Physiological evaluation please?

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For some unknown reason to me, I find ugly girls attractive or kinky. Like I'll go out with mates find a group of girls and something always leads me to the ugly one. I thinks there's a little feeling that she might be a better fuck or be more inclined to sodomy. I really don't know why?

Like not to long ago I herd that a chick I used to flirt and feel up in school had had two kids, one at 16 and one at 18, she is now 21. *Now this girl isn't anything special and as time went on she got skinnier ( in a bad way) and uglier and started to look like a junky. But for some reason I still wanna bang her. Chated to her a few times online about this and that and even if she would like me to come over and watch toy story 2 with her, but she always shyed away. *There has been a fair few girls I have been with that are ugly or not on par with what my mates prefer and there have also been good looking ones, but the uglier ones gave me the best times.

So, any physiologists in the building that can analyze those and tell me what's going on in my subconscious?*


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    Do you

    Or do you find this girl attractive:

    What about this:

    or is this your type:

    maybe this:

    Or do you find cats lovely?

    Or just maybe you like this:

    On topic, just answer the questions and I will reply back when I am sober.
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    I think you mean psychological.
  • proudclod9proudclod9 Regular
    edited March 2012've got excess energy...probably as simple as that.

    Psychologically...maybe you just have a knack for picking up on vibes from dirty, horny women. If they are lower on the scale(1-10) they probably get laid less.

    Just an opinion--I'm a sick pup myself.
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    After mulling this over, it's a common problem. But usually more of a problem for the good looking women. There have been plenty of studies into why the beautiful women find it hard to find a man. What it boils down to basically is that men in general consider the really good looking women as either high maintenance or more often, out of their league.
    So taking this one stage further in your case, and seeking out the ugly women, may be a reflection on your self esteem.
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    Dfg: all those girls were exactly what I'm talking bout, how did u find those pics? By the way how the fuck do u even get a hold of alcohol in pakiland, don't you guys have sharia law?

    Pro+chip: I think you both are spot on. I think it makes sense that I go for uglier girls Since thy are easier to get with, more slutty and will do about anything to please any guy giving them attention. The self esteem part might be partly true cause I do have a mrs who is a fukn stunner ( perfect euro clubber skank) but I'm certain she's an undercover whore, whereas these girls are open About their whorness. So I'm guessing that after having a few headfuck girlfriends in the past iv subconsciously chosen ugly girls because they give it up easier.

    Ps: what's a good video editing software that will run good on a not so flash desktop. Iv got bids and clips I wanna post up but need to edit them.
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    Windows movie maker is good enough for that and piss easy to use.
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