
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    I only there was a system to make sure people are fit to have children. you have to sit an exam to be fit do drive are car, but anyone can care for a human life?
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    Your signature made the video even funnier, Demented :D also the Judge mentions the screams of the child who was killed, but I swear these Women were trying to outdo the poor thing.

    Savage behaviour. And no that's not a racial comment. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Cunts.
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    , both Butts

    Had to mention that.They had it coming, a fucking child, gimme a break.
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    They deserve every minute of it.
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    I seem to be missing something here. They somehow managed to make a child die, but how? What did they do? Just straight up murder, or what?
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