Hot wiring a car (or school bus)


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    It differs between manufacturers and even different models of the same make of vehicle. You would need a wiring diagram for that specific model before even attempting anything. Its certainly not as easy as joining the black and blue wires together then touching red and green together for example.
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    Since this is specifically for general knowledge and not for criminal intent I dunna mind answering it. (Not a crim, I worked for an insurance company for 6 years and was also a mechanic)

    You don't need to hot wire vehicles these days, all you need to do is take off the plastic barrel that holds the wiring from behind the ignition barrel itself. This is normally secure with one small PK screw. It's sooo weak sauce. (Many latish vehicles have this ) On the opposite side of the wiring you'll see a "D" shaped hole that can be turned with a flat head screw driver. However! The hard part isn't actually getting the vehicle started but fucking over the steering lock mechanism inside the ignition barrel itself.
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