Japenese Game Shows are weird yet fun

Here is a list of other videos from the show Kasou Taishou taken from /u/Rylix

[Falling from the Sky](

[Ninja Knife Throwing](

[Fat Skater](

[Billiard Game](



[Dog Catching Frisbee](

[Penalty Kick](

[Train Straps](

[Fried Egg](

[An Acrobatic Panda](

[Marriage Proposal](

[Matryoshka Dolls](

[Boxing Champion in the Making](

[Empty Can Rolling on the Street](

[A Fun-Filled Amusement Park](

[Beetle Battle](

[Samurai Movie](

[Protective Gear](

[Ping Pong](

[Raindrops Playing the Piano](


[Tree Stump](

[F1 Pit Stop](

[Security Camera](

[Rhythmic Gymnastics - Ribbon](

[Japanese Samurai Movie](

[Marilyn Monroe](


[Japanese Baseball Player Ichiro in Slow Motion](

[Beer Foam](

[Drum Competition](

[Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea](

[Golf Practice](

[Pole Vault](

[Behind the Venus of Milos](

[Fun with Socks](

[A Couple's Love Diary](

[Jellyfish Fantasy](

[Hyper Yo-Yo](

[Gymnasium Mirrors](

[Oh, No! My Head Fell Off!](

[Dancing Dinosaur Bones](

[Angel Family](

[Baby Stroller](

[Road Construction](

[Railway Crossing](

[Hammer and Nail](

[Basketball Shadow](


[Seeing Stars](

[Passing Through Tunnels](

[F1 Grand Prix](

[Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times](

[Invisible Man Vaults](

[Sumo Wrestler](

[Men's 200 Meter Race](

[Basketball Dribbling](

[Snowboard Halfpipe](

[Hanging Roller Coaster](

[Ventilation Fan](

[Carl Lewis - Long Jump](

[School Mirror](

[Tanning Machine](



[Pommel Horse](

[Polaroid Camera](


[Hydraulic Shovel](

[French Fries](

[Thousand-Armed God](

[Crowded Train](


[Steam Train](

[Boneless Ham](

[Dented Can](

[Dancing Skeleton](

[Synchronized Swimming](



[Road Construction](

[Chilly Wind](

[A Tickled Seaweed](

[Mirror Butterflies](

[Usain Bolt, 100-Meter Dash](

[The Oscar Statuette](

[Orangutan Conductor](

[Judo Washing Machine](

[Room Turns into a Mess](

[World Swimming Championships](


[Stealing Second Base](

[Samurai Falling Down the Stairs](

[Omelet Rice](

[Reflection on the Pond](

[Car Wash](

[Costume on a Hot Day](

[Mogul Skiing](

[Salvador Dali](


[Kendama Notes](

[Karate Master](

[Tunnel Opening Ceremony](


[Off-Road Car](

[Migratory Birds](

[Stealing the Mona Lisa](

[Penguins Escape!]

[As Seen Through Goggles]

It's a direct copy pasta btw. I formatted a bit, so it should work.
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