And I am back and it's New Year Already.

I honestly haven't been posting here, I have devoted most of my time shitting on Facebook and sometimes on twitter. But the problem with both those mediums is the lack of:

1) Interested Audience
2) Restrictions on what I can say or discuss.

And even with Reddit, you don't really have that freedom, the sense of knowing that you can just let go and be okay with things.

As life is progressing, I am noticing few inherit issues with myself. As someone that has been molded by his past and has learned things on his own, it's very difficult to find a balance.

For example, I want to be type of person that's cool but funny and serious when the times comes. Unfortunately, due to lack of social training, remember Pakistan. It's difficult for someone to fit in easily, I normally end up in the funny type guy that fucks around.

I would be fine with that but no one would take that guy seriously, I experimented with it. And before you say, BE YOURSELF, no.

Do NOT be yourself, it won't get you anywhere in life or relationships.

With 2017, I have made some changes which I will log here and since I am going to directing my free time to Totseans, expect things to actually happen.

1) Facebook, Twitter etc get the Axe.
2) Gaming on steam, mobile etc get the AXE.
3) Gym and hiking get top priority.
4) Serious scheduling for work and money management.
5) Traveling once a month
6) And most important of all, changing my personality to be more serious.

Let's see if this does the trick.


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    I'd be wary of anything that gets posted in public. Fuck knows there's things I wouldn't even put up with pure anonymity.

    1) Never did social media (check in the box)

    2) Recognized that video games are a waste of time, never got involved (check in the box)

    3) Gym and hiking - prerequisite for my work. You should try finding some pickup sports, too. (check in the box)

    4) Scheduling for work is a one way conversation for me. Beyond that, I might go out of my way to mismanage my money a bit :D (check in the box)

    5) Already travel too much for work and family obligations. Like to be at home when I can. (check in the box)

    6) Dfg you fucking goof. One thing to take seriously is being seriously unserious. I think you need to put on your game face no matter what you're doing, you just need to learn what to be doing and when :angry: IRL I am usually a very friendly and laid back guy, but shit ramps up pretty quickly if I think people are losing their respect for me.

    Now I need to work on a list. Is it 2017 already? FUCK FUCK FUCK

    1) Cut down on smug self confidence
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