So what's the plan? A Plea to offshoots.

I posted this in LLZ.

Just got tired of taking a back seat. Time to reel the community in.
Before I begin, I did setup an archive of totse here: due to numerous requests about bringing Totse Archive and elements back. You're welcome to browse and use it, I hope to update it and make it usable or create something like that.

Now for the main point, I have seen at least three forums setup in the name of Totse/Zoklet in a short span of time. And I am starting to see the community pretty much going extinct, soon it would be just pretty much totseans sitting around waving the flag and basically Totse Archive. The reason is quite simple, I work online, and I use my domain excessively for things apart from Totseans. And I don't mind hosting or building stuff. So, my motivations for keeping things alive far exceed others. That's just me. I ain't going anywhere tbh.

However, times are changing as someone heavily into Reddit/Twitter etc I can assure you, the chances of a forum picking up in this TOTSE niche is next to nothing. It's basically just something to keep and move about. Of hundreds I recruited and interviewed, none of them knew or cared about whatever ideals we have. Everything is just there. Nothing is really hidden, average joe doesn't give a flying fuck.

Now is the time to basically unite, we all tested things, and honestly if your heart is into it, then go ahead work on it but think about it. How long can we fragment things? How many users can you give away until you're the only one left. I know that feeling, I have been there but unlike others I can recover. I am constantly building friends, connecting and climbing ladders. But it's clear I still love Zoklet/Totse community and so I am willing to extend a helping hand.

Mostly a last ditch effort to unite communities.

I don't have a concrete plan yet, but it basically involves starting a project in which whatever communities exist start contributing or building something and then coming to a resolution to unite under whatever banner makes sense.

United we do stand a chance, a small yet viable chance. Fragmented we're screwed.

Your thoughts, again I am not here to steal anything, apart from other offshoots I do have some faith in this one. Hence I came here.


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