When you're enjoying life

I think it's been a long time coming. Haven't posted about my life and things I have been involved in.

Well, for starters since I came to PH, I have had two girl friends over the course of 2 months. And currently I am single with options. Tinder is a miracle cure for months, makes it easier for me to meet and do stuff.

However, my real life game is a bit week but even with that, I am able to get girls that are hot as hell. So, it's pointless to go into a relationship here when you have so much variety. But, this post isn't about pussy. It's about making advances!

I bought my first ever motorbike a month ago, it's Kawaksai Rouser 180cc, it's a big bike considering my past history and honestly I have never driven a manual bike before. After some test runs and driving around, I got some control over it. Every week I go out and explore a different city.

I just drive there, chill and head back home. This experience is fucking amazing, in Pakistan I barely left the house but now I can just go out on Weekends and explore different places. It's just amazing feeling. I normally don't like sharing stuff which targets me directly but I think I have cleaned up my past mistakes enough to post my IG account.

https://www.instagram.com/lordturban/ <-- that's me :D

I am going to add images and my ride details from now on. I will be active here as always but I think I should give life some time as well :D


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