My soon 2b 2nd brown girl

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So went to this chicks house the other day, she randomly invites me over a week after we went for a fish together. She tells me knock on her front door when I rock up ( was like durr). By the way she lives by herself.

So rock up thinking iv already pashed her on the fishing trip so now the most logical outcome is gobbie and/or sex.*

Knock at the door she opens the door wearing a bra and undies.... I'm like fuck yeah! This girl is about 175cm> dark skin long hair massive awsome arse perfect for sideways anal action or dp wall screwing! And awsome d cup tits! She's really loud and has massive lips fit for only one purpose!*

So I walk in and the house is a fuking mess with shit and clothes everywhere even a spare mattress on the living room floor. We talk she apologizes for being nearly naked coz she was getting dressed for work. We go outside for a smoke where I swear I herd moaning and she says her mums a masseuse and has a client in the garage. ( I saw the mum later on and she was all sweaty had sex hair and looked like she had just been demolished by a 9 inch cock)

We are kicking bak on the bed I'm feeling her up but she doesn't let me go near her cunt, so I'm getting pissed and things are getting rougher but this girl is tall as fuck, massive hands and preety strong for a chick!*

Long story short we didn't fuck but I pointed out a used condom that was on the floor and pissed myself laughing. She tried to cover it up by saying her dog was playing with it but I don't give a fuck. This girl will cop it bad! I just need a bit of time to work on her. She invited me over this week to come and watch a movie at hers this week so I think that's when I'll be able to get in that nice brown ass.

Well fellow totsians, I'm hoping this submission will spark some more new posts in this forum because it's been preety quiet lately. Due to the less posts iv had more time to search through zoklet and they have some preety fresh things on their shelves.*


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    Brown ass, you now what you need to do. Take pictures.

    I was stuck in a mess for the last 48 hours. I should make a thread about it.
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    Sorry about the state I left her mother in dude. She was a fucking freak that day!!!
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