How to choke without leaving bruises during sex

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So mrs gets back from a 3 week trip and I'm horny as fuck! Couldn't wait till we got home so I stopped on the way home and we fucked in the drivers seat....... Man oh man!! She was so fuking tight I swear to god it was like fuking an arsehole without the guilt and shame and her not enjoying it! The second it went in I got a flashback to my first time with a chick who was a virgin, we were both 14 or 15 .

That story could be told another day, Well anyway,

We got home, she goes straight upstairs as if marching like a soldier to duty. We go at it! Butt naked on eachother every position then the baby oil comes out and were slipping and sliding on each other going like two bulls in a cage( if one bull was a male and the other a female)

so I put my hand on her neck like we always do but she's so overwhelmed and submersed in pleasure she yells " choke me harder, pull my hair!" which shocked me so I went harder and slightly squeezed harder around her neck, and now she wanted me to squeeze tighter, I must say I was lost in pleasure so I kind of gave into the moment and bit down on her breasts while fuking her and squeezing harder.. It felt awsome but was short lived because I stopped when I here her cough for air. She was fine and wanted to keep going but I was near cumming so I pulled out and blew over her arse.

I'm happy she's into choking because I love it when she does it to me. One of the hardest Cummings iv ever had was on camp with her on top choking me just as I was blowing leaving me with no oxygen for about 3 seconds mid cum, which made it feel like I was blowing for 20 seconds, i did black out for a few seconds but I'd do it again. I'm not into tie downs and choker belts and ahit but I do enjoy a woman's hand around my neck every now and then.

To my question, how can I choke the fuck out of her the way she wants me to without leaving any marks or bruises? I doubt I left bruises 2 nyts ago but I'll check when I see her tonight where I'm planing to do the " stranger rape scenario" from a few threads back.

Sorry about sent an e structure and grammer I'm on my phone and just really can't be fuked. Cheers fellas and fuck you.

Ps: it did happen no pics


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    I've met girls that either love or hate choking. I quite enjoy it as I have a twisted sense of eroticism when in comparison to "regular" people.
    Cracking story. Makes me miss my ex, but you'd be surprised just how many girls are a bit kinky in the bedroom. Maybe your lass went for the arteries and starved your brain of blood temporary? Or just used the skin between her thumb and index finger to push down on your throat? The latter is what I'd do.
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    use wider areas of your hand like the palm for the most pressure so you divide the pressure over a larger area on her throat and you can avoid bruising
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