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So today my flat mate and I were a bit board so i grabbed an old stuffed turbo off my self and handed it to him and said "hold this over the end of my exhaust." so I fired up the 3.8L commodore and on idle the tiny Subaru turbo spooled up instantly, whistling away. The I proceeded to give it a few good revs. the thing was pumping the air out!

So we decided to head up to my dads place and fit it to my motor bike, the one I do burnouts on. I was doubtful it could spool it up, but I tried it anyway. well as expected nothing. Blew some air but wasnt enough to make any real boost. so the afternoon ended with this.

No sound

Any way, I was surfing the net tonight and just happened to come across these things called a "Turbo Jet" and that is what I plan to make! Progress will be slow as right now Im studying and I am converting my car to manual ( costing me $1500 and I haven't even started yet ). But all I need to buy for the jet at this stage is a LPG bottle and some fittings, you would be surprised what I have lying around!

Here is someone else's build.

So this will be something I shell chip away at!


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    The ending was lol, man I wish I could do that. I am tempted to add sound to the video. Can I have the source file.
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    Lol thats right, completely forgot why I downloaded a media converter to add music with movie maker, was tempted to add a V8 burnout sound clip haha.
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