Cannabis grower with loads of cash laying around? How to take it?

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I've been buying from this huge grower I've known for the past 2-3 years and btw I'm living in a non legal state (NY). So I usually go to him when I buy Os or pounds and he grows nearly 100-200 plants per 2 weeks Veg mode and moves those into flowering and then does the same with seedlings from beg to flowering.. So on average he grows 3000-4000 plants every few months.. He's a pretty non challante and chill guy and tends not to care what he has laying around.. Now he's been shorting me lately if I buy QPs or pounds I'll end up getting less what I pay for and that's a lot of money to get shorted on.. It's not like I'm buying grams... This is deadass full weight..

So as I was saying, most of the time when I go over to his farm (he grows all of his plants in his barn or house, and summer time crops outside in the fields he blends in with magic mushrooms that he grows too and legal crops that farmers grow, as he's a supplier of a lot of local supermarkets in town, his grandfather was a 2nd gen farmer who gave the whole thing to this guy and his dad after he died in his will.. Anyway, I've seen probably a numerous amount of cash on many occasions at this guys house; one time I see on his table about what looked like maybe $200-$300K or more, stacked and laying like just like that I could be anyone coming into his house, someone could kill him or rob him entirely, like he doesn't even care who sees or knows what he pushes . And my cousin who's known him since high school also the same girl who introduced him to me, tells me that he's got more than that in his safe and other secret stashes all throughought his home and barn..

Now, I have a stolen 2012 Kawasaki 350-S that I intend on using when I do this, if me and 1-2 other people were to try and rob him when he's on vacation and leaves his home vacant (which is a lot throughout the year), how would I go about doing it? It's obvious he's involved in illegal cannabis growing so he's not gonna report a single penny missing to the cops cause he'll just get into trouble, and he's got a shit ton of customers too so its unlikely he'll think it's me and some people.. Some customers of his are high level distributors.

Question is how do you carry out a task like this and how many people would be needed to carry it out and everything? What is the best strategy and would cutting a safe of his open with plasma cutters ( as I've had a pair since my welding days from high school) or would that just be too risky in case he has it booby trapped with black powder inside and then I'm fuxked... So he has tons of hiding spots throughout as well as just leaving cash around like that in plain site, this guys just asking to be robbed he's a sitting duck.. My cousins got more inside info ( like I said they've known each other since HS, they've dated and broken up, had flings, got back together, and so forth so they've got quite a history and he's been ripping her off on her profit percentage as she sells bud for him too... Would it be best to wait till he goes on vacation again and have her give me the safe codes or areas where hidden money is stored as well as weed he stores? Or do I gotta resort to using plasma cutters to open his safe so I don't risk my girl getting found out or nothing? Btw, she's my cousin so we're direct relatives so it's not likely she's gonna rat me and her out... She's just as pissed she could've had an extra 1grand in her account every few weeks but he had to jip her...

And would doing it on my stolen Ninja bike be the best advisable thing?
I mean if I do this with my closest people and we net around $500- or the bigger figures, that's a great profit.. Even $300k between 3 people is still flame..

Oh and FYI, before you tell me to get a job I do have a job I'm working full time as a cook and currently going to a CC for nursing to become a RN.. And still that's not even enough.

So lemme know and any negative comments and suggestions will be ignored.. Thanks...

PS- I'm only 23 and have been out of the crime game for quite a bit as I've tried to change my life around and started attending college but you always need a backup In life and this is it- this is an opportunity of a lifetime in my face, deadass.. Point is, in my earlier days I've grown weed, stolen cars and motorcycles and brought them to chop shops or just sold them myself for a full profit, walked bricks across the border US-Canadian border for $10 G a pop occasionally but stopped everything after I entered college at 21 and thankfully never been robbed, arrested, killed or jumped for any of this. So I'm well qualified and while I don't think this will qualify as something illegal since no one will get hurt or arrested, I think I can bite the bullet on this..


  • Kay, so let's have some conclusions.

    AAR. What have we learned? Etc.
  • WTF??? Ok I'd like to know how all this panned out too! My thought is that if he actually did it he has been killed or is now homies house Bitch !
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    So has this actually been done or still being planned or given up on? I wonder if this guy actually did get shot.
    A few questions is there any known cameras?
    I'm sure he has at least a few leaving multiple 100k around.

    Did this guy even think to cover his face in case of hidden cameras...

    Might have gotten away but next time he sees you I'm sure the least that would happen is he wound up dead if not torched alive first...

    That's a lot of money to anybody even if you make 100k a week...

    Now this is a slightly different story but still involves stealing drugs.

    I seen a guy get defaced with a boxcutter because he was caught tipping huff on his jeans out the pipe.

    Another guy I seen got busted for stealing drugs got held down and acetone tipped in his eyes.
    Needless to say he couldn't see again.

    Just an example of how some people can react.

    One way to check if someone is inside is go earlier in the night like 20:30 and knock on the door and if someone answers you know someone's there just ask if your Mark is there.

    If they have a power box outside flick the power off and see if anyone comes out to check the box.

    But they say the best time to perform such activity is between 0200 and 0300 don't wear black like a dickhead you will stand out like a sore thumb.

    Plus naviblue is harder to see at night anyway.
    Have you and your friends got weapons because you will need at least one gun for protection what if someone is watching the House?

    You will also want a pack.

    This can be as simple as a backpack with some tools in it.
    Some rope or cable ties. So you can disable (tie) someone
    Some other tools like picks, boltcutters, wire cutters ECT can be very helpful.

    If you are are going to do it might as well go all out and cut the safe.

    Very few people actually full a safe with gunpowder unless it is a dummy safe expected to be cut...
    Now that would be pointless...

    But if you can get the codes fuck it use them and make it look like you forced it open shove a Jimmy bar in nice and rough (leave lots of marks) then open with the code.

    But then again I change my codes on my safes twice a month sometimes more just in case something like this happens and someone somehow gets my codes.
    Just saying be prepared to cut the safe in case he has changed the code.

    Now if you want to go all out you could get a pair of night goggles.

    Make sure to hit the switch off at the meter or cut the power before clearing as if someone turns on a light it may hurt your eyes and defeat the whole purpose of the goggles.

    Now it's up to you or your skill level on how you make entry.

    Are you good at lock picking?
    if so you can make a silent entry.
    If not then you can either smash a window near a door and unlock from inside. Breach the door (kick it in or make a breach tool)
    You could always smash a window and climb/jump through.

    Now you don't want to just run strait to the money safe ECT. Open the draws in the kitchen the bedroom make it look like you didn't know where it was.

    Have 2way radios or walkie talkies and make sure everyone in your team has one you want at least one lookout outside that can radio in. Always keep each other updated there is no point them being there otherwise.

    If you don't feel confident clearing yourself have someone you can trust with you.

    After you are happy with the take then leave.

    Do not let your guard Down until you are well away from the property and are sure you are not being followed.

    That hot bike of yours I would be burning.
    It's not worth it getting traced back to you...
    Does he know you have that bike?

    Plus if this job is really worth it you clearly don't need a hot bike afterwoulds anyway you should have enough to buy a new one.

    I am obviously missing quite a bit but there is just a few ideas.

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