Hilarious Flick, 22 Jump Street is a complete package

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2294449/

Haters gonna fucking hate, yeah I said it. I fucking said it. I read some reviews on IMDB and reviewers were pacing around and calling this movie is shit and oh the comedy sucks. Well BOO HOO, I enjoyed it. It's not my fault you're stuck up regarding a comedy movie and you start to take life seriously, if you really wanted to watch something award worthy try other flicks.

If you watched 21 Jump Street and knew what this movie was about, you would love it, but if you're new and think your tastes are like err more ELEGANT, than fuck off. This is raw, fucking crude and fucking funny stuff that may or may not wiggle your dick. The humor is funny because it's wrong, it's bizarre yet fun.

Anyway, with that done. Lets review this flick. First of all, I dig the soundtrack, it's loud, bass heavy and I got a sub woofer, so yeah FUCK THAT BASS MOFO! Ahem, it fits few scenes and most of the shots are from partying so yeah it WORKS!

Plot, what plot? You kidding me? It has few twists and turns but not something you won't figure out, well it's obvious but honestly I didn't bother with it, I was too high on the pace of things and just wanted to get more out of the film which I did thanks to the Credits.

The film tends to make fun of itself which is OKAY, not something NEW but OKAY, lots of gay references which thanks to our trigger happy society might not be okay for everyone but for me, BWHAHAH yeah cuz both leads can totally fuck each other. Broromance right. Still funny.

I didn't expect much from this movie, but I watched it from start to finish and raised hell while doing it, the music oh yes I am sure my neighbors want to kill me, I even got a call to fucking turn this shit off. I fucking didn't.

I have been working for ages and I really needed some refreshing break, I had a selection of finest flicks that I can just sit and watch but I said to hell with it and watched this effing flick and I loved it. It may be cringe worthy to some but if you chill out, and enjoy, then this movie outshines anything else.

Also, the credits. HA, loved it. I think it's the only movie which I watched the complete credits. I usually skip them and just check if there is anything at the end but not with this flick.

It may NOT be for everyone but for anyone that enjoys this, holy shit brah, you are in for a treat.

*High Five*


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