Drug Testing Reagents

Hello totse refugees, I first started posting on &totse in 2004. I originally made an account on here in response to ArmMerchant's death in the totse members who died thread, hopefully it's not true him and people like him on the old forum really helped shape who I am today. I miss totse with it's 1st amendment on the landing page. Free Speech is on the run unfortunately today. Google and Bing AdWords have censored me advertising my harm reduction drug testing reagents so I thought I'd put a shout out on here. If it is against policy mods delete it or let me know. Anyway we are offering a complete 3 reagent MDMA test for $20 and free shipping to the US. Our goal is to help the community stay safe and informed when in search of entheogens. This is way more affordable than Dance Safe. We sell The Marquis, Mandelin, and Froehde Reagents with enough for 100 tests in each bottle. The site is www.tmatestkits.com We are also on ebay.
Stay Safe.
Unlikely as it seems, we have to become our own shamans, wizards, and seers. As spiritual warriors, we must take responsibility for the plight of our species. To break the spell of our culture’s death-trap deceptions and hypnotic distractions, we need the courage to confront what lies behind the open doors of our own minds...
-Daniel Pinchbeck
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