They are coming for encryption

But is it possible? What will they be doing in the future? Label you a cypto terrorist? Pardon the pun


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    It's impossible to implement. They'll make it illegal anyone who uses an unsanctioned encryption will be breaking the law. It's just an extra crime they can chuck at you.
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    They'll raid you. See you have an encrypted file. They won't be able to read it. They'll charge you with obtaining weapons grade munitions.

    They know they'll never be able to stop encryption software from propagating, but they'll make it the equivalent of mass violence.
  • Holy fuck that's terrible. And under new laws they might probably send you off shore to get tortured and executed if they don't want to make an example out of you.
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    extraordinary rendition baby.
  • In real terms what does this mean for people learning about privacy and how to protect themselves?
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    If you have no problems breaking the law: nothing. You can use the subversive encryption software hosted in Germany/France (Both of who have strict privacy laws).
  • The only reason I would want to learn to encyprt is if in some way I feel it would protect me from warrantless surveillance. I'm not communicating anything illegal but sometimes I communicate with like minded individuals about prepping. If it was convenient for me to do so, I would like to learn about everyday stuff I can do just to say "fuck you," to the NSA even if it's just a letter to grandma.

    Another reason I am interested in learning about it is in case of blatant government censorship. I believe freedom of speech is a natural right and would have no qualms exercising it.
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    The laws are getting retarded these days, such as deleting any files on your computer while your under surveillance is a criminal offense. How the fuck is anyone supposed to know that some government agency has an interest in them?
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